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26 December 2003 - For those of you who celebrate it, Merry Christmas! Also Happy Hannukah and Happy Kwanzaa (which, according to my Dilbert calendar, begins today) and Happy Boxing Day. Up on the site are Atlanta '80 and Savoy '81 (Abacab to the Savoy). I have just received these shows, as promised:

- Greek Theatre LA 6 August 1982 (this may or may not be a genuine show--the track times do not match other collectors' versions, and one of the songs is put in the wrong place)
- Copenhagen '82, 13 Sept 82
- Copenhagen '75, 21 Feb 75
- Paris '75, 20 May 75 (Simon does not believe this show exists, but these discs match track times of a show Halley believes is from this date)
- Birmingham NEC, 27 Feb 84 (soundcheck and show from this date (probably), from two tapes--I have to transfer them to CD)

All of these shows are from my wish list. What with the new year coming and other concerns, it could be a bit before these new shows appear on the site, but I will try to get them up ASAP.

16 December 2003 (updated 17 December) - In addition to the shows listed below, I should also receive the following:

- Copenhagen '82, 13/9/82 (from my wish list)
- Paris '75, 20/5/75 (I have already been warned that this is a fake, so I'm not expecting much here. I believe a real version does exist, though....)

Additionally in the mail I have just received:

- Savoy 28/11/81

15 December 2003 - Greetings once again. While I've been away from the site, the Genesis official site has updated itself a tad. Simon Funnell has also been busy--his site is now organized in a different fashion, making use of a database feature which seems to display much more information but does it (in my opinion) in a slightly more complicated and less obvious fashion. Still, change is good. Meanwhile, I have also been busy, with a couple of new trades--and have even already received a new show. Here is a detail of what I should be receiving soon--the first one on the list is the one I got in the mail today:

- Fox Theater, Atlanta 1/6/80 (from my wish list)
- Genesis at the Savoy (or Abacab to the Savoy?) 28/11/81 (a very good audience show from one of the dates used on the 3SL album--one of the more famous shows from this tour, which until now I had ignored)
- Copenhagen, 21/2/75 (a Lamb show from my wish list; should have two encores)
- Greek Theatre LA, 6/8/82 (a pretty good audience show from quite early in the encore tour)
- Birmingham NEC, 27/2/84 (this one is on two cassettes--it may or may not feature an actual live gig, but definitely includes a soundcheck from this date which is supposed to have the only known recording from outside of the studio of the band playing "Just a Job to Do"--it's only a tiny clip, but I believe it is genuine)

It's remotely possible that there will be a few new shows on the horizon, perhaps in the new year. As for these, I will probably need some time to listen to and catalogue them, but they'll go up as soon as I get the chance.

24 November 2003 - The Holiday shopping season is almost upon us once more. Merry Shopping to you all! And with this in mind (presumably), the Genesis site has once again gotten a facelift. When www.genesis-music.com started, the talk was all about content instead of looks, and how this version of the site would last longer than all of the other versions; but now the pendulum appears to be swinging back the other way. Now that the band have a big product to sell in the form of the Invisible Touch Tour DVD (which, by the way, still does not seem to be on sale--and even if it were, it would probably only be available in the British video format and region encoding), they have put up a fancy looking main page on which none of the links work. Bravo! (One can't help but ask: if none of your links work, why go live with your web page??)

Meanwhile, on my little site...The Highland Uptown Theater show is now up. It is a vast improvement over my old version, as it turns out. I also changed a few little things on various pages to reflect the fact that I have this show and that the official Genesis web site has changed. Most likely this is the biggest chunk of news and updates that you'll see on here until next year. If that be so, Happy New Year to you all! And please don't mind my bitterness... ;)

20 November 2003 - Good news, bad news. Good news is that I received Master of Chicago today. Bad news is the Coaster Factory show is scrapped for the time being. More news on that when I get it. Meanwhile, look for Master of Chicago to go up on the site, probably within the week.

16 November 2003 - Thanks to the unflagging generosity of Dave Kempler, I have received the new Coaster Factory release of the famous Marquee Club '82 gig. I will also soon be receiving the Highland version of the famous Uptown Theater gig (Master of Chicago) which also features an interview with Phil done after the show. This may be an improvement on my current version, which is my own rearranging of a badly ordered boot dubbed Live in the USA. There will be another posting here once these new shows go up on the site.

5 November 2003 - I've been very lax, I know, but the new shows are now all up on the site. They were all what they said they were, and apart from a couple of small errors, sound great. I've also slightly changed some info on my "Best Bootlegs" page, mainly in reference to the Katowice '98 show.

19 October 2003 - New trade! Here's what I get:

2 May 1974 Massey Hall ("Moonlit Queen", a Highland show)
1 December 1983 Hartford Connecticut
13 May 1987 Madrid (a very short and probably sub-par radio show from IT tour)
2 August 1992 Knebworth (the I4Detail version of one of the more famous radio shows from the WCD tour)
31 January 1998 Katowice Poland (I already have a version of this one, but this version should be more complete and may possibly sound better)

18 October 2003 - Now that my new shows are up, I have discovered some little disappointments about them. The Lamb show as it turns out is probably authentic, but the '77 and '82 shows are strange. The second disc of the '82 show is definitely not from the date it claims to be, and the '77 show has a skipping problem and may or may not be what it says it is (I need to compare against another version to be sure). Still, more music is more music, and at least half of the shows are not bad at all.

If I had a more generous disposition I would be holding one of my contests soon--I haven't had one in over a year, probably. We'll see if I can work up the energy for such a thing.

15 October 2003 - The discs have arrived, I've listened to them, and I just have to put them up on the site. Nothing much to say besides that!

4 October 2003 - In my last post I spoke of a possible new trade. As it turns out, the person who had contacted me did not speak good English, subsequently forgot they had even emailed me, and then I found out that they seem to be considered a bad trader by the Citizens of Hope and Glory (a web site that keeps track of good/bad traders in the Genesis community). However, by coincidence I was contacted by another, far more reliable trader, and have set up a nice little trade which will take a few shows off of my still considerable wish list:

16 October 1981 Cologne Germany - Soundcheck
23 August 1982 Forest Hills NY
12 February 1977 Detroit - Steve's Birthday
17 March 1975 Versailles (date questionable--I'll have more info when I have recieved the show. Definitely a Lamb show, but its track times are odd)

I'll probably put up a new post when I've gotten these guys.

