Namely, the stuff I used to get where I am today...wherever that is. In the making of this site I have "borrowed" (I also like the word "appropriated") some stuff (mostly images) from other sources, and I have tried to list those locations below. This is also a list of all those people/places that have helped me out in my obsession. It's an obsession that many of us share, which is one of the great things about it. This quality of community is very important, and hopefully this page will give you an idea of how large and helpful that community is.

This page is divided into three sections--Picture, Information, and Musical sources. Click on the text links below to scroll directly to any one of them.

The Musical Sources section lists a bunch of people I've traded with--I owe them all my thanks for helping to expand my collection. Nearly everyone I've dealt with has been great, and I can honestly say that I only once made the mistake of paying for a CD. The great majority of traders I've encountered are very generous, patient and kind. Though I've never been screwed over and fortunately have no basis for a list in that category, I did come somewhat close to it once, and I can list you a couple of bad traders right now:

Bad Traders
I have met one trader who I know to have been a bad trader, who was going under the name of Sue Johnson but who is also known as David Howarth--they wrote in bad English when offering me a trade, then seemed to forget they'd sent me an email and sent me the same offer over again; fortunately their behavior was hinky enough, and their email identity changed once, so that I was able to detect their bad trader status before I actually sent them any discs--watch out for this person! Another bad Genesis trader that I hear about a lot, though I have never encountered him, is Daniel Schwarz.

That was obviously by no means a comprehensive list; if you DO want a list of bad traders (one that at least has some basis in fact and has some corroborating evidence of more than one witness and such), a good place to visit is Citizens of Hope and Glory. They also have a list of good, dependable traders (several of whom are featured on my list as well). The site does still seem to be active, so it's worth a look.

Picture Sources | Information Sources | Musical Sources

Picture Sources
The Genesis Museum - I've borrowed so many images from this site it's not even funny (although, let me tell you, it used to be awfully funny; how we would laugh...). I've taken a lot of ticket stub images and tour ad posters for use in a couple of CD inserts. There are also nice big band images in the magazine articles and tour books.

The Official Site - the older version of the site used to have an archive section with some really fascinating images of Phil's diary, the band in concert, early demo tapes, and various other gems. The bio section also had some great, funny images of the guys in their younger days. I do not know if this material is still accesible in UltraStar's version of the site, but their Multimedia section seems to have some of the same things.

Take a little trip back with Volker Tiresias - a colorful and eclectic fan site with lots of good old images, if you know where to look. For a direct link to some of the best photos, go here. The site has shots of the band from the early 70s, more recent shots of them on tour, various goodies, strange stream of consciousness stories with goofy use of Genesis lyrics, and some nice big scans of the CAS tourbook (I borrowed some of these images for a CD insert).

Philm Freax Digital Archive: Genesis - I think this is a professional photographer's website, and it has a bunch of rare, rare photos of the band in the summer of 1970. There are some very rare shots of John Mayhew here, the only I was able to find (I used a shot from here in my bios section).

This is the Picture - here is a direct link to The Genesis Resource's list of Genesis website that have photo galleries. The websites featured vary widely in the actual amount of pictures, but this is a good place to start when you're looking for pictures and the sites above aren't cutting it. I've gone through all the sites on this page looking for particular shots. Beware of the pop-up ads.

The Fountain of Salmacis - Used to be a great source for early Pete-era images of the band in concert. Really good vintage stuff. This page also included a very extensive gigography. Unfortunately they seem to have gone dead, or moved their url, because you'll find that my link doesn't work.

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Informational Sources
The Official Site - yes, it's this thing again. Obviously when you want accurate information, go to the source. The archive section of previous iterations of the site was a great resource, supplying accurate dates for all sorts of moments in Genesis history. Hopefully the 2007 site will link to this material. I have also in the past found the official site discussion forum to be a great place to get answers to your Genesis-related questions.

The Movement - this is the best place to go if you want to know about bootlegs. It's got lots of them. Simon's site is a shining example for all Genesis Freaks.

