PART THREE (Scoring)
Congratulations! You've completed the Genesis Picture Caption Personality Test! (Unless you skipped ahead to this page, in which case, shame on you.) Now it's time to score the results of the test. The sum of all your caption numbers is your Genesis Quotient (and yes, I realize that the term "Quotient" actually means the solution to a division problem, not the solution to an addition problem like this is, but I think "Quotient" sounds better than "sum"; and if you don't like it, you can take this message from Phil). Check out the table below to match your Quotient with the correct Personality Profile. Below the table, you can read the details of your specific Profile from the list provided. Enjoy!
Scoring Table

Quotient Range

(Any other score)

Personality Profile

Tony Banks
Phil Collins
Peter Gabriel
Steve Hackett
Mike Rutherford
(Mick Barnard)

Personality Profiles

Tony Banks (GQ 12-27): You are very stiff and quiet. You find it difficult to touch your toes. You don't like meeting new people, and change frightens you. You are very self-absorbed, but not particularly arrogant. You like living in your mind instead of in the outside world, and you have a fear of wide open spaces. You enjoy mathematical problems and complex chains of thought, but you have trouble carrying on a lucid conversation, especially with members of the opposite sex. You like writing about lonely men who have "lost their women" due to larger, tragic circumstances that are beyond their control. At heart, you are a romantic person, but you don't want anyone to ever know about it. You keep your emotions bottled up inside and only let yourself explode in private. You can be casually cruel because you don't understand the emotional needs of others, but you still want others to love you. You think that usually your ideas are the correct ones.

Phil Collins (GQ 28-34): You love meeting new people, and you always want a crowd around you. You are filled with energy and constantly want to be doing things. You are very tactile and enjoy new experiences of all kinds. You're the kind of person who wants to try skydiving. Having friends and being popular is the most important thing in your life, and sometimes you act in a way that's not true to yourself so that you can make people like you more. Sometimes you wonder who you really are, but you always act very confidently based on your feelings, and without considering the consequences too much. You don't like to be alone, and the compliments of others strongly influence your self-image. You are very sensitive and when you feel threatened you become very defensive and are apt to strike out. You don't have a pretty quick temper, and when you get angry, your rage expresses itself in a very physical manner. You hide your sensitive nature by joking around and generally making fun of others, and pretending to be a tough guy. You are somewhat vain and concerned with your appearance and your wardrobe. You use lots of aftershave. You like spicy foods, fast cars, and sex in several different positions. You like dirty limericks and movies like The Nutty Professor. You are very, very bald.

Peter Gabriel (GQ 35-37): You are very creative, artistic, emotional and spiritual. You love all the arts and want to participate in every one. You have the urge to paint, write, dance, sing, act, and direct. You believe in the existence of ghosts, aliens, reincarnation, Buddha and Jesus. You are easily frightened. You love nature and in the presence of beautiful things you always feel on the verge of enlightenment. You want to bury yourself in everything. You are very moody, and can sink into periods of depression or float along for days on a wave of joyful bliss. You care about animals and the environment. You are very empathic and the hurt and pain of others is painful to you. You feel things very deeply, but you hide your feelings behind artifice and imaginary characters. You make light of things that mean very much to you. You have a million ideas that you will never be able to bring to fruition, but you love them all. It's hard for you to open up to someone, but when you do, you open up all the way. You are very outgoing in small crowds of friends but with individual people you can be very shy and retiring. You are capable of moments of incredible inspiration and originality, but when it comes to calculations and the chores and pressures of everyday life, you are sometimes at a loss. You are very sensual and you like fruit.

Steve Hackett (GQ 38-44): Everything is always about you. You are the most self-centered person you know. You don't understand why people don't pay more attention to you. You're very intelligent and witty and clever, and very very modest. You enjoy reading and you are very cultured and learned. You know what kind of wine goes with what kind of fish. You like the fine things in life. When you want something, you take it. You are complex and deep. You are in control of your emotions to the point of coldness. Normally you are very calm and laid back, but when things don't go your way you can get rather sulky. You like dogs. You believe in loyalty and honor. You are honest but when necessary you will omit certain truths. You pay attention to every detail and are very critical of those who do not. You keep in great shape even though you don't actually exercise that much, and you look good for your age. You hate dirty limericks and movies like The Nutty Professor. You hide the fact from everyone, but sentimental children's movies always make you cry. You do realize that you are not the best person in the world at doing what you do, and this frustrates you.

Mike Rutherford (GQ 45-60): You are the most socially well-adjusted person of all. You are comfortable in almost any situation. You are a great listener and you have a warm way about you that makes people want to be around you. Your personability is due to your malleable nature; you are very easily influenced by others, and you tend to unconsciously take on the mannerisms of those you are with. It's very easy for people to convince you that they're right, and you hardly ever have an argument with anyone. You are very susceptible to hypnotism and you can fall asleep anywhere. You have a very fast metabolism and you can eat a lot without getting overweight. You are goofy and have a good sense of humor (in that you find almost everything funny). You like almost everything and you always look on the bright side. You're not really that clever. You don't mind performing repetitive tasks and you can do the same thing over and over again for hours on end without getting upset or bored. Your opinions are formed largely by the loudest voices around you. It's hard for you to choose the right kind of friends and sometimes you end up in a bad crowd. In a crisis situation, you are probably the one who will keep his head and act correctly, because your instincts are good. Usually, though, you make decisions based on other people's views or on whatever choice was listed first. When you go to a restaurant, you always order the same thing. You like beer, video games, and horseback riding.

Mick Barnard (Any other GQ): You have arrived at a score that is outside the possible range. You are a weirdo.

DISCLAIMER: These personality profiles are not meant to match the real personalities of actual Genesis members (even though it may have sounded like I was claiming that at the beginning of this test). They are not meant to be taken seriously in any way, and are certainly not intended to offend anyone. I'm trying to be humorous, but if you don't laugh, please don't imagine that there is some malicious, slandering ill-will behind these writings. Just because you don't find me as funny as I think I am doesn't mean I'm evil.

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