22 September 2003 - Believe it or not, I have an update, new news. I just got a bunch of official tour programs in a trade and I'm pretty excited about them, plus I'm home sick from work (on my birthday, no less), so I took advantage of the free time to get them up on the site (slightly re-organizing my memorabilia section in the process). You'll find them at the bottom of the Compilations/Miscellaneous subsection of the Live Shows section. It's also remotely possible that I may be getting some new audio shows in the near future--either way I'll let you know. As stated in the last post, I've pretty much dropped out of the trading scene, but it seems silly to decline direct requests (as long as I'm not really busy with other things at the time).

1 September 2003 - Wow, has it been a long time since I've updated this page! This is because I have just had no leisure time to spare on the site. It of course has also meant that trading has been down to nil for quite a while. I have done some minor updates to various pages to try to keep up-to-date with the Genesis world. By the time this page goes up I will also have added onto my solo section of shows the Peter Gabriel Reading '79 show I received a few weeks back. It is a bit sad to be out of the trading business--and also currently out of the Coaster Factory group, since I don't feel I have time to build inserts for their releases any longer--but I do feel that my collection of shows is quite nice. Regardless of the large number of shows remaining on my wish list, I'm fairly satisfied with what I have. I will still of course consider any offers of trades which are presented to me. Let me recap the new shows that I've received in the past month or so:

Peter Gabriel shows:
stonybrook, 28/10/78
genoa, 29/9/80
on the air, netherlands, 3/7/83
Reading Festival '79, 26/8/79
Genesis shows:
Philadelphia Spectrum, 3/8/77
Kalamazoo, Wing's Stadium 4/4/78
18 Nov '72 Imperial College (PGWeed 5 remaster)
29 Oct '72 Odeon, Lewisham (early Foxtrot show)
26 Feb 75 Cambrai (gooood lamb show)
3 April 75 Frankfurt
12 April 75 Belgium (v. rare knife encore)
30 April 75 Bristol
BURP 6 (Felt Forum '73)
The Summerfest July 19, 1978 Complete
The Lamb Lies Down on Albert (28 June '80 in NJ)
Pine Knob '82
One Ticket Limit (complete version, 25/5/80)
4 June 1977 Stockholm (from 1st gen source)
8 Nov 1983 Ames (second Mama show, with early Mar medley)
17 Dec 1972 (FAKE--actually low quality bits from Leicester '73 soundboard)

7 August 2003 - Small update: all of the Peter-era Genesis shows I got at the end of July are now up on the site, including the Philharmonic gig, which turned out to actually be a fake (as was already known by Simon--I doubted him!). Hopefully the Phil-era boots will go up soon, then the Peter Gabriels. I have put a stop to further trades at the moment--I have a new job and it is overwhelming my time. It seems like I'm always whining about having no free time unless I'm unemployed, and then I whine about having too much. There's no pleasing me! More later...

2 August 2003 - Hello! I now have all of the bootlegs listed in the posts of 21 July and 19 July. I have yet to put any of them up on my site, nor have I listened to all of them yet. My time is largely taken up by other concerns--I wish it were not this way. However I hope to find an opportunity to put up all of this information soon. My collection has quickly become much larger and I am getting to a point where I don't feel the need to increase its size. We'll see what happens. Watch the site in the coming weeks for the new entries. I will also update my "best bootlegs" list to accomodate some of these new acquisitions.

There is one tape of various stuff from solo members that I was supposed to receive but seems to have been lost in the mail. Right now I'm not missing it too much. I happen to have gotten a disc of PG b-sides that I'm much more interested in. I have also received the Encore Series recording of Pete's Camden, New Jersey gig of 21 June 2003--a show I was at. As I consider this to be an official release, I will not put it up on my site and do not intend to trade it. I draw a line at official releases. It's a flimsy one, but it's there.

I haven't put up a news post for so long that I seem to be rambling. See you in the boots section...

21 July 2003 - Arrived are all of the discs listed in the post of 19 July from Imperial College to Ames '83. It will be a while before they all go up. I have rearranged some of my Phil Collins boots and a Steve Hackett retrospective will be going up soon. Here are some discs I'll be getting in some other new trades:

Philadelphia Spectrum, 3/8/77
Kalamazoo, Wing's Stadium 4/4/78
Peter Gabriel shows:
stonybrook, 28/10/78
genoa, 29/9/80
on the air, netherlands, 3/7/83
various b-sides

19 July 2003 - OK, here we go. Update. The following things are heading at me as I write this:

18 Nov '72 Imperial College (PGWeed 5 remaster)
29 Oct '72 Odeon, Lewisham (early Foxtrot show)
26 Feb 75 Cambrai
3 April 75 Frankfurt
12 April 75 Belgium (v. rare knife encore)
30 April 75 Bristol
BURP 6 (Felt Forum '73)
The Summerfest July 19, 1978 Complete
The Lamb Lies Down on Albert (28 June '80 in NJ)
Pine Knob '82
One Ticket Limit (complete version, 25/5/80)
4 June 1977 Stockholm (from 1st gen source)
8 Nov 1983 Ames (second Mama show, with early Mar medley)
17 Dec 1972 (eventually--disc has not yet arrived at trader's house!)

Also arriving--a tape with various Peter Gabriel and other solo member material. Possibly a trade for several PG boots is also in the works. I'm going to be a busy little bootlegger for a little while. I will probably transfer that Steve Hackett tape I have soon as well.

16 July 2003 - The new CF shows are up, plus a couple of new PG shows (Cleveland '77 and P.O.V.) that resulted from a tape I just received. I also have a Steve Hackett Retrospective tape which will have to go up eventually (contrary to my belief of 11 July, it is not three hours of Hackett, but 90 minutes). I'm going to wait on announcing what shows I'll be getting in that 20 disc trade I mentioned before until the package has been sent. I will be getting another tape of various solo member rarities in the near future. I will also be getting this:

17 Dec 1972 Philharmonic Hall NY

Eventually... It's possible that the Phil Collins boot I got called "Milton Keynes 1990" is just the official live CD Serious Hits Live with the wrong name on it. I need to get my hands on the actual official release so I can compare--I'll be able to do this soon. There are two PG songs on the Kiss of Live CD I have up on my solo page that are currently incomplete but which I will be receiving complete copies of soon.

