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29 December 2006 - Three trades for the holidays will get me the following shows:

Genesis audio:
11/3/70 Misc. interviews
Like a Nun with a Gun (PRRPGS002) - yet another version of the famous Watford Town Hall 1972 show; maybe this one will finally satisfy me.
13/12/72 Philharmonic - there have been fake shows in the past, but this appears to be a for-real audience fragment from this, the band's first gig in the US.
10/15/73 The Dome, Brighton
15/12/74 Montreal
23/2/75 Berlin
18/6/76 Dusseldorf
26/6/76 Switzerland
27/3/77 BURP 33
19/6/77 Offenbach
1/6/78 Lyon
9/9/78 Paris

Genesis video:
3 Dates With Genesis - at long last, the full version of this documentary on DVD. In PAL format.
Meldrum Tapes - a 2-DVD set of what I believe to be interviews and TV coverage from the Genesis tour of Australia in late 1986.

Peter Gabriel audio:
4/29/77 Apollo Theatre, Manchester (Muppet 09)
3/5/80 The Apollo, Manchester (Shoot Into The Light) (PRRP021)
15/9/80 PGWeeds 15
11/2/82 Stanley Performing Art Centre, Utica NY (PRRP005)
5/11/82 PGWeeds 7
7/5/83 Stadio Comunalle, Ferrara Italy (Meek's DC SHN 09)

Yes - On Digital Reels (audio)
Giraffe (Kevin Gilbert) - does the Lamb, Progfest 1994 (DVD and audio CD)
Pink Floyd - a DVD of a live performance of The Wall, and some 1970-era live stuff, 2 DVDs

Now that I write it all out like that, I see I have a lot of work ahead of me cataloguing all of these! I'll try to get to it as quickly as I can. FYI, none of the Genesis shows come off my wish list: I'm just filling in some blanks, as it were.

23 December 2006 - Happy Holidays to all!! For the holidays I have added three new shows to my list. One of them is in the Lamb tour section, one of them is a Coaster Factory remaster of the excellent audience show from 28/11/81, and one of them is a remaster of soundboard material from 15/10/86. The Lamb show is kind of exclusive, hot stuff, so I'm not mentioning what it is, though it is there for all to find if they search. As a holiday present, anyone who emails me between Christmas and New Year's can get a copy, FLAC or audio.

New trades are on the way...

12 November 2006 - Just updated various pages--the Mysteries, the band line-up list on the Objective Lists page, and the Set List page--to reflect the existence of the upcoming reunion tour (it's really happening!!!). It's going to feel really weird maintaining this site when the band is actually together and in the process of touring! This has never happened before in the history of my site's existence! I hope to be able to update the set list page as soon as the first gig has been played. Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on some live recordings fairly soon after that as well! In a perfectly legal manner, of course.

I understand based on interviews with Daryl that after the European tour dates the band will take a one month break and then hit the US for another twenty dates. I am determined to catch them on at least one of those US dates, come heck or high water, whether they are playing anywhere near New Jersey or not, and as soon as I do I will be sure to write a review and post it on the site. This is all for well in the future, but it's definitely on my mind now...

Oh, and by the way, a new Coaster Factory release from a famous 1981 gig is in the works and may be on my lists before the month is out.

3 November 2006 - Got another Bruce show, this one from 19 Feb 2003 at the Somerville Theater in Somerville, Massachusetts. Comments will go up soon.

29 October 2006 - Got those two shows from my last post, they now have comments on the site. Also, check out the bottom of the Goodies page for reviews of the two Musical Box shows I've just seen; or better yet, just click here.

Just in case people are not aware of this yet: GENESIS IS GETTING BACK TOGETHER. An official press conference is scheduled for November 7, during which it will be announced that Phil Mike and Tony are going to be touring some time very soon. We'll learn more specifics then! Eventually I have to go and change that part of my Mysteries page where I speculate about the band getting back together...

