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24 December 2004 - Happy holidays to you all! To celebrate, you can settle in and read my long passage about the greatest Genesis tribute band (and incidentally the only one I've ever heard), the Musical Box, including a detailed review of the show I recently saw where they brought The Lamb back to life! I encourage all fans who have also seen the show, be it the original or the TMB version, to read my account of the performance, and correct any mistakes I have made, and email me to add in anything you remember that I didn't about the show. Thanks!

Also just a note that I have cancelled my Geocities plan, so the old site should now be down. I hope everyone heard about my change in url! Also take a look at the top of my old news page from 2004 to see all of the great music I've been getting over the past month or so.

22 December 2004 - Just in time for the holidays, I have finally finished uploading my comments on those last few shows of 2004 (see posts of 24 and 18 November). Also this will be a final warning that before the year is out I am taking down my old site--of course, since the only way you can be reading this is if you're on my new site, you clearly don't need to be warned. But there you are.

15 December 2004 - Wow, has it been half a month already? I guess so. The holidays, you know... Anyway, all shows listed before 24 November have comments on the site, and I have listened to all the audio shows from 24 and 18 November. They still have to get comments up, but it's looking like that may not happen until next year--we'll see. I am waiting on a resend of one of the shows, which had a damaged disc, and have to watch the VCD still. Also will try to take down my old site soon, so hopefully everyone is aware of the change in domain by now. I may pop in again for a holiday greeting...

30 November 2004 - I have now received all shows listed in the 24 and 18 November posts, and all shows from 14 November except the Toronto '83 have comments up on the site. I have to do a repair job to the Toronto show but I will probably have comments on the fixed version up by tomorrow or so. As for the 24 and 18 November shows, it could be a while before I get to them...

24 November 2004 - I have received and listened to a good deal of the first bunch of shows listed on 14 November. The rest of the shows from that post now have comments up on my site. The Phil era page has split in two, hopefully with no screw-ups. And remember what I said about taking a break for the holidays (for us in America, that means Thanksgiving, then the end of year stuff)? Well, here's a new trade I set up for my "break":

10/1/77 Manchester
24/3/77 LA
25/6/77 Earls Court (VCD from this gig)
12/9/82 Stockholm
9/1/84 Vancouver
1/4/78 (the first ATTW3 show, I think)

18 November 2004 - Quick update: I've gotten nearly all of the shows mentioned in the second group of the 14 November post listed on my site now; just 14/4/76, 12/6/76, and 16/7/92 have yet to go up. When I put them up, I'll be splitting my Phil era page in two. Also I will be getting the following two shows, from my wish list:

Solihull '72 (a recently-surfaced NC tour show)
BURP 25 (18/11/72 remaster)

14 November 2004 - Here's a big recap of a lot of the things that have been going on around here for the last month:

Here're some new shows that I should be getting soon, all off of my wish list:
23/4/76 St. Louis
8/2/77 Minnesota - GRU version
9/4/78 Bloomington (SAB02)
27/5/80 "Master" recording
22/11/83 Toronto

Here are some shows I have gotten recently but have not yet put up on my site (I hope to get working on these very soon):
26/6/72: Olympia Theatre Paris
11/10/73: Southampton
20/4/74: Montreal, first day
22/11/74 Indiana
25/11/74 Cleveland
14/4/76 Cleveland
12/6/76 Hammersmith Odeon
4/17/74 Mcgraw Memorial Hall (One More Knight)
7/16/92 Wiener Pater Stadion, Vienna (radio show from the WCD tour)
Detroit '86 (Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI 20/Sept/1986)--on DVD, from an amateur video recording
Peter Gabriel: 9/12/83 Apollo Theatre, Glasgow (Muppet 02)
Peter Gabriel: 3/7/80 Sophia Gardens, Cardiff (The Watcher--a one disc soundboard show)

And here are the shows which I received recently and that do have comments up on the site:
Calling Chiddingfold Station VCD 23 september 97 - 1CD
Audience at Empire Pool 15 april 75 - 2CD
11th Earl Behind The Lines 17 january 84 - 2CD
Milan Italy Radio Show 19 may 87 - 1CD
Dortmund Radio Show 10 february 98 - 1CD
Live In Paris 23 february 98 - 2CD
Munich Radio Show 27 march 98 - 1CD
17/2/73: Sheffield - Squonk's Revival #6
7/4/76 Philadelphia (Squonk Revival #5)
9/7/76 Scotland (the audience show)
21/11/81 SAB 03
Oakland '84 (Coliseum, Oakland, CA 20/Feb/1984)