11 July 2003 - OK, the tapes are finally up (in CD form, of course). They took quite a while because there was a lot of rearranging work to do, in addition to all the hours of research I had to do to try and figure out the correct dates for them (some of which I still haven't figured out). I also still am waiting on some resends, because some of the songs I got were incomplete due to the tape running out. Soon I will be receiving another Gabriel show and a whole heck of a lot of Steve Hackett material on tapes from the same source. Though I will transfer the Gabriel, I may not bother with the Hackett--it could be the only boot I have that I'll leave on tape. I'm lazy because I've been told it will be 3 hours of music (!!), and it is mainly just a very varied collection of Steve from studio stuff to ease my curiosity on that score. Another part of my laziness is due to the fact that I will in the near future be receiving 20 discs in a huge trade which will wipe out a lot of the stuff I most want on my wish list. More news on that later. Meanwhile, I have received the two new Coaster Factory shows in the mail:

Greensboro, North Carolina 1983 (Genesis)
Dallas, Texas 2003 (Peter Gabriel)

They'll be going up as soon as I have listened to them and have time. More soon...

5 July 2003 - I have been very, very lazy about those tapes I got--I haven't transferred a single one yet. I'm feeling more and more guilty about it; eventually I will break down and get to work on them. Meanwhile, the Greensboro '83 artwork is ready and the show will probably be released soon. I have also been working on another CF show's art, which will be the 11 June '03 PG show at Dallas. I also received the video I talked about on my 23 June posting, and it will probably be up on the site when you read this. My video page is getting very long and is aching for some better links to individual entries--but I am so lazy lately that this may not happen for a while.

1 July 2003 - Bit of a break from the news lately. The video described below will be a bit longer. A few days ago I got quite a few tapes, not of any actual Genesis, but of some solo projects. Pete, Phil, Brand X, maybe some Steve. It's going to be a lot of work for me to sort through and transfer it all. I'm going to take my time with it, so it may be a while before you see anything on the site.

Other things: 19 July '78 Milwaukee is definitely on hold---perhaps indefinitely. I'm feeling less and less positive about it, and it wasn't really a show I was desperate to get in the first place....The next Coaster Factory release will most likely be Greensboro North Carolina, 11 December 1983. Perhaps in another week it will be ready to release. The art is pretty much completed and I may put it up soon. It's also possible that CF may put out a nice remaster of a PG tour show from this year...shhh...

23 June 2003 - Right. Recently received "Acting Very Strange," Mike's second solo album, along with a nice long interview with Mike. I will probably put this up on my solo page. Also set up a trade which will get me a video with the following on it:

Peter Gabriel on The South Bank Show -- broadcast in October 1982 in the UK, a documentary on the making of his fourth album. sounds interesting.
Genesis live in Tokyo, Japan, 3/Dec/1978 -- apparently a TV broadcast with a few numbers from this gig, the very last one of the '78 tour. definitely should be interesting, as I've never heard of its existence until now...
Three Dates With Genesis -- possibly an edited version of this somewhat famous documentary on the band from '78, including some short bits of Genesis as the Knebworth Festival of that year.

22 June 2003 - Just a quick note to say that I'm fairly sure that several of the dates given in my previous post for Phil gigs are incorrect--the person I'm getting these tapes from has lots of material to send me, but does not seem to have had access to reliable gig guides. Also to say that Gabriel was awesome last night, and the new stuff I got on the 20th is now up on the site.

20 June 2003 - The Budapest '98 and Gabriel/Hackett videos are up on the site, along with the audio CD soundtrack to the Gabriel footage, which I put in my solo boot section. Today I received the following:

Test Pressing '73
BURP 8 (22/8/72 Genoa, with "Seven Stones")
Seconds Out promo VCD (I hadn't mentioned this one much before because I thought it was going to be a bad disc; and in fact it does seem to have some problems...)

Eventually I will get Milwaukee July 19 1978, though it could be a month from now for all I know. I also have a trade coming which will get me a lot of audio tapes that I will have to transfer to CD. Among what is on them will be the following:

Game Without Words (outtakes from Pete's third album, I think)
Live at the Bottom Line (a good quality Pete recording in NY, 1978)
Phil Collins, live at Perkins Paradise: 15/8/84
Don't Make Waves, 23/9/79 Brand X with Phil on vocals
Phil live at Milton Keynes, 28/1/90

And there may be a few other bonus tracks on there as well. I will also be receiving a CD copy of Mike Rutherford's second solo album, "Acting Very Strange," with a nice long interview with Mike tacked on the end. I suppose I can put this up in my solo section--it is technically an official release, but the album (until the official Genesis site decides to get off its ass and re-release it) is out of print, and the interview is almost definitely hard to obtain material. That's all for now...

I see Peter Gabriel in concert tomorrow night!

18 June 2003 - Got the Budapest '98 and Gabriel/Hackett videos today. They'll go up on the site soon. All for now...

16 June 2003 - OK, just to re-cap, here's what I've put up on the site recently:

- Quebec 3/3/73 - with the two songs missing from my first version!
- Liverpool 23-10-73 - an interesting show due to technical difficulties
- Academy of Music 06-05-74 - last SEBTP show
- Southampton 16-04-75 - an OK lamb show
- Japan 02-12-78 - interesting show because of improvs by the band (due once again to technical difficulties)
- Cleveland 11-06-80 - has Phil's 5 second Supper's Ready, plus a cherry bomb lit in the audience!
- Home at last 25-02-84 - a very nice audience from near the end of the tour; apparently the Mar medley was restarted.
- Nervous restart 28-01-98 - good '98 show from early early in tour, with Hold on My Heart
- Zenith 13-03-98 - good audience recording
- Germany 30-05-98 - penultimate Genesis gig

Mostly great stuff. I also updated some of my more important pages (best bootlegs, set list page, some other lists) in light of these new shows and my ever-increasing knowledge of gigs, etc. Here's what I hope to be getting soon:

- BURP 8 (Genoa 22 August '72; have this one, but this version should sound better)
- Test Pressing (again, I already have a version of this one as "Some of You Are Going to Die," but this should be an upgrade)
- Budapest 28 January 1998 (rehearsal gig, on VHS, amateur video)
- Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett (separate footage, on VHS, pro shot and amateur shot respectively)
- Milwaukee 19 July 1978 (eventually--waiting on clean copy to reach trader I'm trading with, which may take another week at least)

Given my recent activities, things have actually slowed down...I do have another trade in the works which may get me some Peter Gabriel stuff. I'll wait until the trade is finalized before posting that kind of info on here, though.

