Anthony 'the Ant' Phillips

Anthony Phillips has of course enjoyed the most success of any Genesis member in his solo career, perhaps greatly overshadowing the career of Genesis. This is no doubt due to his mob ties. 'The Ant' was the band's lead singer and charismatic front man, often beating himself with the microphone or biting down on blood pellets to induce audience reaction when the tepid music could not. His crazy antics quickly caused him to blow out his larynx, however, which forced him to lip synch on stage. Angry fans soon discovered the fake, and one night 'the Ant' vanished in a pyrotechnic haze, to avoid a severe beating from an angry mob. Two years later he came out of seclusion and burst once more onto the music scene with his thrilling solo debut, 'Private Parts and Pieces.' Since then it has been one blockbuster after another, and Phillips' monstrous career barely needs repeating. 'He's bigger than all of us,' wails Phil Collins moodily. Indeed, Genesis is widely known as 'The Band that Gave Up the Ant.' 'We didn't give him up!' argues Rutherford wearily. 'He had to get out because the police were close to his crime family!' The Ant was not available for comment.

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