Pretty cool, huh? But all this trading has kept me rather stressed out and busy for quite a while, and I'm hoping to catch a break for the holidays...Still, if you have anything on my wish list, feel free to contact me. Also if you'd like to give me copies of any hidden Genesis recordings, feel free... :)

As an important note, I do finally intend to break at least the Phil-era section of my Live Recordings list into two separate web pages, instead of one incredibly long one that takes forever to load. Of course, the Pete-era section also takes a long time to load, but I don't feel like doing the work on that one. But look for the Phil section to be split into two parts once I start putting up the newer shows.

5 November 2004 - I'll just say a few things here so you know that I am in fact working on the site and things are happening. I have inputted comments for nearly all of the shows listed in the 16 October post, and I have now received all shows up to and including 12/6/76 listed in my 31 October post. I am listening to the new shows and will try to get them all up within the next week or so. Until we meet again...

31 October 2004 - Happy Halloween! I have listened to all shows from the 16 October post, and some day comments will end up on the site. Meanwhile I have also received the following shows:

Oakland '84 (Coliseum, Oakland, CA 20/Feb/1984)
Detroit '86 (Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI 20/Sept/1986)--on DVD, from an amateur video recording

And I will be receiving the following shows:

26/6/72: Olympia Theatre Paris
11/10/73: Southampton
20/4/74: Montreal, first day
22/11/74 Indiana
25/11/74 Cleveland
14/4/76 Cleveland
12/6/76 Hammersmith Odeon
4/17/74 Mcgraw Memorial Hall (One More Knight)
7/16/92 Wiener Pater Stadion, Vienna (radio show from the WCD tour)

Peter Gabriel
9/12/83 Apollo Theatre, Glasgow (Muppet 02)
3/7/80 Sophia Gardens, Cardiff (The Watcher--a one disc soundboard show)

So basically it's a bit busy around here lately. I will try to update the live recordings section with the new shows ASAP, but it could still be a while before the 16 October shows get up there. Now I'll just go and update my wish list...

19 October 2004 - CONTEST IS OVER!!! That was quick, right? I received over 20 entries and have to look them over carefully. It will probably be at least another day before I announce the winners. Meanwhile I have received the shows listed in the 16 October post, and will be listening to them soon.

16 October 2004 - I AM HOLDING A CONTEST!!! To enter, click the "Contest" button on the upper right part of this page (it is also on almost every other page of this site) and follow the directions there.

In other news, I have a new trade which will be completed soon, and another big one on the way. The one right now should get me the following (and also note that these shows are also fair game as prizes in the contest if you win):

1- Calling Chiddingfold Station VCD 23 september 97 - 1CD (already have this, but can't copy it--this version should work better)
2- Audience at Empire Pool 15 april 75 - 2CD (audience version of the famous radio gig--supposed to be goooood)
3- 11th Earl Behind The Lines 17 january 84 - 2CD
4- Milan Italy Radio Show 19 may 87 - 1CD
5- Dortmund Radio Show 10 february 98 - 1CD
6- Live In Paris 23 february 98 - 2CD
7- Munich Radio Show 27 march 98 - 1CD
8 - 17/2/73: Sheffield - Squonk's Revival #6
9 - 7/4/76 Philadelphia (Squonk Revival #5)
10 - 9/7/76 Scotland (the audience show)
11 - 21/11/81 SAB 03 (already have a version of this soundboard show, but this one should sound much better)

10 October 2004 - I have majorly updated my wish list (as predicted in the last post) to include a ridiculous amount of additional shows, but in particular I am interested in the Peter-era shows I have listed, especially those in the Nursery Cryme/Foxtrot era. Also probably tonight I will add the two great new Radiohead shows I got to my "Others" page in the Live Recordings section. More trades are probably on the horizon, and also I am going to try to get that contest going any day now...

8 October 2004 - Since I have a doctor's appointment today, I did not have to go into work this morning and thus had time to put up my comments for Munich and Zurich '78 and Frejus '82. Also, I have received two Radiohead shows and a remaster of the Providence '74 show (as mentioned in my 20 September post) which I will have to listen to and provide comments for. The Providence show was remastered from a source that wasn't as good as the one the Hogweed people found, so it's not going to be an improvement on that, but it will be interesting nevertheless to hear an alternate treatment.