12 June 2003 - Well, I'm slowly listening to all those new discs. Still waiting on the ones I said I was waiting for last time. In addition, a new trade will get me the following:

BURP 8 (Genoa 22 August '72; have this one, but this version should sound better)
Test Pressing (again, I already have a version of this one as "Some of You Are Going to Die," but this should be an upgrade)

Also, to qualify, it seems the Steve Hackett VHS I mentioned previously will be amateur footage, not professionally shot.

6 June 2003 - I have received in the past few days and will hopefully be putting up on the site very soon the following shows:

18 December 1973 (Roxy, possibly radio)
16 June 1980 (Box encore)
2 December 1981 (Like It or Not)
26 November 1983 (Captured Live radio broadcast)
11 June 1987 (Rotterdam, w/annoying drunken audience and encore stopped by band)
WCD rehearsals (w/Way of the World)
23 October 1992 (w/Carpet Crawlers)

Today I got the following:

- Quebec 3/3/73 - with the two songs missing on my first version!
- Liverpool 23-10-73 - an interesting show due to technical difficulties
- Academy of Music 06-05-74 - last SEBTP show
- Southampton 16-04-75 - hopefully an OK lamb show
- Japan 03-12-78 - interesting show because of improvs by the band (due once again to technical difficulties)
- Cleveland 11-06-80 - has Phil's 5 second Supper's Ready, plus a cherry bomb lit in the audience!
- Home at last 25-02-84 - should be a nice audience from near the end of the tour; apparently the Mar medley was restarted.
- Nervous restart 28-01-98 - good '98 show from early early in tour, with Hold on My Heart
- Zenith 14-03-98
- Germany 30-05-98 - penultimate Genesis gig.

I will get the following:

- Milwaukee 19 July 1978 (eventually)
- Budapest 28 January 1998 (rehearsal gig, on VHS, amateur video)
- Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett (separate footage, on VHS, pro shot I think)

3 June 2003 - Yesterday I received the following in the mail:

16 June 1980
2 December 1981
26 November 1983

In a week or so I will hopefully have the other 12 (twelve!!) shows I am waiting for. Meanwhile I have to get to work on my half of the trades for most of those...Hopefully soon I will have time to listen to and put up the six new shows I have now.

1 June 2003 - Boy howdy, have I got some news for you. New and huge trades are in the works. First let's detail what I just received in the mail:

- WCD rehearsal boot - a recent release which features a very very rare playing of "Way of the World"
- 23 October 1992 - Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, the only gig of the WCD tour with Carpet Crawlers.
- 11 June 1987 - Rotterdam, Holland

Now what I'm waiting for, with a couple of new huge trades added on:

- 16 June 1980 - Spectrum show with rare Box encore
- 2 December 1981 - I'm particularly slim on Abacab tour shows, plus this one is one of only four with "Like It or Not;" I'm excited...
- 26 November 1983 - The other FM material from this tour, usually called "Captured Live in Philadelphia"
- Roxy '73 AM radio (18/12/73) - I thought I was getting this, then I wasn't, and now I am again. Ha!
- 19 July '78 Milwaukee Summerfest - to arrive at a later date...
- Quebec 3/3/73 - with the two songs missing on my first version!
- Liverpool 23-10-73 - from my wish list (as all of the following shows are), an interesting show due to technical difficulties
- Academy of Music 06-05-74 - last SEBTP show
- Southampton 16-04-75 - hopefully an OK lamb show
- Japan 03-12-78 - interesting show because of improvs by the band (due once again to technical difficulties)
- Cleveland 11-06-80 - has Phil's 5 second Supper's Ready, plus a cherry bomb lit in the audience!
- Home at last 25-02-84 - should be a nice audience from near the end of the tour; apparently the Mar medley was restarted.
- Nervous restart 28-01-98 - good '98 show from early early in tour, with Hold on My Heart
- Zenith 14-03-98
- Germany 30-05-98 - penultimate Genesis gig.

Wow, eh? Lots of discs headed my way. I have to go and update my wish list... :)

27 May 2003 - I'm back! And already I have two new trades, which should get me the following (many of which come from my wish list):

- 16 June 1980 - Spectrum show with rare Box encore
- 2 December 1981 - I'm particularly slim on Abacab tour shows, plus this one is one of only four with "Like It or Not;" I'm excited...
- 26 November 1983 - The other FM material from this tour, usually called "Captured Live in Philadelphia"
- WCD rehearsal boot - I seem to be venturing into the WCD tour these days; this one is particularly interesting, a recent release which features a very very rare playing of "Way of the World"
- 23 October 1992 - Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, the only gig of the WCD tour with Carpet Crawlers. Already have CC from this show, but...
- 11 June 1987 - Rotterdam, Holland, supposed to be a good quality audience show with the unique feature that the band leave before finishing the encore due to rowdy fans.

I have also just received a single CD with a DJ review of a '74 Lamb tour show, plus a Gabriel cover of "Strawberry Fields;" I may tack it onto my Miscellaneous page. Also will some day receive this one:

19 July 1978 Milwaukee Summerfest

22 May 2003 - Over the past few days, I've gotten and put up the following shows:

Kennington Oval (complete)
Green's Playhouse '73, 16 Feb 73 (transferred from tape)
Apollo Theatre '73, 9 Oct 73 (transferred from tape)
Kiel '77, 6 Feb 77 soundboard
Layer of Gold, 24 Feb 77
One For the Show, 28 Aug 78 Vienna
In-A-Gadda-Da-V'Albert, 29 Jun 80 (Coaster Factory)
BURP 11, 16 Nov 92 Albert Hall
RVCD 04 In Concert 76 VCD
Lyceum '80 6 May 80 VCD
Katowice '98 VCD

I could go back further, but that's a pretty good re-cap. I am currently waiting on the following:

19 July 1978 Milwaukee Summerfest

Which could be a while because the trader is waiting on a pauseless copy before sending on to me. This weekend I'm going off to Baltimore on vacation and will be off the Genesis for a while (it will be a nice rest, believe me!). Nothing much going on right now, now that I've gotten all these shows out of the way. I may work up some new trades if I can after I get back. More news when I have it. Later!