19 October 2006 - I will be getting two new shows off of my wish list, namely:

18/5/75 San Sebastian '75 Remastered (at long last! Been looking for this one for a while)
21/1/87 Missouri

I have also gotten myself a Bob Dylan show which will go up on the Others page soon.

18 October 2006 - The Bruce shows mentioned in the last post have comments on my "Others" page. Technically I am still waiting for a few more tracks that were missing from the first set of discs.

Meanwhile...is everyone reading this shit?!?!?!?!?!? http://www.genesis-movement.org

Tell me where to wait in line for tickets and I will go there NOW!!!!!

7 October 2006 - At long last, I have finally managed to get comments and info up for all of the new shows I mentioned on 28 July. Please consult my post of that date for which shows they are. Most were pretty good shows, a big haul, and a nice increase in my collection. My next task for the site is to re-burn the bunch of Bruce shows I received (I have to take pauses off of all of them and adjust some track ordering), then get them onto my Others page. I am also going to receive a Bob Dylan show soon. Here are some basic details on the Bruce shows:

2/5/75 Bryn Mawr, PA (radio show, 2 discs)
7/7/78 Roxy, LA (radio? 3 discs)
12/31/80 Long Island, NY (radio, 3 discs)
Nebraska Live (audience? 1 disc)
10/16/02 Barcelona (2 discs)

Please note that I have not researched these dates or venues, so they may or may not be accurate. I will try to look into that before putting them up on the site.

28 September 2006 - I am still here! I have listened to all 28 July shows, and about half have comments on the site. More comments to follow when I can find the time. I have also just received a few Bruce Springsteen shows which will go on the "Others" page in the distant future--ask me about them if you're curious!

24 August 2006 - Check out the very bottom of my Compilations/Misc. page in the Live Recordings section; I have a cool sticker on my car bumper!

22 August 2006 - All those shows I listed on 28 July have arrived, and I am going to begin listening to them today. All for now...

6 August 2006 - I have finally gotten a chance to watch all those Peter Gabriel DVDs I received quite a while ago. There were two audience-shot shows, one from 1983 and one from 1986. There were also two DVDs full of TV appearances made by Peter from his Us to his Up periods. As for all of my shows listed in the previous post, those were a bit delayed in getting to me but should arrive in about a week I would guess. I will post again when they arrive, and then as the months pass the comments for them will trickle onto my pages.

28 July 2006 - I'll be getting all of the following Genesis shows, all off my wish list:

24-25 Feb 73 TM productions version, 9 March 75 Spain, 22 March 75 France, 17 June 77 Cologne, 17 April 78 LA Forum, 14 May 78 Cologne, 13 July 78 Montreal, 6 Oct 78 Baton Rouge, 3 April 80 ABC Theatre UK, 12 April 80 Brighton, 6 June 80 Illinois, 13 June 80 Pittsburgh, 13 Oct 81 Hanover, 15 Oct 81 Hamburg, 2 Nov 81 Berlin, 16 Nov 81 Milwaukee, 3 Aug 82 Illinois, 28 Aug 82 Toronto, 24 Sept 82 Scotland, 11 Nov 83 Illinois, 13 Dec 83 Atlanta, 9 Feb 84 Winnipeg, 6 March 98 Manchester

In one trade--can you believe it?! I don't want to even think about how long it will be before any comments on these get up on the site, but I should get them in perhaps a fortnight's time.

27 July 2006 - Two Genesis shows have just sneaked onto my lists:

Squonk's Revival 04, 9 February 1973 Rainbow Theatre
BURP 28, 6 February 1977 Kiel Auditorium

Both remasters to stuff I already had. Also, hold onto your hats, I have a fairly large trade in the works.

21 July 2006 - Gabriel shows are up. I have also reworked my Hackett Retrospective set in the solo section, and put up my comments for Roxy 6.