Genesis Radio Shows - by David Dunnington, this is a very detailed look at every show Genesis did that was ever broadcast on the radio. I found it invaluable when polishing off my set list page, as it had more info about what was played at certain one-off gigs than I had seen elsewhere. Also excellent info on radio broadcasts and what songs from which were bootlegged on what bootlegs. Worth a look if you're looking for a higher quality show from a tour, as radio shows are generally the best around besides soundboard recordings. The link above actually takes you directly to Simon Funnell's The Movement, because this is where the most updated version of David's guide has been moved to (it's called "Radio Show Guide" and is a subsection of the "Live Recordings" area).

The Discography - Scott McMahan's "The scattered pages of a book..." is still the place to go for all things Genesis. It has set lists and old bootlegs and specific history and nitty gritty trivia and explanations of song elements that you just can't find anywhere else.

Opening the Musical Box - the excellent book by Alan Hewitt, not quite as far-ranging as Scott's discography, but with more up-to-date information (his new edition of the book is now available!). It also features a more complete and heavier researched gigography. I always find myself looking to this book for little bits of info, especially the history of their more collectible items; he gives the reader a very good idea of when singles were released, and why, and with what b-sides. His history of the band has a lot of really fascinating and humorous tidbits from the mouths of the band members themselves, and his timeline information was used by the official site. It also covers the solo members pretty well. The link above is to Alan's website, The Waiting Room, which is an online magazine about the band. His book is available at

The A-Z of Genesis Songs - Sadly, this site now appears to be dead and gone. I hadn't been using this site at first in the construction of my site, but I did know of it. For some reason I just didn't think of using it until someone mentioned it on the official site forum. It became one of my main sources for specific information on songs. Very well researched, painstakingly detailed. Hats off to Martin Dean for this wonderful achievement. I referred to it almost constantly as I was writing the objective lists, and I looked to it whenever I had a question about when a song was played/recorded or who wrote it.

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Musical Sources (Bootlegs)

Where possible I have linked to web sites--I have kept other personal information to a minimum, apart from a general idea of geographic location. I do not have access to all these people's email addresses, nor do I have any inclination to give any out without their permission. This is more of a reference list to check against. These people are all trustworthy traders.

The Coaster Factory - a remastering group dedicated to polishing up and distributing various recordings from Genesis and Peter Gabriel. David Kempler is the head honcho, and I am in the art department, and various traders and other people have also played a part in getting these recordings out. There is no Coaster Factory web site, but the releases are listed as a separate section on Simon Funnell's The Movement.

Willem Beens - a great guy with some great boots. The problem with finding somebody to trade with is, the people with all the good boots have enough that they don't really want to trade anymore--or at least enough so that they've already got everything that you have in your own meagre collection (I am fast becoming one of those people...)! But some of them are nice enough to offer new traders some freebies, and to find those guys, you just have to email everybody you can find until you find someone who will help you start a collection. Could be that quite a few of those people are on this list. Anyways, Willem gave me a great Christmas present once: a bunch of bootlegs he had lying around.

John Bell - another good guy who gave me boots for blanks.

Brett (Texas Knight) - He gave me a lot more than I gave him in a trade. He used to swing by the Genesis site a lot when they had one of their previous discussion forums, and offer free boots to people. Very prompt.

Michael - (lost his last name!) he sent me a very good sampler disc with lots of great rare live cuts, and when it didn't arrive at my house, he FedExed a second copy. The disc with some slight track list changes became my compilation Studs and Stetsons.

Claus Oexle - did a couple of very satisfactory trades with him, including one that got me Live in Montreal. From Germany.

Gareth Richards - sent me a nice bootleg with Ray Wilson era material on it, with an insert, free of charge; one of my very first bootlegs, that.

Artur Shapoval - the source for my boot, The Hallam Tapes, which is a really great boot.

Michael Mee - I've done several successful and mutually beneficial trades with him. He's a great guy with some great music.

Alan Maggs - a UK fan; he's a nice guy.

Francesco Cairo - Italian trader with an interesting list, vinyl and CD.

Ian Savages - perfectly good trader, quick and reliable. In the US.

Kevin Stout - alias "The Winkler," has a great collection transferred from tape/vinyl/internet, and treats you right.

Christian Roth - good trader, with a good list and a nice web site, who once hosted some of my album artwork, so naturally I plug him. In Sweden. His site seems to be down so he may not be actively trading any longer.