19 May 2003 - You know, it used to be I'd update my news page once a week, or once every other week. Now it's like, every day. However; today I received:

Kiel Opera House, 6/2/77 soundboard
Katowice VCD

I have now received everything I was waiting for. I have no other pending trades. I just have to finish dealing with all of these new shows. I have to weed BURP 11 (after I listen to it, which I haven't even begun to do yet), mail out copies of RVCD04, transfer a tape, and put all the new stuff up on my site. And I won't have any time this weekend to work on any of it because I'm going off to Baltimore on vacation. I'll probably stay up late and do some feverish work though.

18 May 2003 - I'll have to scratch the Roxy show from my waiting for list; turns out the trader's copy was a fake. Instead, pending confirmation, I will probably get the following:

19/7/78 Milwaukee (non-Highland, better version)

I transferred my first tape. I have to do weeds and stuff. Very busy just now (I always think I'm busy). Try to get as much done as I can asap.

17 May 2003 - Now up on the site: MSG '80 Coaster Factory (along with artwork), Layer of Gold, Kennington Oval (complete), and the 5/6/80 VCD. In the mail yesterday and today I received:

Vienna '78
RVCD04, Genesis: In Concert '76

I have yet to transfer the Glasgow '73 tapes, one show from the Foxtrot tour and one from the Selling England. That is one of the things I'll be doing pretty soon. I have to weed the BURP discs once I listen to them. Here's a recap of what else I'm waiting for:

Kiel Opera House, 6/2/77 soundboard
Roxy '73, 18/12/73
Katowice VCD

15 May 2003 - I picked up a couple of weeds yesterday which I will be receiving some time soon:

Kiel Opera House, 6/2/77: a soundboard. I have the incomplete Highland version, Water and Wrecking, but this version is 2 discs and has more songs. Hopefully the mix is better on it also.
BURP 11: a '92 radio show from near the end of the tour--my second show from this tour.
RVCD 04: the in Concert show from '76; already have it on VCD, but mine doesn't actually work in my DVD player, so hopefully this will be an upgrade.

Art for MSG '80 is nearing completion. I still have a lot of work to do on my other new shows before they'll be ready to go up on the site...

12 May 2003 - I now have everything listed on the 8 May post. I have to listen to/view them, transfer some of them to disc, and perhaps re-track at least one. I also have to work on MSG '80's artwork. I also have some new trades which will in all likelihood get me the following:

Roxy 18/12/73 - from my wish list.
Vienna '78 - with Ballad of Big and Lamb/Box encore, supposed to be a good quality audience recording.
Katowice '98 VCD - not as complete as the audio only version, but still it will be nice to see more of the CAS tour.

More when I have it...

9 May 2003 - The new shows are almost all up. I have to do some additional fixes to Budapest '98, then the full comments will go up. I also just received MSG '80. Some new trades may be on the horizon which will hopefully shorten my wish list by a small amount.

8 May 2003 - After a rather major gaffe on my part, Empire Pooled's artwork is up and Hogweed 12 is weeded. I still have to fix a couple of discs before putting up my new shows, but hopefully by this weekend the site will be updated. Here's an update on what I'm waiting for:

5/6/80 2-VCD set
Layer of Gold - Boston '77
Glasgow '73 Foxtrot - tape transfer
Glasgow '73 SEBTP - tape transfer
MSG '80 (new Coaster Factory remaster, "In a Gadda da v'Albert")
Kennington Oval (complete; should be upgrade to my version, which is w/o the intros)

5 May 2003 - I got Hogweed 12 today! It's SHN, so I'll have to convert to audio and listen to it before weeding on. I've also learned that it's possible that the FAde organization will only have two more releases before folding up. Time will tell...I'm about to make a large series of updates across the "Lists" section of my site, as well as put up the artwork for Empire Pooled.

4 May 2003 - I've gotten the following:

Emperor and Empress, 3/3/74
Budapest '98, 29/1/98
Strictly Mechanic, 12/2/98
Essen '81 (resend, sounds better)

I will also be getting the following:

7/3/71, HW12
5/6/80, 2 VCDs (have this video on VHS, but I like VCDs)
Layer of Gold, supposed to be a good '77 show
Glasgow '73 (a Foxtrot show that I already have, this will be a cassette which may have a more complete version of "Supper" on it)
Glasgow '73 (a SEBTP show I don't have, also on cassette--I will of course transfer both)

Almost done artwork for Empire Pooled. Then I have MSG '80 to do artwork for. I also have to burn quite a few discs for people. I'll get to it...I just updated some various bits of information on my set lists page.

29 April 2003 - Some small updates. No go on the "Ripples" alternate version that I was talking about earlier. It faded out earlier than the album version, but we decided it wasn't worth a send. I will now be getting HOGWEED 12, which is the famous La Ferme show in Belgium on 7 March 1971, remastered. I've been waiting for this one for a long time, looking forward to it eagerly. The Gabriel show has pauses, which I'll have to fix before I put it on the site. I should be receiving the resend of Essen '81 I've been waiting for soon--my original copy clipped the ends of the tracks. The next Coaster Factory show will be a remaster of the MSG '80 audience show--a good one. Not sure when it will get released though, because I'm behind on the artwork!

28 April 2003 - All new shows are up, but I just got some other new stuff:

Calling Chiddingfold Station (VCD of CAS tour band rehearsing, plus footage of the grounds and inside of The Farm recording studio)
Peter Gabriel 23/6/87

A new trade will get me the following in the near future:

Emperor and Empress (Tower Theatre, Philly, 3/Mar/74), a Highland boot from the SEBTP tour
Budapest '98 (Sportshalle, Budapest, Hungary, 29/Jan/1998) an early, early CAS show with some rare numbers
Strictly Mechanic (Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany, 12/Feb/1998) (hitches between tracks, but this is supposed to be one of the better CAS shows)

I have another potential trade in the works which may net me another VCD and another audio show. Meanwhile, I'm also still waiting on the alternate version of "Ripples" which someone told me they would send me. No word on that one for some time. We'll see if anything comes of it.

