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As the title implies, all of these pictures below are from Cara's birthday party. Except for only one, all of them come from either my father's camera or that of our neighbors (Ron and Em). Keep in mind they are not arranged in chronological order. Cara's cupcakes were one of the last things to happen, followed by her gift-opening.

First picture: Cara takes time out of her busy schedule to hang with Daddy.

Various kiddies at play:

Em's photo of the array of cupcakes:

Ev's portrait of the cupcakes, wherein the decorations are a bit clearer:

Here, Evie is about to light the match for Cara's birthday candle. She prefaced this with a short speech mentioning how Cara's birthday was also the anniversary of my first time changing a diaper, and that if everyone wanted to return a few days later, we could all celebrate Evelyn's first time changing a diaper. Ha!

Daddy, fearing that Cara will grab the pretty fire, tries to shield her from her cupcake.

Daddy, still in fear, holds the flaming cupcake out of Cara's reach.

Let the Feast of a Thousand Cupcakes begin!

Now for some family shots. Cara is always happy to be with her Middletown Grandma Janet--and vice versa.

Grandpa George and Great-Grandma Emily.

Photographic evidence of Cara chowing down on her first eggroll!

Cara is good friends with my cousin Andrea. South Jersey Grandma Janet shows Cara one of her cool new books.

As I struggle to open Cara's mountains of presents, she plays obliviously with her dollar store clapper toys.

What a cutie!

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