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20 October 2008 - Due to increased demand and my own decreased free time, I can no longer oblige people with copies of my recordings. I apologize and wish you all good luck in building your own collections. Please do not contact me about my music unless you have something to trade from my wish list.


22 February 2008 - Wow, my first post of 2008! I bet you thought I was done updating this site, didn't you? It took a snowstorm in New Jersey, but I finally put some new shows up on my pages (the ones I said I might get up at the end of last year). They are as follows:

2007 Encore shows: Montreal, Cleveland, San Jose, Hollywood Bowl (first night)

No Gorilla For the Vine (2/1/77) - this is a new Coaster Factory release which may not be getting circulated yet--I may be a bit premature putting this on the site...

All the Help I Can Get (29/9/82) - soundboard recording of rehearsals for the famous Six of the Best reunion concert!!!! Awesome.

I also put up two different shows from 10/6/76. One is a capture from the streaming source on Wolfgang's Vault. The other is GASP 14, a complete soundboard recording from that night!

Another item that I have but haven't put on the site yet is a two-disc DVD of The Musical Box's performance at Cleveland on 9/12/07. This is their "Black Show" version of the Selling England tour re-creation, which I did not get to see, so I am glad to have this. The footage is audience-shot. As soon as I watch this I will put a review on the site--though it may take another blizzard before I manage to get that done!

24 December 2007 - A Happy Holidays to all Genesis freaks everywhere! Long time, no update. I have finally added my NA Encore shows to the Turn It on Again tour page. I also did add a review of that Musical Box DVD mentioned in my last posting of over a month ago. I have some more NA Encore shows, a new Coaster Factory release, and another Lamb soundboard which will be getting reviews on the site when I have the time--possibly this week!

12 November 2007 - A couple of new GASP releases came out recently and have forced me to update my pages, including my best bootleg list. I still haven't watched that Musical Box DVD, but I may get to it one of these days.

3 November 2007 - You'll see the South Bank Show DVD on my video page, the Bottom Line '78 shows on my Gabriel page, and one of Gabriel's Encore shows from his 2007 tour at the bottom of that page. I also got an audience-recorded show from the Turn It on Again tour, which is on that tour page. The only other thing I have to put on the site is a Musical Box DVD, apparently their almost-official release that got scrapped.

Honestly, I'm trying to stop trading! :)

26 October 2007 - I made a few factual updates to my Set Lists page and my Objective Lists page, to account for the Turn It on Again tour. I also updated the information provided in the final mystery on my Mysteries page. Also you will find comments for one of the US 2007 Encore series shows on my Turn It on Again tour page.

Due to an old trading promise I'd made to myself, I will be receiving some captured versions of those Gabriel shows from the Bottom Line club in 1978 that are available on Wolfgang's Vault. All for now.

20 October 2007 - It took a while, but I finally have comments up on the interesting DVD with rehearsal and interview from Sweden '92. Ordered my US Encore series shows today! I expect to receive a DVD version of Peter Gabriel's South Bank Show documentary in the near future.

Tried to buy tickets to one of Musical Box's US shows this December, but all the non-crappy seats in my area are already taken. I am sad...it was the last chance to see them do their thing, probably, since the semi-official announcement has been made that they are doing Trick of the Tail shows in 2008!

13 October 2007 - I have just added some new items to the Goodies page! Thanks to Kevin DeVito for some photos of the band from the WW and ATTW3 tours. Also I have a DVD of unreleased rehearsal and interview footage of the band in July 1992 in Sweden, which I will be watching in a few days.

A reminder that, contrary to appearances, I am trying to avoid new trades.

7 October 2007 - Some new shows are on my pages. I have two interesting interviews, one with Phil in 1974 and one with Mike in 1987, that are near the top of my Compilations page. I have finally found a copy of That Nice Electrical System (29/1/84) that does not have scratches during "Cage." And I put my comments on for a so-so audience recording from 31/5/92 in Philly. Also to come very soon are an alternate (but old and incomplete) Bottom Line Club radio recording from Peter Gabriel's second tour, and a one-disc Steely Dan soundboard recording from (probably) 1974.

29 September 2007 - My review of the Giants Stadium gig of 27/9 is available here! My reviews of both gigs I've attended are accessible from the bottom of the Goodies page, or look down at my 19 September post for a link to the Philadelphia gig review.