23 April 2003 - I'm a bit busy lately. In addition to the previous post's shows, I've just received the "Los Endos" from Hammersmith '76 radio show and the "In That Quiet Earth/Afterglow" from Rainbow '77. I have to reburn some of my shows and weed another one, plus these two new songs I want to burn onto discs with the other tracks from the corresponding broadcasts, so I've got some work to do before the website gets updated totally. Yesterday I did a lot of little updates to various pages, spelling corrections and information corrections mostly. May set up a new trade in the near future as well.

22 April 2003 - Got some shows:

28/4/80 Glasgow (has horrible pauses--will remove)
26/6/87 Hampden Park
1/3/98 Glasgow
Vienna '98 - VCD; already watched it, interesting
29/9/82 Hammersmith Odeon (must weed, once I listen to it)

Also I'm done the art for the 16 April '74 Ford Auditorium Coaster Factory remaster, which will be called Jerusalem Boogie in Motor City and which should be released to the masses soon. As usual, the new shows will be going up on the site as soon as I find time to listen to them and update my pages. I'll also be getting a VCD of the band rehearsing for the CAS tour, plus a rare Gabriel solo show.

14 April 2003 - It seems I will be getting a re-send of the 6/10/81 show in the near future, which should have the full tracks instead of slightly clipped ones. In addition, various trades and such will get me the following:

11/6/76 Hammersmith Odeon - I already have a radio show from here, but will be getting the song "Los Endos," the only song from the broadcast I did not have
2/1/77 Rainbow - again, a radio show I already had, but will be getting "In That Quiet Earth/Afterglow," the only number from the broadcast I did not have
An alternate version of the song "Ripples," from some old single or other--should be interesting. I may tack it onto one of my old compilation discs.
28/4/80 Glasgow Apollo - a good Duke show made better by the addition of the encore numbers--IKWIL and The Knife--not usually seen on versions of this boot
26/6/87 Hampden Park - supposedly a first gen (make that second gen for me) of the whole show
1/3/98 Glasgow - mine will be second gen of whole show, I hope
Vienna '98 - a TV broadcast of a full show from this tour, on 2 VCDs! Will be my first real glimpse of the CAS tour set-up, so should be a treat
29/9/82 Hammersmith Odeon - from near the end of the tour, should be a good show--I'll weed this one, my first weed in a loooooong time

I have various edits to do to my long Phil-era boot page, as well as my compilation/misc page (to which I plan to add a promo disc from the tribute band Musical Box which I've actually had a copy of for a long time, plus a new tribute CD I just picked up called Genesis For 2 Grand Pianos). I've also got artwork that I've really got to work on when I can find the time. Orpheum '76 show is out there and I've got a copy. I also have what was technically the first Coaster Factory remaster, but may now be re-released in an even better form: the Ford Auditorium gig of 16 April 1974.

BTW, I saw The Musical Box in Philly on the 12th and they were awesome. They tore the place to shreds, as it were.

8 April 2003 - My new shows are up (in fact, they've been up for a few days). Art for the Orpheum '76 show is done and up, and that show will probably be getting weeded by Dave Kempler soon (though I'm being very delinquent on that score). My next art project will be for the Coaster Factory remaster of Dance Right on Through the Night, which will be given a new title. I also hope to eventually create artwork for Empire Pooled and weed it out. I am slowly progressing on the best bootlegs list, which is far too long and will only get longer. It's up to '81 now. I haven't heard anything about my '81 show unfortunately (6/10/81 Essen Gemany)--it may remain flawed for some time to come. I may get some interesting new shows in the near future; waiting on an email to complete a trade. Can I take a break? I don't know. I'll be seeing The Musical Box for the second time this weekend--I am psyched.

2 April 2003 - In addition to the two shows mentioned in the previous post, I also now have a dehissed Empire Pooled (15 April 1975) and the new Coaster Factory release of Orpheum Theatre, Boston, 10 April 1976. Unfortunately the '81 show is flawed by chopped tracks--hopefully i'll be getting an improved version in the near future. Regardless the boots will be going up on the site--when i get a chance. I'm working on artwork and my best bootlegs list in between going to work, sleeping, eating and trying to relax. Will need a vacation from all of this stuff soon...

30 March 2003 - Received 6/10/81 and a bonus show, Saratoga Springs NY '78. I'll get them up when I can. Also received my resends of the two dud discs from my huge shipment of below--they sound great. I have updated my wish list a lot and changed some other things. I'm also hard at work on a "best Genesis bootlegs" list which will hopefully go up in the near future.

27 March 2003 - At long last, all my new shows are up and running. Also various little things on other pages have been updated, mostly due to the fact that David Dunnington's fabulous radio guide has been updated for 2003 with some new and interesting facts and corrections. I intend to put up a new and much more detailed wish list in the near future (I guess I'm not stopping on the trading, huh?), as well as add a new list to my lists page detailing my own picks for best bootlegs from each tour (although, being the maniac that I am, I couldn't pick just one from each...but you'll see). Here, for your consideration, is a consolidated, chronological list of all the new bootlegs I've finally put up on the site:

4/10/72 - The Real Aberdeen
11/10/72 - St. George's Hall, Bradford
19/1/72 - Palasport, Italy (pgweeds 3)
12/2/73 - Guildhall, Plymouth
16/2/73 - Green's Playhouse, Glasgow
26/8/73 - Reading Festival
19/9/73 - Olympia Theatre, Paris (first show of SEBTP tour)
6/12/74 - The Lamb Lives in NYC (early Lamb gig)
3/7/76 - Los Endos "Bills"
20/1/77 - In Our Own Special Way (Coaster Factory remaster of Southampton soundboard gig)
17/3/80 - Paignton (1st Duke show)
22/3/80 - Back in Aylesbury (Coaster Factory remaster of Friars Club gig)
26/8/82 - BURP2 (remaster of Saratoga Springs soundboard gig)
29/1/84 - That Nice Electrical System (a great quality Mama audience show which, for some reason, I never got)
24/9/86 - Spectrum, Philly (early IT show)
13/3/87 - The Sky We Fly
31/5/87 - Giants Stadium, NJ
20/6/87 - The Invisible Cage (German radio show)

Two of these shows (pgweeds 3 and Paignton) I'll be getting resends of due to skips (in fact pgweeds was cracked, so not a burner error there). Also I have a trade for one (mercifully, only one!) new show:

6/10/81 - Germany (should have the Supper's Ready in 5 seconds skit!)
I also may get the first Coaster Factory remaster, an improvement upon Dance Right on Through the Night (probably soon to be retitled "Jerusalem Boogie, and given artwork by me, if I can find the time...)