I really do intend to hold a contest in the near future. Really. Look for my wish list to be updated before that happens, though, since I am hoping to get one or two new trade offers as a result of the contest, and want to have a nice wish list set up for them.

5 October 2004 - OK, so I didn't get to listen to all my new shows this weekend, and wasn't able to get comments for them all onto the site. However, I did just finally get comments for Waterbury '74, Wiesbaden '75, Just a Pool of Tears, and Forest Hills '82 up there. The final three (Munich and Zurich '78 and Frejus '82) will follow in a few days. I don't know what happened to my Radiohead shows...bit of a delay there. All for now, but keep watching...

30 September 2004 - Have now received all shows listed in my last post except the Radiohead and Providence in the last line. I have also gotten (for my birthday) the controversial DVD Inside Genesis 1975-1980. I have watched it and intend to post my comments on the site, probably in the "Compilations/Misc." section. I also have, but have not yet read, Paul Russell's Gensis: Play Me My Song, which promises to have lots of juicy information about early Genesis live gigs which will no doubt require me to majorly update my Set List page in the lists section. I hope to have comments on the shows I've received up on the site this weekend. As for my contest...that is yet to come.

20 September 2004 - The new Coaster Factory show is up on my site. My "Others" page has been updated with a couple of Jon Anderson shows, a Dylan show, and a Floyd show (if you are looking at that page on my new site, that is). Also in the works for me:

Waterbury 12/12/74
Wiesbaden 12/5/75
Munich 16/5/78
Zurich 4/6/78
Frejus 4/9/82
Just a Pool of Tears (Vancouver '77)
Forest Hills 23/8/82 (should finally receive a correct version of this show all from the right date)
Two Radiohead shows and an alternate remaster of the Genesis Providence '74 show

I still have to burn the discs that will complete the trades that will get me these shows. But I hope to do it soon. All the Genesis shows listed come off my wish list, except the Providence one.

14 September 2004 - I have received the new Coaster Factory show listed in the last post, though I have yet to listen to it. This post is mainly to unveil my new "Others" page, reached through the Live Shows section, which details my non-Genesis shows. It is already in need of an update, as I have listed four shows at the top of it that do not yet have details on the page, and also I am in the midst of completing a trade which will probably get me two more Radiohead shows. But I thought it was at least complete enough at this point to warrant putting it up on the site. In consequence of this new page, I have had to update several navigation features of the Live Shows section, a few sentences of my main bootleg FAQ, and my site map. Hopefully I'll get my new audio shows listened to and add comments soon. Another ambition which I may fulfill would be to add information about videos I have by other bands--we'll see if I ever get around to that.

11 September 2004 - I should receive a replacement, finally correct version of 23/8/82 and the second correct disc of 2/4/77 along with a new trade which will knock a few more items off of my ever-narrowing wish list. Details to follow in the near future. Also on the way is the new Coaster Factory show, with art made by me, which will be my new best version of the famous New York soundboard material from 1981 (the stuff that ended up on Three Sides Live). The title is: ABaCab: Wrapping Up the World in Clothes of Brass and Cellophane. Get it?!

A final note: I am getting closer and closer to being able to put up my list of non-Genesis shows, but a few more weeks with snatched hours of work between real life responsibilities will be required before I can make it live.

5 September 2004 - Well, I finally got almost all of the shows listed for 21 August reviewed on the site. The two exceptions are 23/8/82 and 2/4/77. For 2/4/77 I am waiting for the second disc; in the case of 23/8/82, I have unfortunately received a duplicate of the fake copy I already had, with the second disc from 22/8. Still, a pretty good haul nonetheless.

21 August 2004 - Back from my vacation with twenty more discs, all from my wish list! BURP 15 and PRRP SAE 01 (Albert a La Carte) both have reviews up on my site, but I have still to put up reviews of the solo shows from 25 July, and I have yet to listen to all of the following:

23/8/82 (hopefully this will improve on my current version, whose second disc is from the wrong date!)
11/4/75 Master of Rotterdam (should be better than my current version--this one is supposed to have the stories)
26/1/74 Brussels
2/4/77 Just a Pool of Tears
30/4/80 Newcastle
2/5/80 Liverpool
22/11/81 Richfield Coliseum
7/8/82 Berkeley
20/9/82 Sleeping Paranoia

I hope to get to these soon, but there are so many that it will probably be quite a while. Look for the solo shows from 25 July (PG 24/9/80 and PC 19/6/04) to go up by the end of this weekend, unless something terrible happens...