25 September 2007 - For my birthday I received the second volume of Genesis For Two Grand Pianos; my comments are here. I also put a picture of the 2007 tour book here, along with some comments on that.

My second Genesis gig is in a couple of days!!

19 September 2007 - I was very tired, but because I know my public wants it, I wrote my review of the Philadelphia gig. It is available here. Enjoy!

18 September 2007 - My first Genesis gig ever is tonight! I hope to post a review on my Goodies page by the end of the week. That Yes show mentioned in the last post has comments on the site.

15 September 2007 - Comments on the five Encore series shows from the 2007 European tour are up on the site. I also added an interesting alternate version of the Belgium '72 video footage on my DVD page, plus a Peter Gabriel bootleg from the Us tour. I seem to have received a Yes soundboard show, so I'll be listening to that later in the upcoming week and getting some comments on the site eventually.

Meanwhile, only a very few days left until I SEE GENESIS LIVE!!!!!!!!! I will be writing a review and posting that as soon as ever I can after the show.

4 September 2007 - All of the things I've received over the past few posts now have comments up on the site. Also got a surprise today: I came home and found I'd received all 5 of the Encore series shows I'd ordered! I'll be listening to them and putting reviews up on the Turn It on Again tour page. Also will be receiving a Gabriel show from the Us tour soon.

1 September 2007 - I managed to get a lot of work in on the site the last few days. Comments for all shows mentioned in the last few posts are now up on the site, except the Phil Collins Japan 1995 DVD, the synched Dusseldorf DVDs, and a Yes audio show from 1974. I hope to have comments for those within the next week. I still have not received any Encore series shows, though I have been informed by Music.com that my credit card has been charged.

In just a couple of weeks I'll be seeing Genesis live!!!!!

A reminder that I am trying to cut down on trading right now. You can still try contacting me if you've got something from my wish list or some particularly juicy Genesis stuff. :)

25 August 2007 - The list of audio shows mentioned in my 6 August post have all been listened to and all sounded good--I will be trying to put comments up for those soon. The bonus disc I received in that shipment was a two-minute pro-shot black and white clip including some Genesis Lamb footage from their Berlin show. It's a curious and cool artifact, but painfully short!

I received the following and will be listening to/watching these in the future:

Lugo di Romagna 15/4/72 (TSRMP Remaster)
Rainbow Recompiled 20/10/73
Live In New Castle 26/10/73
Waterbury 12/12/74 (Burp II 03)
Lakeland '75 11/1/75 (AS Version)
Live Earth performances by Genesis and The Police (the Genesis one should be in the right video proportion, unlike my current one)
Phil Collins Live in Japan 1995 DVD

I also have a smattering of Yes songs which I will be sorting through eventually. AND I'll be getting a version of the 2-DVD Dusseldorf cinema footage that has the audio synched!

I have yet to receive any of the Encore shows I ordered, but I've been hearing bad things about the sound quality. However I've also heard from a recent interview that Tony and the guys may just be considering recording some new music together!!!

Less than a month until I finally get to see Genesis live, for the first time, in person.

I know it may sound like, from this post, that I am going back on my claim in my last post that I was cutting down on trading. But I did mean that and I'm going to try to avoid new trades for the future, just fulfilling any open obligations I have. I will of course continue to keep the site updated when I have the time, and after 17 September definitely look for a review of the Philly show!

12 August 2007 - A word of warning for those of you just starting or thinking of picking up the game World of Warcraft: IT WILL TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE!!!!

In other news, comments on the 2-DVD Yes show at the QPR in 1975 are now up on my "Others" page, and comments on the "Genesis on the Road" MTV Italia special are up on my DVD video page. I have received all the shows listed on my 6 August post in addition to one bonus disc, and will begin listening to them tomorrow, then begin the very long process of putting comments for those up on the site.

I'm afraid I'm feeling a bit over-stretched at the moment and I may be cutting down on my trading for the immediate future.

