PART TWO (Pictures 7-12)

1. Pete: "The production on our last record wasn't so good, but we've discovered a way that it can sound better. We're asking all fans when they listen to our record to cover one of their ears with a shoe, thusly [holding shoe up to ear], and listen to the music with their other, unshoed ear, which in my case would be this one [pointing to uncovered ear]. It sounds much clearer that way."

2. Pete: "As a rock star, I spend a lot of time standing and running around on stage. So I need a really comfortable shoe that will support my feet well. I use Doctor Michael's Instep Support shoes, the best shoes that I have found for performing my special brand of British prog rock. Plus, when I hold the shoe up to my ear, I can hear better."

3. Pete: "Our music comes from deep in the sole."

4. Pete (answering question of interviewer about his hairstyle): "I'm actually a secret agent for Interpol, and I can use this specially designed shoe to communicate with Headquarters. The opening here actually has a tiny speaker that operates on a high-pitched frequency that only I can hear, because I've had a chip put in my head that allows me to hear higher frequencies than humans usually hear. That's why the top of my head got shaved, for the chip-insertion operation. They had to open up my scalp. You didn't think this was some kind of fashion statement, did you?"

5. Pete: "I can hear the ocean!"

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1. Tony: "Well guys, it's been three hours. I really don't think Chester is coming. Phil, can you drum and sing at the same time, or what?"

2. Genesis were very faithful to their fan base, and were more than willing to play the smaller, more intimate concert houses in addition to the giant amphitheatres. However, sometimes their dedication could be carried to extremes, as at this date during their 1977 world tour; when Genesis decided to play at a road marker in the middle of a German forest, and were confused when no one arrived to watch them perform.

3. Always plagued by stolen guitars, equipment failure, evil roadies and bad weather during open-air gigs, Genesis received the crowning insult to their touring attempts when they had an entire music hall stolen out from under them right before a performance; the thieves left only one support column behind, which the band huddled around until the police arrived.

4. While Genesis wait patiently for their equipment van to arrive, Steve Hackett enjoys a nice cool drink of Perrier sparkling spring water.

5. Phil Collins was a cruel jokester who would torture Tony Banks for days by constantly copying all of his movements and speech. Tony could do nothing, because every time he told Phil to "Stop copying me!" Phil would only reply: "Stop copying me!"

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1. Mike: "This is really, really heavy! I don't think I can hold on much longer! Maybe if I just lean back and let the strap support the weight...Yeah, that's better."

2. Mike: "I am so wasted. I've never been this wasted. I don't even know what song we're playing right now. Oh, well, it probably doesn't matter."

3. Mike Rutherford did not in fact know how to play the double guitar, and instead used it as a shield to hide his torso from the audience, as he was a very insecure performer.

4. As a bass guitarist, Mike Rutherford's job was so boring and repetitive, and the Genesis concert schedule so grueling, that he would often find himself falling asleep on stage--even during big solos like this one. Here, Mike's heavy-lidded eyes shut and he sways backward and is about to fall flat on the stage in exhaustion. After the first time this happened, a roadie was employed to stand behind him as a prop.

5. Mike: "I'm so glad I went with the double guitar. It's almost twice as big as a normal guitar!"

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1. Phil instituted a "funny dress-up day" during tours with the band, but as none of the other band members ever participated, it left him looking a little silly.

2. Genesis was the ultimate party band, who would continue their drinking orgies of the night before onto the stage of their next concert. They also wore their sunglasses at night.

3. Phil Collins was called "Ladyman" by the other members of the band, because he would often take so long in the bathroom getting ready for a concert that even when the concert started he would still not be ready, and would be forced to rush out on stage as he was.

4. Phil: "Now ladies and gentlemen, I know this may look bad, but in my defense let me just say this: the polka dots were my wife's idea."

5. During soundchecks and rehearsals, Phil Collins dressed very casually.

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1. Genesis are not in fact musicians, but an elite team of secret agents working for Her Majesty. Their job: taking soil samples.

2. Their newest album Calling All Stations was not as popular as they had hoped, and Genesis were forced to perform at smaller venues than they were used to for their 1998 tour of Europe. Here, the band tries out one of their concert halls--a small cave in Serbia.

3. In late 1997 Genesis were wanted by the government for tax evasion, and were forced to wear disguises and hide out in the space under Tony Smith's front porch.

4. Hounded by reporters and music critics, Genesis built a network of tunnels under the streets of London which could get them to their homes and studios without being accosted.

5. Ray Wilson shows the guys around his combined music studio and bomb shelter, which he built himself over a period of ten years using nothing but a spoon.

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1. Tony: "Run! Run for your lives! Don't look back! Fish is coming!!"

2. Ray: "Hurry, guys, I don't want to miss the f*cking ice cream lorry again! This time I got the right amount of bleeding change from Tony bleeding Smith, and sod it, I'm going to get that f*cking push pop."

3. Genesis tromp through a shallow pool to show how water-resistant their black leather overcoats are.

4. To prove they are not "really old," Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford challenge Ray Wilson and Nir Zidkyahu to a short race.

5. Genesis must run at full speed to avoid being ripped to shreds by their legions of crazed fans (not visible in this shot).

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