Also more Coaster Factory releases are in the works from the industrious David Kempler--long may he reign... ;)

21 March 2003 - I have now received Burp 2 and the Coaster Factory remaster of 22 March 1980 (called "Back in Aylesbury"). I am buried under a pile of new music, and I may also get those three at the top of my waiting list from 12 March as well this weekend. You'll have to be patient with me, but I do hope to make some progress towards getting them up on the site this weekend.

18 March 2003 - I have received all of the shows listed from 12 March except the first three. I have also received the Southampton remaster. I'll be slowly listening to all of these things and I'll get them up on the site when I can. I already know I'm going to need at least one show re-sent from this batch because of a burning error, but hopefully there will be a minimum of those.

Also, the next Coast Factory release will be the Duke tour show of 22 March 1980 at the Friars Club in Aylesbury. I'm working on the art and I'll be getting the show soon (I already have a copy of it, but it could stand a remastering anyway). More news when I have it...

15 March 2003 - Some more news: I will in fact be getting BURP2. Also the Coaster Factory has decided to release their remaster of the Southampton show, so I will now be hosting the artwork for that (and sending it on to Simon Funnell). I will also of course get a copy of that show in its final form. More artwork for more Coaster Factory remasters is pending.

12 March 2003 - Hello there! Boy, have I got news for you guys. I received the Watford re-send--to my ears, it was not an improvement, so I'm just going to have to live with what I've got. Still nice to have this version. I'm also not so sure about getting BURP2 anymore. However, look what's coming to papa in the near future:

Los Endos "Bills" (3/7/76) - a Germany show from very late in the tour
The Sky We Fly (13/3/87) - Tokyo--has some gaps, but I'll take them out
Invisible Cage (20/6/87) - in Germany (radio show)
4/10/72 - The Real Aberdeen
11/10/72 - St. George's Hall, Bradford
19/1/72 - Palasport, Italy (pgweeds 3)
12/2/73 - Guildhall, Plymouth
16/2/73 - Green's Playhouse, Glasgow
26/8/73 - Reading Festival
19/9/73 - Olympia Theatre, Paris (first show of SEBTP tour)
6/12/74 - The Lamb Lives in NYC (early Lamb gig)
17/3/80 - Paignton (1st Duke show)
29/1/84 - That Nice Electrical System (a great quality Mama audience show which, for some reason, I never got)
24/9/86 - Spectrum, Philly (early IT show)
31/5/87 - Giants Stadium, NJ (as of right now, Simon Funnell doesn't seem to have this show. I don't know what that means...)

Yes, that's right, I'm really going to get all these shows (or so I sincerely hope). This will pretty much complete my Foxtrot gig collection, and it also fills in a couple of holes that I'm glad to be filling. Probably my last big trade for a long while. I can tell you it's going to take a long time for all these suckers to go up on the site, but I'll try to get them there ASAP once they arrive. I've done quite a few little updates to the site--mostly corrections of data or spelling. I also put the Watford re-send up on my pages.

7 March 2003 - It's been a while since I had an update, but I do finally have things to say. I finally got those DVDs up on the site. I should be updating my longer pages fairly soon to make my info consistent, and I should be receiving the following in the near future:

Watford Town Hall (a re-send, which will hopefully not have some static problems I noticed in the first version I was sent)
Burp 2 (Saratoga Springs '82 soundboard remaster; possibly I'll get this)
Los Endos "Bills" (3/7/76) - a Germany show from late in the tour
The Sky We Fly (13/3/87) - Tokyo
Invisible Cage (20/6/87) - in Germany (radio show)

I sure hope HW12 comes out soon as well--it should be a better-sounding version of their earliest audience-recorded gig, 7 March 1971, which celebrates its 32nd anniversary today! Still waiting to see if the Coaster Factory version of Southampton '77 is a go or not.

22 February 2003 - Finally I have been able to update my web page, and have put up the three new Foxtrot shows I received, as well as my little thumbnail of the art for FAde 4 (which is now available). I've also done a few other little updates to my Gabriel era boots page. In addition, new information received from a helpful fellow fan has allowed me to add some good stuff to my early set lists area as well as my band line-up and non-album track lists. I have some good early, early set lists now. Tomorrow I'll be picking up my mail, and unless something is quite wrong I should definitely have the following shows to deal with and put up on the site:

Watford Town Hall (possible upgrade)
DVDs (lots of '80s stuff)
Hornet Field remaster (from lower gen tapes than my existing show, should sound much better--I'll be re-tracking this a tad, then weeding it out and of course updating my artwork for it)

Also should get BURP 2 one of these days. There may be a hold-up on the Southampton remaster, as another group has already done it and the Coaster Factory needs to listen to their work and see whether another version is really needed. Really that's all that's going on. It may sound like a lot, but I have no new trades on the horizon at the moment, so business has slowed down. Watch for updates of the stuff I mentioned above on my pages.

16 February 2003 - Waiting on the arrival of Southampton '77 remaster, Hornet Field remaster, 4 DVDs with interviews and IT tour video, and also possibly the following:

BURP 2 - a remaster of Saratoga Springs '82 which should sound better than what I already have
Watford Town Hall - a version of the famous NC tour show from June of '72 which may sound better than my other versions.

Still haven't put up the new shows. I'm a busy man these days. FAde 4 artwork still not out. I will be updating some show artwork soon. I'm making art for the Southampton '77 remaster, I'm updating Goodbye USA artwork a tad, I have small changes to do to my existing Hornet Field artwork for the remaster, and I have been asked to make some artwork for the PG Rotterdam '77 show. I think that about covers it...My three new shows from '73 will at least go up on my short list today, if not on the longer page (which I still have been unable to edit).