6 August 2007 - Comments for the Pink Floyd show are up. I am watching one of the Yes DVDs now and it looks great. Also the other day I finally broke down and pre-ordered some Encore shows, all from the second half of the European Genesis tour. I'll be putting some comments for those on the site, but they are not for trade! I was just excited about them and wanted to share. ;)

Also, surprise! I have a DVD called "Genesis on the Road," which is apparently a half-hour MTV special from Italy around the time of the big Rome gig. It's in PAL. I'll be watching it when I have the time.

Also also, in the near future I will be getting all of these Genesis audio shows:

PRRP20 - Viva Italia! (somehow I hadn't gotten around to collecting this one yet, though it includes several of my favorite shows from the Foxtrot tour)
10/11/73 Montreal
7/3/74 Indiana
20/4/74 PRRPGS006
6/3/75 Lisbon
2/4/75 Stuttgart
23/2/77 PRRPGS003
29/7/78 first gen, this is the gig where Peter joined the band on the encore; should be an upgrade to mine

3 August 2007 - Comments are up for Dijon '75 and Twickenham '07. My copy of PRRP 007 actually does not have any scratches on it--that's just how it sounds!

The 2-DVD Yes show and the Floyd audience recording are in my possession and I've listened to the Floyd show; comments will go up for that soon. The Yes DVDs will take longer.

28 July 2007 - It took me a while, but I did just put up comments for the following:

19/2/75 Oslo (OAM recording from Farm)
29/4/76 Berkeley (PRRP 007 -- unfortunately my copy sounds a bit scratchy, I'm seeing about a possible replacement)

Also I've found that there is another OAM from the Lamb tour now available--1 March 1975 in Dijon! I have that show and will be listening to it soon. I also have the 1-hour radio broadcast of the Twickenham gig of 8 July 2007.

I have another trade in the works but it will only be getting me non-Genesis material. I will be putting some of that up on the site when I get a chance, mainly a 2-DVD Yes show from the Relayer period and a Pink Floyd audience show from what I think is the Wish You Were Here tour.

19 July 2007 - Site has been updated. I now have comments for the following shows up on the site:

8/12/73 Ypsilanti (3rd gen)
3/2/74 Britannia In Torino (upgrade)
9/3/74 Guzman Theatre (Miami) (2nd gen)
22/3/74 Santa Monica (from master tape)
28/2/75 Colmar (OAM recording from Farm)
27/6/07 Dusseldorf (2-DVD pro-shot version)

Watch out for my comments on the Dusseldorf show, there are major spoilers in there (if anyone is still worried about spoilers). Technically I do not think this is supposed to be a tradeable show, btw, as it has been pulled from the Movement's torrent site at the request of Genesis management. It is probably destined to be an official release; but it hasn't been released yet.... ;) I have also updated my set lists page with a more in-depth analysis of the TIOA tour set.

I also have 29/4/76 (PRRP 007) and 19/2/75 (Oslo), but have not listened to them yet. I am going off on another trip tomorrow and will probably not update the site again until well into next week. All for now.

15 July 2007 - I have not had a chance to do any site updates since last posting, and probably will not until 19 July. I have watched the Dusseldorf '07 DVDs--great stuff. I have the following two shows:

19/2/75 Oslo
28/2/75 Colmar

These are both OAM (open air microphone) recordings sourced from The Farm. They match the recordings of those dates described by Paul Russell in his book Play Me My Song. The Oslo show is the infamous one where too much flash powder is used in the show's concluding explosion!

Anyway look for comments to go up on the four Selling England shows mentioned on 5 July, the 2-DVD Dusseldorf show, and these two Lamb shows, a few days from now. I mentioned PRRP 007 in my last post, but I'm still not entirely sure that I'm going to get that one--we'll see.

12 July 2007 - So, here's what's been going on with me. I received all shows of the previous posting and am listening to them slowly. Comments will go up eventually, but I have a lot going on right now including a few trips, so it could be a while.

I put up my comments for the 29/6/76 show, and I have comments up for my new DVD of the 7/7/07 Live Earth Genesis performance!

Also (drum roll please), I have a 2-DVD version of the 27/6/07 Dusseldorf performance which was broadcast to cinemas in Sweden and the UK. I haven't watched it yet due to my recent obsession with World of Warcraft. I know, I know. Comments for that will have to go up soon I think.

Finally I think I will be receiving the following: 29/4/76 Robbery, Assault & Berkeley (PRRP 007).