31 July 2004 - A remaster of the New York '81 soundboard material (used for Three Sides Live) is in the works and will be done soon courtesy of Coaster Factory, and I am doing the artwork. Also I will be getting the following, both remasters of stuff I already have:

BURP 15 Lyceum '80 - my own cobbled-together Another Musica is OK, but I've always known I could do better.
PRRPSAE01 Montreal '80 - There are errors on my present copy, and even though the trader I got it from promised to send me a better version, it never arrived, so I'm going for this one.

25 July 2004 - The two new soundboards have comments up on my big pages; I have also as a result updated by Best Bootlegs page. Also added to my Gabriel section is a nice remaster of the famous Rainbow theater material of 20 October '73, which is a marked improvement over my previous versions. I've also set up a new trade which will get me the following:

Hogweed 14 (Providence '74; been wanting this one for a while!)
BURP 13 (Naples '74; nice SEBTP Italian gig)
Peter Gabriel:
24/9/80 France
Phil Collins:
19/6/04 Amsterdam (just figured it would be nice to hear what Phil is up to these days)
Flaming Youth:
Ark 2 (also figured it would be nice to hear what Phil was up to in the olden days, before Genesis! I've always wanted to hear this one)

20 July 2004 - Good news! I have two new, recently released soundboard shows:

Zurich '77
Dijon '78

Also, believe it or not, I actually have started work on a new page for the site which will detail all of my non-Genesis shows (by bands such as the Police, REM, Queen, David Bowie, Radiohead, and more!). However I have no idea how long it will take me to finish it or put it up live. But it's coming...

Also also, I am hopefully about to begin work on new artwork for a new show by the Coaster Factory remastering group (I didn't --a famous Genesis show from 1981...

10 July 2004 - Just received a single show, called "Shock the Dog," which documents Pete's famous WOMAD festival performances from July 16 and 18 (including a soundcheck)--though for some reason it is missing "Rhythm of the Heat," which is a damn shame. I'll put that show up, probably today.

Now for the REALLY, REALLY BIG NEWS!!!! Turns out my favorite Genesis tribute band (and coincidentally the only one I've ever heard, ever), THE MUSICAL BOX, is finally going back to playing their famous re-creation of the fabled Lamb Lies Down on Broadway show, starting this fall and into the winter. I'll be seeing them on December 17 in Pennsylvania, but they will also be playing in Canada and Europe from October into December (according to their web site, which is here). I have seen their re-creation of the Selling England and Foxtrot tours; both blew me away. I've been waiting for years to see their Lamb show: this one promises to be incredible. I advise all fans who are geographically close enough to go see one of these shows.

25 June 2004 - I guess this is what now counts as "soon." It's been twenty days, but I have finally finished listening to the following shows and am about ready to put them on the site:

27 and 28 March 1976 - Kitchener and Buffalo ("soundboard" shows recorded with a backstage microphone, from very early in the Trick tour--recently unhidden shows!)
The River of Constant Change - a 2-disc tribute album by various European bands including no one you've ever heard of unless you live in Italy, Sweden or France and really like contemporary prog rock. Still, it's not terrible. This show is listed on Amazon.com, but it seems to be rather hard to get a hold of in the States, which is why I accepted a copy from a trader. You can read my review of this show by looking at the entry for it on Amazon.com; I will probably write a slightly different and even longer one for my web site.

I may also be getting some other recently "unhidden" soundboard shows from a kindly source; time will tell.

5 June 2004 - Well, I am finally moved and I have finally gotten comments for the three shows listed in the last post up on my site. Also, trading is back on. I already have some offers that I am dealing with, so more news on those soon...

13 May 2004 - Hello; I bet you didn't expect to hear from me, did you? It is with shame that I write this news post, for I must sheepishly admit that, contrary to my own commandment about not trading right now, I did end up trading with someone--from Japan no less!--and have now received the following shows, which I may be able to get up on my site before I move (we'll just see about that...):

"When They Show It," 14 September 1982 Sweden (title is according to the trader; can't confirm that, but the venue and date are correct)
BURP 16 Invisible Garden 30 September 1986 (been wanting this one for a while: a badly needed remaster of the soundboard recording--though my version appears to be missing the encore; I guess I can strip it in from my other version)
Budokan, 14 March 1987 (should be a pretty good audience gig from Japan)

I seem to have successfully proven that I'm fairly hooked on trading, though I certainly did turn some offers down over the last week or so--or at least delayed them. I definitely am going to move soon, though, so for the moment trading is still technically--officially--off. Really. Unless you have something I really want...

