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On 4/9/06, the day after her first birthday party, we decided Cara had not had enough excitement and took her to the beach and Jenkinson's Aquarium.

Cara and her mommy look at little frogs.

Cara is eager to tear off for new adventures.

Oh no! The baby turned into a seal!

4/13/06, Evie is on Spring Break and my parents come up to hang out. Here, Cara enjoys lunch (and silverware) at Edison Diner:

Cara and Mommy go down the slide!

4/14/06, Cara, her Mommy, and her Grandma visit a farm:

The chickens all ran away from Cara, but then some came back.

On 4/15/06, "Easter Saturday," Cara is subjected to the whims of her elders:

Happy Easter to all!

At the park:

Here, Cara enjoys Easter Sunday, 4/16/06, even though she had to wear a dress:

A story in pictures. 1: Cara visits some cheese. 2: Cara picks up some cheese. 3: Cara runs off with cheese.

On 4/18/06, Evie snaps a candid photo of Cara in her typical napping position; I think of it as the way Michael J. Fox's character Marty fell asleep in the movie Back to the Future.

On 4/20/06 (my Mom's birthday), we visit the Camden Aquarium, Cara's second aquarium in less than two weeks. Here, as we attempt to pose for a picture, Cara is already trying to get out of my grasp so she can run around and stare at people.

Cara as a deep sea diver--the suit may need some taking in.

We seem to be inexorably drawn now to places where we can stick Cara's head through. Here she appears to be lunch for a shark. She seems happy about it, though.

On 4/26/06, Cara's South Jersey grandparents came for a visit. Pictures ensued. I think Evelyn would probably like it to be known that this rather mismatched outfit was not chosen by her (nor, for that matter, by her South Jersey grandparents). The culprit will remain unnamed...though, by process of elimination...

Down the slide! Daddy has yet to do this with Cara.

On 5/3/06 my parents came to visit along with my grandparents from New Mexico. Here is a great photo from that day, of Cara peeking into her toy house:

Here, from the same day, Cara plays with bubble pipes. My father explains:

"While the picture may not seem that remarkable, we really got a big kick out of the fact that she held onto those pipes for like 2 hours. She would not put them down. Even when she really needed to use either one or both of her hands for something else, she just would not drop those pipes. She even tried to have a catch with the ball while clutching the pipes. We even tried to entice her to release the pipes - she was having none of it. It reminded me of what Ev's mother wrote in the journal about the troll dolls this past weekend."

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