5 July 2007 - A belated happy 4th to my fellow US Genesis Freaks. I received the 29/6/76 PRRP show, and will be getting the following soon:

8/12/73 Ypsilanti - 3rd gen (a show wot I haven't heard before!)
3/2/74 Britannia In Torino - a definite upgrade to mine!
9/3/74 Guzman Theatre (Miami) - 3rd gen, maybe an upgrade to my current version
22/3/74 Santa Monica (another recording I've managed to avoid up till now)

28 June 2007 - Reviews are up for GMDVD03 (a very nice collection), 31/1/74 and 17/4/78, as well as an unexpected bonus show, The Best Audience in Scotland (9/7/76), a slight upgrade to my previous show from that date. It turned out I already had the second gen version of Offenbach '74, but this new version was slightly cleaner, and the 17/4/78 show was an incredible improvement over my other version.

29/6/76 is still to come.

19 June 2007 - I'll be getting these shows soon:

31/1/74 (Offenbach '74 second gen, hopefully an improvement over my old version)
29/6/76 (prrpgs07 - Another Trick)
17/4/78 (prrpgs08 - Hackett Down and Out)
GMDVD03 (should hopefully have better versions of some of my old PG-era clips, plus some from the time period that I don't have)

15 June 2007 - All "new" shows from 11 and 27 May now have comments up on the site. Also check out my own special VH1 Rock Honors Genesis performance DVD that I made. This one has "Los Endos" on it!

Also if you are a member on the official site, head on over and check out the first entry in their "Virtual Ticket" feature, which shows the band setting up and winding down from their first live gig of the 2007 tour. Very little of the actual performance is shown, but still exciting to see them together after so long. So far the set list does not seem to have changed from the production rehearsal...

9 June 2007 - Scroll to the bottom of my set list page for a preview of what the band will be playing on their European tour! You can probably also find this at about ten million other places on the internet...

In other news, most of the shows listed in my 27 May and 11 May posts now have comments up on the site. Unfortunately the new version of 29/1/84 was exactly identical to my previous version, scratches and all, so it goes back onto my wish list. The other shows I've listened to have all been definite improvements over any existing versions.

2 June 2007 - European shows from the Turn It on Again tour will be made available as soundboard recordings from TheMusic.com! This means that though I may feel it necessary to list the shows I choose to purchase on my tour page, they will NOT be for trade, because they are official releases.

Meanwhile, I have received all shows listed in the 27 May and 11 May posts and already have comments up for the 16/1/72 MUPPET remaster. More entries will be posted as I get to it. Contest winners are being sent their prizes--the ones who told me what they wanted!

28 May 2007 - Review of the Rock Honors special and my DVD recording of it now available here.

27 May 2007 - Winning entries are here now. Sorry I couldn't let everyone who entered win! Meanwhile, now that that's over, I can mention another new trade which will get me the following (all except the first are upgrades to shows I already have):

Bristol Melody of 1974 (PRRPGS010) 13/1/74, an SEBTP show that I've never heard before.
Indianapolis 22/11/74 (clean version, without the scratches of my current copy)
Baltimore 1/12/74 (3rd gen)
The Lamb in NYC 7/12/74 (with complete Waiting Room, unlike my copy)
A Blaze of White Light (PRRPGS009) 10/4/75, a remaster of the Groningen soundboard!

Also my Dad kindly recorded the VH1 Rock Honors show to DVD for me, so I will be adding that to my video list in the near future. FYI, VH1 currently has a video of the song that was not aired on TV, "Los Endos," as a streaming movie on their web site. If anyone would like to tell me how I can get a copy of that movie, or would like to trade with me so I can get a copy, let me know. Thanks!

24 May 2007 - I hope everyone is watching Rock Honors on VH1!! I saw it. And, yea, it was good. Anyways, the contest is over! Thanks very much to all for your many submissions. The winner and runners-up have been notified--look to see the winning captions on the "winning entries of the past" page soon!

22 May 2007 - For your delectation, I have just completed a ludicrously-long review of the 1976-1982 box set. Thanks to all for your contest submissions--keep them coming!

18 May 2007 - For the first time in well over two years, I am finally running a contest on the site!! Most of you probably don't even remember the last contest. Anyways, head over to the contest page and feel free to enter to win! The contest will end on May 24, the night of the VH1 Rock Honors show. Thanks for stopping by.