10 July 2006 - The Gabriel shows I have are Woodstock '94 and Greek Theatre '80, and they're both quite nice. I will also be receiving this:

Roxy 6 SAB13

This is a nice remaster (from what I'm told) of the sixth of the very famous Roxy Theatre performances Genesis gave in December of '73.

6 July 2006 - I got the DVDs from 18 June up on my lists. Also I will be receiving some Peter Gabriel shows with bonus material soon, more details when I have time.

2 July 2006 - I have finally (finally!!) gotten all the comments for all those shows listed in my 24 May post up on the site. I have received the DVDs mentioned in my 18 June post, but as usual these days, I haven't watched them yet. Still haven't watched those Gabriel ones I got a while ago either (see old news for 27 April '06--or where I mention them at the bottom of my videos page). Ah well, if I ever do, I'll put comments up on the site.

18 June 2006 - I am in the process of listening to all the 24 May shows, and should be done this week. I have already put the Prague '98 DVDs on the video page. I also just set up a new trade which will get me the following clips on DVD:

Midnight Special 20/12/73 (two songs, US TV)
3 Dates With Genesis (1978 documentary, edited version)
Live in Tokyo 3/12/78 (an "official" video, a few live songs from Japan)
CAS Rehearsal 28/1/98 (amateur-shot footage, almost full show)
The Musical Box: 6/11/05, Allen Theater, Cleveland Ohio (amateur-shot video, 1st half of the Lamb)

All of these but the last I already have on VHS, but now I'll have them on DVD, which is much better!

4 June 2006 - I still haven't found time to watch the four Peter Gabriel DVDs I received about a month ago, and because I don't foresee having time in the future either, I put them up on my site with a warning--I haven't watched them, so it's vaguely possible there are problems with the footage I don't know about, and of course my comments are lacking their usual painstaking attention to detail. But they are mentioned on my video page, anyway. I have received all shows from the 24 May post; I hope to be able to start listening to them this week.

29 May 2006 - The shows listed in my 27 April post (except for the Peter Gabriel DVDs, which I still haven't managed to watch) all have comments up on my site now finally. Now I just have to find space somewhere to file them...as for the huge list from 24 May, it is on its way to me but has not yet arrived.

24 May 2006 - I have listened to all the shows from the last post. I have not watched the four Peter Gabriel DVDs. None of them have I been able to write comments for yet. And meanwhile, I am going to get all of the following Genesis audio shows:

21/2/75 Copenhagen
3/3/75 Paris
8/4/75 Hamburg
16/6/76 No French Today
22/6/76 Brussels
30/6/76 Sweden
9/3/77 Baltimore
25/6/77 Earls Court
21/5/78 Brussels
27/11/78 Tokyo
24/5/80 Long Beach
10/10/81 Germany
19/10/81 Paris
21/8/82 A Very Old Song
6/9/82 Itaweeds 07
19/9/82 Shepton Mallet

And finally in video form: 2/2/98 Prague, a 2-DVD set I am told. All of these, every single one, come off of my wish list! It's been a long time since I've been able to clear so many off. And it will be a very long long time before they get comments on the site. But we'll see how it goes.

27 April 2006 - Well, I have a pile of goodies on the way, as follows:

3-Apr-75 There's Always Magic in the Air
10-Jun-76 SAB 08
17-Oct-86 BURP 22
20-Jun-87 BURP 24
27-Mar-80 Tony's Birthday
8-Jun-87 TM remaster of Berlin radio show
17-July-92 (Munich) radio show, DD version

These are all, with only one exception (the last show), upgrades to shows that I already have in my collection. In the non-Genesis arena, we have:

Steve Hackett, Guildford '83 show where Gabriel and Rutherford helped on the encores, or something like that.
Peter Gabriel, multiple DVDs: audience-shot shows from 1986 and 1983, and two DVDs of recent TV appearances.

I'll let you know when these start coming in...

