Solo Members (Phil, Peter, Steve, Mike)

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This is a sort of "hub" page from which the individual solo member pages can be reached. The complete list of shows for all artists is summarized below; click on any of the text links to go directly to that entry on the corresponding page. As always, see anything you like, email me. All boots are in chronological order, and separated by artist (alphabetically--Collins comes before Gabriel). Dates are UK style--that is, day/month/year. All are on Audio CD-R.

As for video with solo members, I have multiple clips that are combined on discs or tapes with Genesis material, so I had little choice but to keep Genesis and solo video together on the Video pages, above (you'll find stuff scattered throughout, but especially at the end of the VHS and DVD sections). However you will also find links to those detailed entries on these pages.

For Additional Solo Member Material on Audio, including Tony Banks and Anthony Phillips material, See:
"Genesis Rarities" Volumes VI and VIII.

Full Solo Member Summary:



Berkeley From the Vault, 16/12/82 (Community Theater, Berkeley CA)

Behind the Lines, 19/12/82 (Perkins Palace, Pasadena CA) - with bonus tracks


Melbourne '85 (second night), 13/4/85 (Entertainment Centre)


Manchester '94, 29/11/94 (G-Mex Centre, Manchester UK)


NYC 2002, 12/11/02 (Premier Radio Network Studios, NYC)


Live in Amsterdam, 19/6/04 (Arena, Amsterdam, Holland)

Dusseldorf '05, 12/11/05 (LTU Arena, Dusseldorf Germany)

VIDEO (DVD): Live at Perkins Palace | Live '95 in Fukuoka |


Ark 2, 1969 - hear Phil before he joined Genesis!

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Kiss of Live (various), 1980-2002 (includes various b-sides and soundtrack and compilation tracks)

The Non Album, 1980-2002 (various b-sides and soundtrack and compilation tracks)

Ashcombe Works, 1975-1986? (studio demos and instrumentals)

HIT Instrumental (promo), promotional collection of instrumentals, from Up period - with bonus tracks


Cleveland '77, 15/3/77 (Music Hall, Cleveland OH) - with bonus tracks

Slowburn, 9/4/77 (Roxy Club, LA)

Rotterdam '77 (PGWeed01), 7/9/77 (Doelen Halle, Rotterdam Holland)


On the Air, 15/9/78 (Grugahalle, Essen Germany)

The Bottom Line, 4/10/78 (Bottom Line Club, NYC) - with bonus tracks

A Whiter Shade of Pale (partial disc 2), 4/10/78 (NYC) and 15/3/77 (Cleveland)

Both Bottom Lines From the Vault, 4/10/78 (Bottom Line Club, NYC)

Stonybrook, 28/10/78 (University, Stoneybrook NY)

#3 (THE TOUR OF CHINA 1984) (79-80)

Games Without Words, 1979 (?) - studio demos

Reading '79, 26/8/79 (Reading Festival) - with bonus tracks

The Watcher, 7/3/80 (Sophia Gardens, Cardiff Wales)

Greek Theater '80, 19/6/80 (Greek Theater, LA)

Bordeaux '80 (Meek's DC SHN12), 24/9/80 (Patinoire Meriadec, Bordeaux France)

Chinatour, 29/9/80 (Palasport, Genoa Italy)

Security (PLAYTIME 1988) (82-83)

Shock the Dog, 16 and 18/7/82 (Showering Pavillion, Shepton Mallet)

On the Air, 3/7/83 (Open Air Festival, Werchter Berlin)

Seattle '83, 10/8/83 (Paramount Theater, Seattle Washington)

Berkeley '83 (first night), 12/8/83 (Greek Theater, Berkeley CA)

MUPPET 02, 12/9/83 (Apollo Theatre, Glasgow Scotland)

Oslo '83, 29/9/83 (Ekeberghallen, Oslo, Norway)

So (THIS WAY UP) (86-87)

Pictures of People, 27/11/86 (Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto)

Goodbye USA, 16/12/86 (LA Forum)

Glasgow '87, 23/6/87 (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre)

Philly '87 (second night), 21/7/87 (Spectrum, Philadelphia PA)

Mercy Street, 5-9/10/87 (Lycavitos, Athens Greece)

P.O.V., 5-9/10/87 (Lycavitos, Athens Greece)

Human Rights Now! (88-91)

No Police Repression, 14/10/88 (Estadio Mundialista, Mendoza Argentina)


For Your Eyes and Ears, 24/4/93 (Le Zenith, Paris France)

Union, 24/4/93 (Le Zenith, Paris France)

Bethlehem '94, 10/8/94 (Stabler Arena, Lehigh University, Bethlehem PA)

Woodstock '94, 14/8/94 (Saugherties, NY)

WOMAD 2001, 29/7/01 (Marymoor Park, Redmond Washington)

UP (GROWING UP) (02-03)

Up Promo, 2002 (alternate early version of Up with extra track)

Up Promotional Shows '02, 9-11/02 (TV and radio appearances, with bonus tracks)

Paris 2002, 21/9/02 (Theatre De La Mutualite, Paris)

Paris Radio 2002, 24/10/02 (Maison De La Radio, Studio 104, Paris)

East Rutherford '02, 17/11/02 (Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ)

Growing Up in Cleveland, 19/11/02 (Gund Arena, Cleveland OH)

Growing Up: Dallas, 11/6/03 (Smirnoff Music Centre, Dallas TX)

Encore Series, 21/6/03, 22/6/03, 2/7/03, 5/6/04

Encore Series 2007: 14/6/07

VIDEO (VHS): Peter Gabriel '78/Steve Hackett '02 | Genesis Various Bits 5 (South Bank Show) |

VIDEO (DVD): Midnight Special ('73)/Live in Tokyo ('78)/Three Dates With Genesis ('78)/Peter Gabriel 1978 | Empire Theatre '83 | So in the Garden | TV Appearances (2 DVDs) |

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Retrospective (1975-2004), various official material, studio and live

SHRP 13, 6/10/78 (Gothenburg, Sweden)

SHRP 12, 24/10/78 (Apollo Theatre, Manchester)

Guildford '83, 28/1/83 (Civic Centre, Guildford)

Live in Argentina (Genesis only), 1/7/02 (Teatro Coliseo, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

VIDEO (VHS): Steve Hackett Live ('90) | Peter Gabriel '78/Steve Hackett '02 |

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Acting Very Strange (plus interview), 9/82 - Mike's second solo album, with bonus interview

Philly '89, 30/3 or 22/4/89 (Tower Theater, Philadelphia PA)

M6 Launch '99, 10/5/99 (Hanover Grand Club, London UK)

Amsterdam '04 (Phil Collins), 19/6/04 (Arena, Amsterdam Holland)

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