In other news, I have my copy of the 1976-1982 box set, and I have listened to the new albums and some of the bonus DVD items. Look to see some updates of my video pages and my comps/misc page in the near future, based on the existence of the box set stuff.

11 May 2007 - I didn't take too long a break from the site, did I? I just updated my DVD page because I received a better quality NTSC DVD of the Montreal '74 audience video, and a more complete version of the Vienna '78 pro-shot footage. These came to me as the result of my sending a very nice person a PAL VHS tape I had laying around my apartment and house for years, with the intention of converting the stuff on the tape to DVD so I could actually watch it. Ironically these DVDs are just extra items he sent that are better than the stuff from the tape. Finally, oops! New trade:

16/1/72 Muppet 11
29/1/84 That Nice Electrical System (to hopefully replace my copy which has errors)
16/2/77 SAB 07
2/7/77 Digital Brothers (Zurich Revisited)
Phil Collins: 13/4/85 Melbourne Soundboard

May not get these for a few weeks yet, so look for that contest to possibly come sooooon!

5 May 2007 - Happy Cinco de Mayo. At long, long, long last, I can say that all new shows (including those mentioned in the previous entry) have comments on the site, and my best bootlegs page has been fully updated to include the latest shows available. That finally completes my total overhaul of the entire site for better accuracy, navigation, etc. Ha ha!

I have pre-ordered my 1976-1982 box set on Amazon and am counting the days until it ships. I will probably have a few words to say about it on my Compilations/Miscellaneous page once I've gone through everything, and will probably have to overhaul my video pages once again to reflect all of the bootlegs that have been made redundant and/or illegal by the bonus DVD material.

Meanwhile, after I take a short break away from the site in order to catalogue and put away all of these CDs stacked in my computer cabinet, I will be sure to begin thinking about running that contest I've been talking about for the last few months.

25 April 2007 - Just a quick note to say I am finally coming close to getting all of my "new" shows entered into the site. All audio shows listed in the previous few posts now have comments on the tour pages; I just have to write up the new DVDs. Speaking of which, I will be receiving a DVD of the pro-shot Phil Collins footage from Perkins Palace in 1982 (in addition to two other audio shows, Genesis at Hofheinz '78 and Phil at Berkeley '82, both borrowed from our friend Wolfgang).

I have had one new DVD for a while that I haven't mentioned at all on here; it's called Genesis in the '80s and includes some very interesting clips from the Abacab period to Invisible Touch, mostly from Italian or German TV. They were all new to me.

So hopefully I will find time soon to write up those DVDs and then move onto updating the best bootlegs page.

29 March 2007 - I have just this minute completed my exhausting revision of my set lists page. I also have received all the shows listed in back posts, including those for 21 March, and have listened to all audio shows. Now that I have finally finished revising the entire site (except for the best bootlegs page), I will begin slowly putting comments/reviews for all new shows that are not yet on the main site. Once I've done that I will be able to confidently update the best bootlegs page, and then, maybe then, I can run that contest I've been talking about for the past many weeks.

21 March 2007 - I'm getting even more shows:

PRRPSAE04 (the famous Montreal '74 radio show, from what I read it is a marked improvement over the "definitive" FAde version)
EFDVDG11 (the 1980 Old Grey Whistle Test footage from the Lyceum)
The Musical Box Montreal 1995 DVD (an old pro-shot Foxtrot/NC show, with some interesting songs)
The Musical Box Chile 2005 DVD (audience video of parts of a Lamb show)

I am steadily listening to all the stuff I've gotten since February, and I am slowly moving towards getting comments up on the site. Meanwhile I am also slowly getting closer to having totally revised and updated my entire site content. Right now I am working on the lists--the subjective lists are already updated, I hope to have the objective lists (apart from the set lists page and best bootlegs page) updated very soon.

14 March 2007 - Some developments on the site:

I have made small updates to the Goodies, Contest, and Mysteries pages (no, I'm not running a contest yet! just factual corrections there). I have also for the first time in what may have been years updated my Links page and Sources page. The site map has been updated to reflect the addition of a new page: a Remastering Groups quick reference page, which compiles all my Genesis shows by different remastering groups into an easy list organized by group. This can be reached from the Short List page.