2 May 2004 - It's May, and my move from my apartment to my house will hopefully be accomplished within three weeks from now. This self-imposed lull in my trading has allowed me to do a lot of much-needed updates to my site. In fact, over the past couple of weeks I have updated nearly every page on the site, editing information, correcting spelling errors, and generally trying to improve layout and organization. There's a nice FAQ off of the main page, a site map, a live recording FAQ that deals with a lot of issues that come up in trading and burning discs, I've updated my contest page to be a little more accurate with the opening information (though when I will next run an actual contest is anyone's guess), I've slightly updated some info on the goodies page, I've done a lot of little changes to the lists section--some changes in layout and some additions and corrections of information, I've checked all the links on my Links page for correctness and changed some that were broken, I've cleaned up the layout in my bios pages and added one or two jokes in there, and I have finally, finally done some layout updates to my short list page so that it can actually be viewed correctly in most browsers without having to decrease the type size display. I may even take some time to wander through the huge pages in the live recordings section and correct information in there--I have no doubt there are a lot of spelling errors and possibly some information that could be updated for accuracy. Hopefully, as I keep saying, I will have time soon to work out some track lists for my non-Genesis bootlegs in preparation for adding a page to the site that details those shows. We'll see...

21 April 2004 - Yo. I have received, watched, and put up my comments for the Archive special DVD. My new FAQ for the Live Recordings main page is now installed. I have also been going through the site and updating and slightly reworking some things about the other pages; I will probably continue this in little dribs and drabs during the time building up to my move into my new house. I'd love to be able to add a section of all my non-Genesis bootleg recordings, but it remains to be seen whether I'll ever have enough free time to devote to that project.

13 April 2004 - Hey there, just a few quick notes. Genesis at the Astrodome, the second show of the WCD tour, now has comments written on my Phil era page. The Genesis VH1 special DVD has finally gone in the mail and is heading my way. I have reworked the introductory page of my site (the question mark button on the main page links to it) by changing it to an FAQ format and I have built and added a site map which you can reach from that page. I am also in the process of building an FAQ for the Live Recordings section which will cover a lot of my opinions and knowledge about bootlegs, trading, and collecting in general. Like all the written sections of this site, it's turning out to be much larger and more work-intensive than I'd originally planned for. But it's my own fault. Once I get that finished it will go live on the site, and then I'll have comments for the DVD mentioned earlier, and then I'll probably be on a break from the site and from trading for a while. All for now...

9 April 2004 - I'd better repeat my news from 3 April a little bit: First, the big news: as of now, for the immediate future I will accept no new trades. Trading is off!! I apologize for this, but I think it's necessary. It looks like I will be moving into a house by the middle of May, so I have to do a lot of things and it will be next to impossible for me to keep up with trading in a timely manner while those things are happening. I have traded with multiple people who have been in the midst of moves, and none of those trades have been satisfactory to me (mostly because it took the people months to complete the trades--which is understandable, but not ideal if you're impatient like I am), so not trading at this time seems the most considerate thing to do. Perhaps by the end of May I will be settled enough that I'll feel comfortable getting back into the fray. We'll see.

Now, let's deal with the stuff that has happened on the site: now up on my pages are comments for the following shows:

Phil Collins: Manchester '94
Peter Gabriel: Roxy '77 (called "Slowburn")

Genesis shows:
Rotterdam '75
(I received a resend of Glasgow '80 (alternate) which caused me to slightly update my entry for that show)
Montreal 19/6/80 (also added to my best bootlegs page, though my copy has some unfortunate skips on it)
Cologne 16/10/81
Brussels 22/10/81
Wembley 19/12/81
Cleveland '92 (this show is not traded and I and the person who recorded it may be the only ones with copies of this recording)
Helsinki 5/4/98

Also added to my "Compilations/Misc." section is a CD of Genesis and Genesis-related instrumental adaptations from a fellow trader, put together using a keyboard and, I think, a guitar. Interesting stuff!