8 February 2003 - OK, Saratoga and HW11 and FAde 4 (sans artwork for the time being, because for some reason it's not up on anyone's sites yet for download) are up on the site, as is the new PG '02 show I got on 2 February (I had neglected to upload that show, as I just realized today). And, contrary to what I thought, I was able to pick up my packages this weekend, and have now received:

PG 17/11/02 (both versions! already took a cursory listen to one, and it sounds way better than it did when I was there at the show listening to it!)
The three shows listed from '73 in the last post

I've also received some bootlegs by other bands, which have no place on this website. Still to come are the remasters of Southampton, Hornet Field, and the 4 DVDs mentioned earlier. That is all...I'll try to get the new shows up as soon as possible, but it's going to definitely be hard on the '73 Foxtrot gigs, because my long 70-75 section page of bootlegs has decided to become uneditable in my web design program!! No fear, I will surmount this obstacle somehow or other.

7 February 2003 - To my shame, I have STILL not gotten a chance to add Saratoga '82 and Hogweed 11 to my lists, but should be doing so very very soon. I have also received FAde 4, so that's going to go up as well. I will now be getting two different versions of the PG 17/11/02 show, neither of them from who I thought I'd get it from. Also, due to FAde 4 trades, I should also be getting these shows:

--Live In Paris Date: May 7, 1973 - With French Announcer Am Radio
--Live at the Rainbow Theatre Date: February 9, 1973 Venue: Rainbow Theatre London (already have this one, but this will hopefully be upgrade)
--City Hall Sheffield Date: February 17, 1973 Venue: City Hall Sheffield England

This is in addition to the following shows, mentioned in my last posting: Southampton '77 and Hornet Field '92 remasters, and the 4 DVD set including lots of interview clips from the '80s and the IT tour video. No new packages this weekend (aside from the FAde show, of course), but probably I will see quite a few new shows next week.

2 February 2003 - Got some new stuff:

Goodbye USA disc one re-send
Saratoga Springs '82
Hogweed 11
PG Paris '02 radio show

Gonna get:

FAde 004
PG NJ 17/11/02 (from a diff source, missing first song--may also get it from the original source as well...some day...)
There will also be remasters of Southampton '77 (the first one I got was not the best remaster) and Hornet Field coming up.
And finally, a nice DVD trade: I'm getting the IT Tour video transferred to DVD, plus 3 other DVDs (!!) worth of interview and other clips of Genesis.

25 January 2003 - OK, lots of stuff on the burner here. This is what I have received this weekend:

Hornet Field '92 (a rare, low-gen show, complete and sounds great--I should be weeding this one very soon)
German Melody of 1975
Southampton '77 remaster (no gaps)
Rotterdam '77 re-send (should fix problem my original copy had on the last track)
MSG '80 disc one re-send (this was a great show, but had some digital errors on the first disc. The trader has very graciously found a flawless disc one and has mailed it to me!)
Peter Gabriel, 19/11/02: Growing Up in Cleveland (a bonus show I wasn't expecting, from the recorder himself--nice!)

Waiting for the following:

- Hogweed 11 - Birmingham Hippodrome, May 1975 (from the night before (or after!!) FAde 001, supposedly a previously unknown recording)
- Peter Gabriel 17/11/02 (no new news on this one...grrr....)
- Saratoga Springs '82
- Goodbye USA disc one remaster (the same as the copy I already have, but should fix a small problem of pops on the fade-off at the end)

Also, as a final note, FAde 004 is coming out very soon--I have just been contacted about the possibility of being a "Super-Branch"! So I should get SHN discs from the people themselves. FAde 004 is the famous Montreal '74 radio show, plus the opening act and an interview with Pete.

19 January 2003 - Hello, all. I have updated one or two small things on my website: My rating for Wot Gorilla Lilith? has been upped (I decided it was not quite a "Poor" recording); one of my musical sources' web sites no longer seems to work, so I have removed the link to it on my Sources page; and I have slightly changed the artwork for the Goodbye USA show so that the credits on the inside of the front insert reflect more realistically who did what. This particular show has just been started on a weed by the person who gave it to me--he will be sending me a remaster which should sound slightly better than the copy I have now, and when I get it I will reweed that copy on genesis-trades. I am also waiting for:

Hornet Field '92 (which I'm told is in the mail, heading my way!!)
Peter Gabriel 17/11/02 (could still be a while on this one, as it still needs to be transferred to disc)
Saratoga Springs '82 (NOT the recent remaster, but hopefully still an ok version)
German Melody of 1975 (a German Lamb show from early April of '75--has some cuts, but...)
Southampton '77 (a remaster of my own version which removed the gaps in the recording)

It's possible that one or two other trades may develop in the near future, but I'm not holding my breath. It is so very hard to stop trading...

12 January 2003 - Yesterday I finally picked up my mail. I have received a replacement disc for my upgraded Roxy '73 (first night) show, so I'll soon be slightly updating the entry for that show on my list. I also received:

Hogweed 01

Which I'll be listening to soon and putting up on the lists. STILL waiting on word of

Hornet Field '92
Peter Gabriel 17/11/02

And I may (or very well may not) end up trading for or just receiving BURP release number 2, Saratoga Springs '82, which should be a nicely remastered soundboard show from the 3SL tour with some other junk added on the end. You'll notice that the music flow has been severely dampened of late--I am definitely keeping new trades to a minimum. I'm sick of collecting re-masters of shows I already have--the only one of those I'm really interested in is the upcoming Hogweed release which will hopefully improve on Twilight Francehouse. If things really slow down, after I re-track this Hornet Field show and finish my artwork for it, I may hold another contest on the site. We'll see.

5 January 2003 - Happy New Year! A new year, and an updated web site. I have now added a solo section to my bootleg pages, a solo bootleg insert to my Goodies page, and I've updated my short list and my main bootleg pages considerably. The short list now lists my videos as well, and I have reorganized them a bit to reflect a slightly more chronological set-up. The short list now has links to all of my more detailed entries on the full bootleg pages. Also the full pages now mark off the different tours within the text, instead of just going from one to the next without mentioning anything. I also updated a few other small things here and there, to keep my pages up to date with what's going on. Unfortunately I will not be getting any packages this weekend, but perhaps by next weekend I will have received one or more of the following:

Hornet Field '92
Hogweed 01

I have also started a trade which will hopefully net me Peter Gabriel 17/11/02, the very Pete show that I was at. As a result of this trade I may also have two or three other trades in the works. We'll see. People are not checking their email right now, so my trades are all kind of stuck in limbo for the time being, but I'm sure something will come of them eventually. This is somewhat annoying to me, as I was really trying to get away from new trades, but what can I do when people ask me for a trade? I can't turn them down!