I have now reviewed pretty much every page on the site except the Lists pages. I have left them until last because I know they will take a lot of work. I am continuing to listen to new shows and may pop some up soon. Here is a new one I am listening to but haven't mentioned here yet:

18 April 1972 Live in Roma (TM Productions) - the TM remaster of this classic, classic gig.

9 March 2007 - Mr. Snaggletooth snaggled himself some tickets!

18 September in Philadelphia (section 111) and 27/9 at Giants Stadium (section 113). They cost a pretty penny, but it will be my first time seeing the band live in....oh, ever. See you there!

In other news, I am listening to shows and putting comments up bit by bit. I have read through my entire live recordings section and updated old entries--the video pages and compilations/miscellaneous page are heavily cross-linked and revised. I will be turning my attention to the other sections of the site now. Once all this housekeeping is out of the way I will finally run that contest I have been mentioning in earlier posts....honest!

5 March 2007 - By the way, in site update news, I have just created a compiled list of all my studio demos/outtakes, rehearsals, soundchecks, and band interviews and put it at the top of my Compilations page. The list links to the various entries scattered across my tour pages that include those things. The rest of the Compilations page has also been cross-linked and updated.

Finally, I have received a lot of the shows mentioned in my 23/2 and 17/2 posts. Will begin listening to them very soon, but my higher priority for the site is updating all my old pages.

4 March 2007 - More new shows! The ones I mentioned right at the beginning of the 23/2 post now have comments up on the site. I also now have 27/11/83, the CF remaster. Still waiting on the remainder listed in 23/2 and 17/2. In addition, I will be getting these:

11/10/72 Bradford (an old one, it appears someone may have uncovered an alternate version from very close to the masters)
12/5/75 Weisbaden (has the complete encore unlike my current version)
7/5/76 BURP 14 v.2 (should be without the error that my BURP 14 has on it)
26/11/81 Spectrum (one I've never heard before! one of very few shows with a live Like It or Not)

23 February 2007 - Montreal '74 DVD and the 20/4/76 show, mentioned in the previous post, are now in the house. I also have the 3-CD Pink Floyd show I mentioned a little while ago which I have watched and need to put up. Otherwise, will also be getting a lot of other shows soon:

Getting an old PAL tape converted to DVD which will have pro-shot Liverpool '80 footage on it.
27/3/80 Hammersmith, I already have a couple recordings of this but am getting an untouched first-generation copy from the taper. also getting the next night's show, 28/3/80.
27/6/76 Munich
10/1/77 Manchester, hopefully will be better than my current version
24/6/77 SAB01v2
6/6/78 Malmo Complete (more complete than the one I have!)
24/6/78 Knebworth pre-FM
26/8/78 Germany
17/4/80 TM productions remaster, finally I'll have a version of this worth its salt!
23/6/80 Toronto
27/11/83 Spectrum, CF remaster A Phantastically Phabulous Philly
14/9/82 Sweden, maybe will have fewer errors than my current version
2/10/82 TM productions, supposed to blow away previous versions of the famous reunion gig.
30/9/86 BURP 16 Invisible Garden, has encore on it, unlike my current version.

17 February 2007 - Coming in the near future (off my new and improved wish list):

Montreal '74 DVD, I understand this is some pretty low-grade footage, still I've never seen it
8/11/73 HW1, my old copy had pops on it
2/5/74 Moonlit Queen, my old copy had skips in Supper
7/4/76 BURP II 01, possible upgrade to my other version (SR 05)
20/4/76 Ford Auditorium, an alternate version to my current one
13/10/78 SAB 05 v2, supposedly the ultimate Uptown Theatre; I'm excited
7/5/80 As Good As Gold, supposedly the ultimate Lyceum '80 stuff

11 February 2007 - All DVDs listed in the previous post now have comments on the site. I had to add a non-Genesis video section to my Others page in order to get the Floyd DVDs up, and in the process of doing that I also put up some details for various other non-Genesis video material I've had kicking around the house for a while--this includes David Bowie, The Police, more Pink Floyd, and some Queen. Unfortunately many of these videos I have not watched in a long time, if at all, so my info is pretty scanty. I intend to watch a lot of them over the next week or so in order to fill in some details.