22 April 2006 - The Boston Lamb show from the Digital Brothers is finally on my list of shows, and I have also added a pre-FM version of the radio show from 14 January 1984 in LA, which sounds quite a bit better than the patched-together version I used to have.

...in other news, it sounds as if we might (might) just get ourselves a Genesis reunion after all! Or not...

I was able to take a stroll through my site today and updated a lot of small things here and there. For one, I added some words about that possible reunion to my Mysteries page. In the FAQ on my main live recordings page, I added some words about the FLAC and APE lossless compression formats, to go along with what I already said about SHN. I updated the "Huh?" page reachable only off of my home page, just to bring some of my personal info more up to date. I fixed some of the things I say on my Links and Sources pages about the Genesis official site and FAde and I fixed an old link to The Movement. I also made a few changes to some pages based on some interesting material I found on the official site in the form of FAQs, which seem to have been constructed with the help of various very well-informed fans, and cover some of the same material I cover on my objective Lists and on one or two of my Mysteries. I was surprised to find that they listed two more non-album Genesis songs that I'd never heard of before! I have added those songs to my "Non-Album Tracks" list and to my Set Lists list.

I may have a trade in the works that will get me some nice remasters of shows I already have. More news later.

18 March 2006 - Just when you thought I'd given up...Here are a list of the shows I have:

Genesis: Solihull '72 remastered
Phil Collins: 11/12/05 Dusseldorf
Peter Gabriel: 10/8/94, 29/9/83, 5/6/04 Glasgow (this one is one of the official "Encore" releases, and as such I cannot really trade it, so I may not list it on the site)

All of these shows except the '04 Gabriel one I have in FLAC or SHN format. However even lossless compression did not save the Collins show from multiple errors in the recording. Repairs will have to be made. I have also just agreed to receive from a kindly trader a copy of a Digital Brothers remaster of a Lamb tour recording which is supposed to rival the famous Providence gig; it is from the day after (9 December '74) in Boston. Simon gives it an A--can't wait to hear it! If I can find the time, the shows listed above will go on the site this weekend. The Lamb show I won't be seeing for at least a few days.

Here are other shows which I received but do not intend to bother de-compressing and listening to: two Mike and the Mechanics gigs, one from '89 and one where they open for Phil; two Steve Hacketts, SHRP 12 and 13 I think; a Paul McCartney '05 gig in LA; and the Beach Boys SMILE sessions Volumes 1 and 2. I will list these in the appropriate places on my pages but without track info.

11 February 2006 - I have actually gotten that 3/1/77 show along with a bunch of solo stuff (Collins, Gabriel, Hackett, and Mike and the Mechanics), but I have to find time to listen to them. We'll see how long that takes.

21 January 2006 - Actual news! I am in the process of setting up a trade for the 3/1/7 soundboard show. Also I got a new Genesis badge, a thumbnail of which will go up on my compilations/misc. page.

14 January 2006 - Just to say that I have taken a walk through Simon's site and as far as I can tell I am still up to snuff with all the soundboard/radio shows around (except that 3/1/77 show, which I really would like a copy of!!), and I still have all the unhidden shows available from the band's beginning until the end of the Foxtrot tour. I have just updated my set list page after a long hiatus, due to the interesting track list revealed by that 3/1/77 soundboard. Also I have yet another Genesis badge by Peter Wood on its way to me, though why that would interest anyone else I don't know. I have been seriously considering running a contest again (it's been ages, as usual), but I'm just not sure I have the time, what with my baby girl and all. If there's anyone out there reading this who is interested in such a thing, let me know and if I get any response I'll have a contest.

8 January 2006 - Happy new year! This is just a news post to say that I have no news; but I'm still here, and I'm still willing to trade! Have actually put some feelers out on a few mailing lists, but only for two very particular shows which apparently no one had to trade with me. There are some new shows out there that I would like to get (I hear tell of a board recording from 3 January 1977!), so if anyone would like to drop me a line, that's cool.