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This is the part where you get to compete against fellow Genesis Freaks for some free bootlegs. First, a few guidelines:

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THE PRIZE: If you are chosen as the winner, you get to pick any five bootlegs from my collection (audio or video). My list of recordings can be found by clicking on the Live Shows button above. From there, you can reach the "short list," which will give you a quick overview of all of my Genesis non-compilation recordings, audio and video (though any non-official-release item listed on the site is eligible as a prize choice). There are also links to the detailed tour pages, compilations page, Genesis-related recordings, etc., which include track lists, track times, dates, venues, quality ratings, and extensive comments.

There will also be a number of runners-up chosen (the number will vary depending on how many prizes I feel like giving out and how many good contest entries there are), who will get to choose only one bootleg from my list (runners-up may also receive some bonus discs if they are very lucky).

The winners and runners-up will also get their winning entries posted on this site for all to see, after the contest is over (you should be able to reach some by clicking on "View winning entries of the past" above).

THE RULES: The aim of this contest is to make me laugh. Below you will see a Genesis-related picture. You must provide for it a humorous caption. That's it for the rules! The contestant with the most humorous caption for the picture (as judged by me) will win. (For examples of Genesis-related picture captions that I found amusing, please refer to the Picture Caption Personality Test, which can be reached by clicking the Caption Test button above. Not surprisingly, all of those picture captions were written by me.)

HOW TO ENTER: To enter the contest, you need merely email me with your humorous caption by clicking here. Please include your name in the email, and please make it clear that you are sending me an entry for this contest (write "Genesis Contest" in the subject line, or some such). As for how many times you can enter: there is no way for me to stop you from emailing as many different captions as you can think of, but I urge you to stick to as few as possible. Those who deluge me with ideas and clog my inbox will have a very slim chance of winning. However, I will totally understand if you write me a caption, and then afterwards in the middle of the night wake up having thought of one that's really much better than your first, and that you must send me right away.

WHO CAN ENTER: Any Genesis fan may enter, but I would prefer those newer to the bootleg scene, the burnerless, and those particularly desperate for boots (you know who you are). If you feel you don't fall into this category and don't feel right entering the contest, but still want some of my bootlegs, maybe we can trade instead!

WHEN IS IT OVER? In the past, the contest has only lasted a little more than 24 hours, but it depends on the flow of entries and the percentage of them that I find funny. When it is over I will say so on this page, and on whatever discussion forums, chat rooms, and/or mailing lists in which I originally mentioned it. At the same time, I will also (of course) notify the grand prize winner and any runners-up via email that they have won, and ask for their addresses and their bootleg choices so that I can send their prizes off to them as quickly as possible.


Submit funny caption

I await your entries. Good luck!

- Steven Genzano (Blue Snaggletooth)

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