Meanwhile, please check my wish list page, as it has been updated rather heavily. Some of you who may not have had anything to offer me before may find you now have several shows on my wish list, as some of them are quite common. I am in the process of reading through my entire live recordings section. I am slowly correcting inaccuracies, embedding links to other entries to make a more cross-referenced system, and adding shows to my wish list when I find (based on my own comments) that I have copies with errors on them.

I will be receiving the following in the near future:
Behind the Wall, a 3-CD Pink Floyd set including their performance from 28/2/80 in NYC in pseudo-soundboard quality (recorded by a backstage mic?). There are also some Wall rehearsals from a different date and some Waters solo tracks.
Winterland '77, a newly-surfaced soundboard recording of Genesis' performance on 25/3/77

I am still planning on running a contest one of these days, when I've perhaps gotten a bit farther through my Live Recordings section (so far I have only re-read and corrected pages up to and including the Trick tour).

1 February 2007 - All audio shows from 29/12 and 12/1 have comments up on the site, except Genesis 26/6/76. I am holding off on this one because I am missing the second disc and will not be getting it until maybe March. My next job is to finish watching all the DVDs; to recap, those would be as follows:

The Musical Box, Palace Theater, Cleveland, OH, 4 November 2006 (Selling England, 2 DVDs)
The Musical Box, 6 November 2005 (The Lamb, incomplete video, 1 DVD)
Genesis, 3 Dates With Genesis (PAL), 1 DVD
Genesis, The Meldrum Tapes, 2 DVDs
Pink Floyd, Court Behind the Wall (full performance of The Wall from 1980 shows at Earls Court)
Pink Floyd, From the Vault, 2 DVDs
Giraffe plays The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Progfest '94, 1 DVD

30 January 2007 - My site map has been updated and I am almost daily making tiny updates to pages in the Live Recordings section, making some of my old entries more accurate and adding new entries. I have all shows listed for 29 December and 12 January, and I have just finished putting up all the new Peter Gabriel, Yes, Giraffe, and Gabriel-era Genesis shows. I still have six Collins-era Genesis audio shows to comment on, plus I have to watch and provide details for all DVDs listed.

25 January 2007 - The new Live Recordings section is now up and running! I have created a new pretty interface with lots of rollover buttons, and broken the pages up by tour and into smaller bites which will hopefully decrease page load times. The solo member section has also been majorly re-organized. Feel free to take a tour around! Please email me any comments, or especially if you find a broken link!

I still don't have any of the shows listed from the end of last year detailed on the pages, though! I have to do that, and update my site map page. I am also in the process of reading through all of my show comments to correct inaccuracies and compile a list of shows that I would like better versions of.

To help launch my newly designed site and to commemorate the re-forming of my favorite band, once I have all of the above tasks completed (and hopefully before June!) I intend to finally run another contest. Of course I will notify people via the official site forum and at least one mailing list. Thanks for your patience!

15 January 2007 - It turns out that over this weekend, instead of actually doing any work getting comments up for the new shows I've listened to, I started re-designing the live recordings section of the web site. You won't see any changes up live yet, but you can see a sneak-peek sample of the new interface here. Feel free to email me suggestions or comments if you have any. So look to see a big face-lift in the near future, but it will be quite a while yet before I input comments on the new shows. Feel free to ask me about them in the meantime.

12 January 2007 - Recieved all shows listed in my last post (29/12/06). I have listened to all the Gabriel-era Genesis audio and will hopefully be able to begin putting comments up on the site as early as this evening. In addition to all those shows, I have also received the following:

The Musical Box, Palace Theater, Cleveland, OH, 4 November 2006 - 2 DVDs showing their performance of the Selling England show. Also included are extensive slide shows with still frames from the recording.

Also I now have an upgraded version of my audience recording of The Musical Box from 6 Nov 2005. This has about the first half of their Lamb performance on video, followed by the remainder of the performance in just audio, from a digital voice recorder.

Finally, I will be receiving a set of demos of very early Peter Gabriel stuff, called Before the Flood.

Even more finally, a heads up that I am planning in my head a major overhaul of my live recordings section, to make navigation less cumbersome (and hopefully less confusing). This is a very long term goal and may not come to fruition until next year. We'll see.