Also, I have received Genesis at the Astrodome, 9/5/92--I have to listen to it and then I'll get it up on the site. Waiting on the DVD of the VH1 special on the first Archive set (as mentioned in my post of 3 April).

If I have time, I do have the intention of reworking some of my initial informational pages on here so that they are easier to read and more understandable--perhaps in an FAQ format, trite as that is--because recently it has become apparent that people are having difficulty finding information on my site. I have had numerous emails asking me questions that are answered in multiple places on my site--I can only assume that those places are difficult to find and/or understand.

In a final supplemental note, I just got my copy of Tony Banks' classical album Seven. It's good! I recommend it.

3 April 2004 - First, the big news: as of now, for the immediate future I will accept no new trades. Trading is off!! I apologize for this, but I think it's necessary. It looks like I will be moving into a house by the middle of May, so I have to do a lot of things and it will be next to impossible for me to keep up with trading in a timely manner while those things are happening. I have traded with multiple people who have been in the midst of moves, and none of those trades have been satisfactory to me (mostly because it took the people months to complete the trades--which is understandable, but not ideal if you're impatient like I am), so not trading at this time seems the most considerate thing to do. Perhaps by the end of May I will be settled enough that I'll feel comfortable getting back into the fray. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I am still dealing with the trades I have done up to this point. Yesterday I received Rotterdam '75, the show listed in my last news post, and today I received the Peter Gabriel show listed there. I have still not put up comments on the seven new shows I have as listed in my posts of 13 and 11 March, and I need to listen to Rotterdam and Gabriel show before I can put up comments on those. I have set up two final trades which will get me the following:

VH1's special on the making of the Archive box set (the first one), on DVD
Genesis at the Astrodome, 9 May 1992 (with "Mama" and "Dreaming While You Sleep," this is the second show of the WCD tour)

I hope to be able to put up my comments on the shows I have listened to this weekend, but my weekend is looking pretty full right now, and I have to burn some CDs and copy a VHS tape. We'll see what I'm able to accomplish...

23 March 2004 - I have received all shows mentioned in the last two posts; in fact, I'm almost done listening to all of them. However, I have a pile of burning to do in the near future, as well as real life concerns, which will probably keep me from updating the web site for quite some time. Here are two other Genesis-related shows coming to me in the near future:

Genesis: Rotterdam '75 (from my wish list)
Peter Gabriel: Roxy '77 (from his first tour)

13 March 2004 - OK, the DVDs are up now, with lengthy comments as usual. I also managed to slightly better organize my short list and the video page by making individual links to each entry, as well as giving users the ability to skip down to the video entries on the short list page without having to scroll through all the audio shows. No new shows have arrived, but the shows listed in the post of 11 March are on their way, and I have got some burning and video dubbing to do for people, which should keep me busy this weekend. And by the way, the two additional shows I mentioned fleetingly in the last post are these:

Genesis - Cleveland '92: recorded by the trader, a full show featuring "Dreaming While You Sleep" and the memorable event of Mike slipping on the steps while doing the "walk."

Phil - Manchester '94: a soundboard show which was considered for official release

11 March 2004 - Shamefully, I still have not finished watching the DVDs I've received (I'm getting there right now, though). They will go up in the near future, possibly this weekend. Meanwhile I should soon be getting the following audio shows, all from the wish list:

Brussels 22/10/81
Wembley 19/12/81
Montreal 19/6/80 (soundboard show, should be good)
Helsinki 5/4/98 (from toward the very end of the CAS show)
Cologne 16/10/81 (this one will come later than the others)

I'll also have some other couple of shows to put up here soon: I should be getting a '92 show and a Phil show from '94. Details will follow when the trade is certain.

In Genesis news, Tony has released his classical album, Phil has announced USA tour dates for his "last" tour, and there is renewed talk on the forum of a possible release of Genesis archival material. We'll see what happens!