Andy McKenzie - a guy with lots of mp3 transferred shows, a nice list. From Canada.

Stuart Barnes - has good stuff, and burns on good discs, in the UK.

Jelle Leistra - good trader. From the Netherlands.

Nathan Wildt - from New York.

Chris Sinkinson - UK.

Kevin Behrndt - from Missouri. We did several trades early in my trading career. He is still going strong.

Yoav Wasserman - from Israel--has a fantastic list.

Paul Davies - from UK.

Steve Dawson - from Virginia.

Larry Sullivan - from Massachusetts.

Andy Gibson - from Wales.

Roland Meinhard - from Germany--very quick!

Michael Weinel - from Germany.

Allan Hutchen - from California--has some great DVDs.

David Dunnington - yes, THE David Dunnington.

Gil Ireland-Ashley - great trader, from California--good list of stuff.

Chris Rosenthal - didn't actually trade with him, but he's definitely a nice guy. From the US.

Dave Kempler - from Nevada, generous and knowledgeable. A great trader (see above, Coaster Factory, for more info!).

Tom Edwards - from Massachusetts, prompt and dependable.

Jason Brower - from New York.

Jana Shepard - from Missouri, has a great list. Good trader.

Brad Reimer - from Canada.

Luis Angel Gonzalez Lopez - from Spain.

John Coleman - from New York.

Simon Funnell - owner/operator of "The Movement," the biggest and best Genesis bootleg site. Of course it's very hard to trade with him as he has almost everything there is to get, but every once in a while you might be able to nab something before he does. And if you do, and if you can trade him for it, I can pretty much guarantee you it will be a good trade.

Alan Hewitt - surprisingly enough, has a good collection but not so good that it's impossible to trade with him. Certainly a trustworthy enough person. Always ready to help out fans in need, as well. Very busy man, though, so don't expect immediate responses.

Mike Carzo - of Meek's site, this is Meek himself. Obviously a good trader. He was nice enough to trade with me once.

Colin Naisbitt - From the UK.

Ian Kidd - nice guy.

Bret McConachie - of Michigan, US.

Jake Essl - of California.

Ted Sayers - of the UK.

Bill Lally - of Ohio.

Dennis Lengel - also of Ohio. One of the most accurate, dependable, all-around good traders I know of.

Robert Brousseau - Montreal, Canada

Tom Arnold - UK. Large collection, great trader.

Steve Stanitzke - Georgia.

Stephen Millar - Glasgow, Scotland.

Graeme Walker

Terry Kosel - never actually traded with her, but I know she's a reliable source.

Becquet Romuald - of France, sent me a VCD once.

Robert Martin - of Tennessee, in the States.

Eric Reitinger - of the great state of New Jersey.

Rex Collins - in Las Vegas.

Kevin Leahy - of Indiana. Has some Genesis, but I mostly traded for solo member material. Used to trade exclusively in tapes, but now can copy CDs.

Al Schuld - a great trader. I completed a huge trade with him.

Casey McVicker - of Indiana.

Kara - don't have last name or address, so this is fairly useless, but I wanted to mention her because she dubbed a lot of good Queen VHS tapes for me, and sent me a very nice Radiohead show.

Mason Stewart - a reliable trader. In San Francisco.

Bruce Robertson - of the UK.

Chip Cataldo - of New York.

Ron Smetek - of Virginia.

Sean Walton - has large and very varied collection, including some Genesis. From Ohio.

Andrew Daniels - of South Wales.

Thierry Dewaghe - of France.

David Barker - of the UK.

Anthony Reyns - of France.

Enrico Seminerio - of Canada. Has a wide-reaching collection, not really focused on Genesis.

Barry Follett - in the UK.

John MacRae - of New York.

Tim Hollings - of the UK.

Tamito Sato - of Japan.

If you're looking for a nice trader other than me, I suggest these guys.

A great place to meet people for trades are the various Genesis mailing lists on Yahoo!, one of which is genesis-trades. Not a few of my trades have come from my membership in this list. I'd also like to make one final shout-out, to:

My Dad - James R. Genzano. He bought an early CD player, and an early CD: Invisible Touch. My first Genesis album. Nowadays he could care less about Genesis, but what can you do?

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