What, what? You thought you'd get through a whole website without seeing one of these links pages? Think again, buster. Here are various Genesis-related links. Unfortunately since I originally developed this list around 2002-2003 a few of these sites (where noted) have gone belly-up--this page is a good history lesson on the Genesis fan web-presence! However I do still have the more important big-time sites (that still work!) here.

The Official Site
- Ever since the early twenty-first century, the site has been periodically re-inventing itself whenever a new release from the band comes along. In 2007 UltraStar Entertainment took the reins in helping to promote the Turn It on Again Tour, and much of the old content was dumped. At least the url is still the same! The site used to have an excellent History section with a well-researched gig guide and Genesis timeline, a discography with release dates and chart information, a good listing of links, a lively discussion forum that I was once wont to visit from time to time, a tour of the now mostly-defunct and sold "Farm" studio, an interview with former members from 2001, and two stores for selling the catalogue of Genesis and related releases and all kinds of Genesis-related merchandise (shirts, mugs, mousepads, bags, coasters, and more). The store is still there, and it is possible that much of the content from old sites will eventually be contained on the new site.

There were plans in the works at one time to go through the many old Genesis soundboard tapes with the idea of releasing some kind of archive series, possibly through the site. These plans have been pushed very much to the background by more important developments, but they are still in the back of Tony Banks' mind.

The Movement
- THE site for Genesis--better than the official one. Simon Funnell's live database is an amazing, almost-comprehensive list, with a fantastic interface, accurate track lists and venue/date information, and an excellent search function. Simon keeps up on all Genesis-related news, including solo members, cover bands, and remastering projects. He hosts a discussion forum and torrent site where registered users can upload and download shows. He has the biggest archive of bootleg artwork around. He hosts David Dunnington's incredibly well-researched radio show guide. This site is a must-link for all Genesis fans.

Meek's Genesis Cafe - Meek (AKA Mike Carzo) is a great fan who does weekly internet radio broadcasts of rare material. Also runs his own Genesis forum and is very in-the-know with the latest remasters/recordings.

The Discography
- "The scattered pages of a book by the sea..." By Scott McMahan. A major fan work, this PDF file was meant to be a Genesis Bible (literally, given its writer's Christian viewpoint!). The fact that it has not been updated since the early '90s somewhat lessens its significance, but it is still a fairly good resource for the older stuff. Details and compiles information on the following: discography (naturally), tour dates, set lists, instrument lists, bootleg list (so old it's barely worth looking at!), solo careers, an annotated explanation of The Lamb, descriptions of all obscure Genesis references, single lists, band bios, trivia, history, and more, more, more! This file weighs in at nearly 500 pages. If you're a fan, it's worth a look. It's not perfect--there are typos and inaccuracies--but it is an achievement.

genesis-trades - a mailing list group on Yahoo! This is a great place to pick up weeds (free boots that you are obligated to burn for others when you receive them) and generally be aware of new boot releases. You can set up lots of trades through this list because people are always posting messages with requests for particular shows, and list files are posted on the site itself. My short list of boots is posted up on there, though I don't update it nearly as often as I do the version on my site.

The Genesis WebRing
- I'm a member of this; a nice resource for finding various Genesis fan sites, and some more official stuff. Has over 200 entries! Rather a lot to wade through if you're just browsing casually, but still it's good to know that it's there if you need it...

The Path
- used to be a big, meaty site with lots of news, info, links, and a small collection of nice mp3s. Unfortunately, it has gone poof! This link now shuttles you automatically over to the Genesis Museum, so presumably the webmaster of that site has subsumed whatever the Path may have had left of itself under his site.

The Genesis Museum
- an incredible collection of Genesis artifacts are to be found here, including tour ads, ticket stubs, posters, magazine articles, tour booklets, press kits, patches, buttons, and rare or strange vinyl. Deals mainly with the Pete era, but there is also some stuff going all the way up to the Duke tour. Definitely worth a visit.

World of Genesis
- This is a huge site with lots of info on the band. Its news section is updated very regularly and is always up-to-date. Plenty of links to official sites and to places where you can buy the albums/merchandise.

Halley's Genesis List - this is a fan's boot list site. It's very long and well organized, with good details about sound quality and version differences. Halley is an accurate researcher. I use the site as an information resource, to double check my own bootleg information and get another source for gig dates and track lists and times.

Willem and Rosilda Homepage - Halley's associate (by which I mean friend), Willem Beens also has an impressive list site. It's organized in a very similar format to Halley's, and the information generally matches, but they don't have the same exact collection. Willem is still an active trader and still a great guy--he basically started me on my collection with a lot of freebies. One of the best Genesis fans out there.

Vision of Angel
- looking for a vinyl single's original release date? This is the place to go. An extensive catalogue of Genesis on vinyl. Not exactly a frequently-updated site, but it still works and is a nice additional resource.

The A-Z of Genesis Songs - this used to be a great resource. Compiled and maintained by Martin Dean, it was incredibly well researched and included every single possible Genesis song title ever, with details on each. A great place to find out when and where songs were recorded, how they charted, when they were played live, who wrote the music, who wrote the lyrics, how many other bands covered them and when, and even (where applicable) some bootlegs in which they appeared. I used it extensively in developing the Lists section. However the link no longer works and a cursory search on the web could not turn up a new location for it. This is a sad loss for Genesis researchers.

The FAde Project
- As far as I know, though this site still works and is a good resource for information about their releases, FAde itself is now no longer active. The site has a long list of possible future releases but as far as I know they stopped cold at number 4. FAde stands for "Fan Approved definitive editions." This (non-profit) group was dedicated to providing really high quality Genesis bootlegs from the Gabriel/Early Collins eras. FAde had a complex weeding distribution system for geometrically spreading their recordings which seems to have gone out of favor with the rise of ftp and torrent sites.

Hogweeds Project - this project was very similar to FAde, except that Hogweeds focused only on Gabriel-era stuff, distributed itself slightly differently, and released recordings more frequently--until they got to number 14, and seemingly stopped. Their recordings remain hard to beat and are still traded regularly. Hogweed shows are always excellent and frequently definitive. Unfortunately their web site (the link above) no longer seems to function--consult the Movement for a detailed list of their releases, or see my list (I have them all).

FAde and Hogweed were the first internet-based attempts at compiling the best possible versions of audience/radio/soundboard Genesis recordings and distributing them. They were the inspirers and precursors for the multitude of remastering groups operating today (some I can think of offhand: PRRP, BURP, I4Detail, SAB, TM Productions, PGWeed). I recommend joining a group like genesis-trades if you are interested in gaining access to remastered recordings of this kind.

BTW: Another remastering project which is really very nice is The Coaster Factory. They have no actual web site devoted to the work, but the releases are detailed nicely on Simon's The Movement (and here). I have made the artwork for the great majority of CF releases.

The Genesis Resource - not finding the page you want on my list? This site has a huge database of links, categorized and alphabetized. It has very irritating pop-up ads, though, so beware.

Is all of this still not enough for you?? Then check out this. If nothing else, it should start a good argument over whether they are really selling what it looks like they're selling.

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