1 March 2004 - All new shows are up on the site. I have now also received my pile of DVDs, which have the following clips on them:

Tony Stratton-Smith Presents: Genesis in Concert (30-31/10/73)
Bataclan Club (10/1/73)
Lyceum, 7/5/80 (from pro footage, one camera trained on Tony through the whole show except half of "Ripples"--this is new stuff for me)
Melody (1/74; two songs performed for a French or Belgian TV show, I already have this and many of the other clips here in other form, but it's nice to have them on DVD as well)
Civic Center, Santa Monica CA (21 or 22/3/74; amateur-shot footage with sound of a classic SEBTP gig--this is new footage for me)
Genesis in Concert (1976; yes, that old footage, but now on DVD)
Seconds Out Promo (1977, this should be a much better version than the one I currently have on VCD)
Belgium Pop TV (1972; the old White Room footage, on DVD)
Various TV appearances which I already have on DVD, but these copies should be free of a speed dropping error on the previous versions; also, as a yet further bonus, the video to "Carpet Crawlers '99"

This is a wealth of material which will doubtless take me a while to process. I may be able to add a couple of other audio shows to my waiting-for list soon, in addition to all this stuff. There's also another guy I thought I was going to trade with, but he went on vacation about a month ago and I haven't heard from him since. We'll see if he ever gets back to me, because he was supposed to be trading me some recently leaked hidden stuff...

21 February 2004 - A belated update. I have now received the following shows, most of which I gave no advance warning for, and the first of which at least will hopefully be up on the site very very soon:

Birmingham 22/12/81 (yes, this really seems to be the authentic version this time)
PEORIA 1/8/82 (first gig of the 3SL tour)
DEESIDE 22/9/82
DETROIT 18/9/86 (first gig of the IT tour)
CARDIFF 5/3/98 (apparently a memorable CAS gig, in good quality)
STOCKHOLM 3/4/98 (a one-disc radio show from this tour)

I also received resends of both MSG '83 and The Invisibles in Paris, which may or may not have fewer errors than my original copies (I will check them eventually and find out for sure).

Additionally, another new trade with a well-known trader of my acquaintance should get me some more nice DVD material, including some improved versions of footage I already have. I may put up some details about that in the near future.

8 February 2004 - No new trade info yet, but I would like to mention that while I was looking over my Phil era page I noticed a few typos that I have now corrected. Also I have done a very belated update to my musical sources list on the Sources page (a subsection of the Lists section), adding in a lot of the traders I've worked with in the past few months. I was hoping I might have some time to look into my non-Genesis shows this weekend, but it's beginning to look like that won't happen. Eventually though I hope to get a new page up on the site where I list them. For now, I'll just keep talking about it in these news posts. Meanwhile, I think I might go and do something I should have done a long time ago: see if I can add my name to the list of good traders on the Citizens of Hope and Glory list.

6 February 2004 - All recent shows I received are finally up (see post of 24 January for a complete list--dates are all corect except 22/12/81, which was actually 21/12/81). Soon I think I may finally receive the real, actual recording of 22/12/81. Also at least one other trade coming up which will get me some exciting, recently released soundboard shows. I may receive improved replacements for one or two of the error-ridden shows from my last trade, but chances are not good that improved versions are at hand. The non-Genesis bootleg catalogue page idea has been postponed for the time being. More news when I have it...

4 February 2004 - Most of the recent shows I've received are up. I'm holding off on the last three a) because I'm very tired and b) because they have some audio problems and it's remotely possible that I may get replacements for some or all of them. I may be doing some new trades in the near future which should get me some good stuff; more info when they have been more finalized.

29 January 2004 - I have received these three shows:

12/2/77, 23/2/77, 16/2/84

I am listening to all my new shows very slowly, but I will get them up eventually. What can I say, life is busy. BURPs 17 and 18 and the Glasgow '80 show are up. I also updated my best bootlegs page (as promised). I have also purchased the Invisisble Touch tour DVD and will be putting that up on the site in the appropriate place, when I get the chance.

Bad news: the show that was supposed to be 22/12/81 is most likely 21/12/81, which I already have. I still haven't gotten a chance to check it, but from what I know about it without having listened to it, it's probably fake. This is doubly frustrating to me, since the first copy of 21/12 I got was also with the understanding that it was 22/12! But what can you do; shows get misdated, and then bad information gets spread around. It's an unfortunate by-product of the trading business (if you can call it a "business"). I've thus far listened to 18/5/75 (fair, pretty sub-par show, valuable only for its date), 29/6/76 (not a bad Trick show, full with the encore), 21/2/73 (not as much struggling and scuffling as I expected on the soundtrack!), and 20/6/80 (a very interesting disc, which I'm glad to have). It's good to know that even though this site has been running for over two years and I've been collecting this music for longer than that, I am still excited at the prospect of listening to new shows. It's fun.

