The Genesis Wish List

A Reminder: All dates are written day/month/year. Unless I messed up somewhere, this is true throughout the site.

This list gives a good indication of some stuff I wouldn't mind hearing. Colored shows are ones that I would really, really like to have. In general I am willing to consider any show that I don't already have, or one that might be an upgrade to one I do already have, so feel free to contact me and in all likelihood we can have a nice trade.

General Guidelines:
Please do not burn me live shows with gaps/pauses between tracks.
Please do not send me discs with labels/stickers on them.
Please do not mail me full-size jewel cases--discs do fine in paper or plastic sleeves as long as they are packed in bubble mailers. Cases add to postage costs and always, always, get cracked.
If at all possible, PLEASE LISTEN to shows before trading them on, to avoid perpetuating errors.

From the Early Years:
Anything from the FGTR or Trespass tours (ha ha ha!!)

Nursery Cryme/Foxtrot Tours:
9/2/73: Rainbow Theatre, I already have three versions of this recording, including the Squonk's Revival version, but none of them are ideal (issues range from cuts in the recording to shifts in quality). Please contact me if you think you have something better.

Selling England Tour:
Any shows I don't already have or upgrades to shows I have are welcome.

Lamb Tour:
21/2/75 Copenhagen: would like Simon's version which includes both encores.

If you have any of the recently-surfaced soundboard/OAM shows that I don't have, feel free to contact me.

Nothing specific comes to mind, but if you have a show I don't have, let me know!

Wind and Wuthering:
1/1/77 Rainbow Theatre - there now appears to be a more complete improvement on the common "Wot Gorilla Lilith?"--I'd like to hear it.
2/4/77, often known as Just a Pool of Tears, looking for a version without interference/scratches on "Eleventh Earl of Mar."

...And Then There Were Three...:
14/5/78 Cologne, my version is missing Say It's Alright Joe and The Lady Lies.
13/7/78 Montreal, my version has skipping errors on Eleventh Earl of Mar, In the Cage, One For the Vine. Would like a clean copy.
19/7/78 Milwaukee, it would be nice to have the "master" version

19/4/80 Manchester

16/11/81 Milwaukee, my copy has skips.
6/12/81 Toronto

6/8/82 Berkeley (first night)
28/8/82 Master of Toronto (my copy is missing IKWIL)
8/9/82 Rome
13/9/82 Copenhagen, my copy has a few loud scratches: 2:50-3:15 on last track
14/9/82 Sweden, my copy has some skipping in "Who Dunnit?" (end of disc one)

7/11/83 Normal, my copy has digital stutters on Afterglow.
10/11/83 Milwaukee, my version has track transition problems.
18/11/83 MSG, my version missing the first song.
29/11/83 Worcester, my version has skipping on Keep It Dark
24/1/84 Texas
1/2/84 "Other Worlds"

18/9/86 Detroit, my copy has scratches on last three songs.
1/10/86 MSG
6/10/86 Chicago
14/10/86 "Under the Pillow"
11/12/86 Melbourne, would like a copy of the one with IT and Los Endos
31/1/87 Chapel Hill
19/3/87 Osaka, mine has scratches on first disc.
10/5/87 Malaga
16/5/87 radio show
24/5/87 Pittsburgh
2/6/87 Invisibles in Paris, my version has scratches.
7/6/87 Germany
13/6/87 Switzerland

I wouldn't say no to any '92 shows with "Mama" or "Dreaming While You Sleep." Good quality radio/soundboards are always nice.

8/3/98 Dublin, would like to hear the Highland version (A Single Lonely Voice) or the version just called Point Depot.

The Rest
- Any rare occurrence in any recording (first time a song was played, last time, rare song, rare mess-up, rare vocalizing, rare story, etc.)
- Any VCDs or DVDs with footage I don't already have on that media--even if I already have it on VHS (and in some cases, even if I already have it on VCD!).