24 January 2004 - More new shows have been received, and the last bunch I received are not yet up on the site!! Here's what I just got:

18/5/75 san sebastian
29/6/76 Hamburg
4/10/78 atlanta
10/11/83 milwaukee
18/11/83 MSG
2/6/87 invisibles in paris
21/2/73 Caught by the Watcher (I think this is the only Foxtrot show I did not yet have--it's only a partial version of Watcher, as the taper supposedly got caught! this is a bonus disc and I'm glad to have it)
20/6/80 Montreal (another bonus, a very incomplete show which is supposedly a bad quality soundboard; Dodgers Stadium '87 soundcheck is tacked onto the single disc as well)

I just made a new trade which should get me the following in the near future:

2/12/77 Masonic Auditorium, Detroit (Steve's birthday; I already have a version of this, but want to hear an alternate version to check the authenticity of my first one)
2/23/77 MSG, NYC
2/16/84 Reno

Those are all from my wish list. Also I promise that ASAP I will be putting up those last three shows that I got a week ago and which are mentioned in the previous post:

Glasgow '80 complete, upgrade

I have over the last few months amassed quite a few non-Genesis shows that I think I should probably catalogue on this site as well, so it's possible a new page will be going up in the future--though with all this new Genesis music to deal with, I don't know how far in the future that will be. Also, because of BURP 18 my Best Bootlegs page will change. Later...

17 January 2004 - Today I received the following in the mail:

Glasgow '80 complete, upgrade
BURP 17 (a remaster of the fairly famous but annoyingly short Rainbow Theatre radio broadcast of 2/1/77)
BURP 18 (a very neat remaster of a previously unleaked hidden soundboard show!! from Genesis' infamous Brazil leg of their '77 tour)

Also here's the details on my next big trade; it will hopefully net me:

18/5/75 san sebastian (this is probably the last extant recorded show from the Lamb tour)
29/6/76 Hamburg
4/10/78 atlanta
22/12/81 (featuring Phil on the old trumpet)
10/11/83 milwaukee
18/11/83 MSG
2/6/87 invisibles in paris (a sort of fake radio show, from what I understand)

Quite a few of these come from my wish list, so if it turns out they're all genuine, it should be cool. Also may be getting some bonus material from the same source, which is awfully nice of him. Updates will come once I've got updates to make.

BTW, in the general Genesis world, it seems that Mark Bataitis may have been converted over to the opinion that it makes sense to release his heretofore "hidden" material to the public in remastered installments (hence BURP 18 mentioned above, though someone else kind of forced Mark's hand in that case). He has created a new mailing list group for the purpose of distributing these products. Hopefully some new and interesting stuff will come to light for us, the blue collar collectors. :)

6 January 2004 - Hey there, a new Mystery is up on the Mysteries page. It's a very long one and has various sections to it. It's really not all that mysterious but I think it deals with some interesting facets of Genesis history. Also in the near future I hope to receive an upgrade copy of Glasgow '80: it's a low-generation copy that is now circulating and that has the encores in more consistent and better quality than the version I currently have. Also a big new trade is on the horizon which will hopefully tick a few more entries off the old wish list--more on that when I have more definite info.

2 January 2004 - Happy New Year! Another year at the Pet Shop. Hard to believe. I have some interesting news about a couple of the new shows I received from the last posting:

- Greek Theatre LA 6 August 1982. In my last post I intimated that this might not be an accurate venue/date. I was correct. The right venue/date is Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia Maryland, 19 August 1982. Simon on The Movement speaks of a 6 August show that has been misdated as 19 August--mine is the other way around. Perhaps somebody read his information and second-guessed themselves--he makes it sound like it's a very clever fake. However I've listened closely to Phil's intros and he speaks multiple times about Maryland and Washington DC without any hints of a splice before or after the intros.

- Paris '75, 20 May 75. I was hoping this date wasn't fake, trusting to Halley. But, like the last time I trusted to Halley in this kind of debate, I have again proved Halley wrong. This can't be from 20 May because it exactly matches a show I already have from 15 May. However it seems to be a better version of that show, so I don't have so much to complain about.

Meanwhile, the Birmingham '84 tapes have been transferred to CD and sound great. In fact, as of this post, reviews of all the new shows are up on the site. I have also made tiny edits and updates to various pages, including the best bootlegs list, the objective list page, the set list page, and I've even added a new objective list (called the "mystery list"). Also, check back soon as I plan to add a new mystery to my "Mysteries" page in the very near future.