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18-24 May 2007 Contest Picture:

Winning Entry:

"First my dress, now my umbrella. What's next, my leather jacket? This has got to stop now Pete!"
-Jay Stockton (jrsquonk)

Runners-up (in no particular order):

"Hey Batman, some guy named Pete called - he wants his wings back!"
-Jeff Schwoerer

"And I suppose if Peter Gabriel jumped off the Empire State Building, you would too?!"
-Terry Miles

No, that green eye shadow DOESN'T glow in the dark!
-Evelyn Genzano (I thought my wife's caption was funny--there is no favoritism here!)

"Is that your Denis Gagne impersonation??"
-Mike Hubbs (best Genesis in-joke: Denis Gagne is the lead singer of tribute band The Musical Box)

"The end of man's long union with Earth."
-Mike Dodd

And, last but not least:

"Watcher of the skies? It's weight watchers you need!"
-Kevin Siggins

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16-19 October 2004 Contest Picture:

photo by Jeff Wurstner, 28/2/77

Winning Entry:

"...Are you sure this is how Pete got his bum to wiggle?"
-Steve Wilson

Runners-up (in no particular order):

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail...
-Chris (there was another bunny gag, but I decided to go with this one)

"We got a right to pick a little fight Bonanzaaaaa!!"
-Katrin (Tamed Lamia)

"For those of you who were wondering, this is what a Unifaun actually looks like."
-Terry Kosel (this one and the next one are good Genesis "in" jokes--if you don't get them, you're not with it!)

"I Go Swimmi--, oh wait, the OTHER singer does that one!"

"Hey Mike, I told you these kangaroo impersonations would entertain the audience while you get tuned up!"
-Mick Latham (this one was not the only kangaroo joke, but it's the one I picked as a runner-up)

"What, it's not the Praying Mantis Lies Down on Broadway?"

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5-6 September 2002 Contest Picture:

Winning Entry:

Tony: "Listen you hear that? The car is saying 'Come back for another Genesis album.' No, really, Mike hears it too! You can't disobey the car."
-Jim Ferrone

Runners-up (in no particular order):

Calling all Station Wagons
-Terry Kosel

It's sad but true: even our Genesis heroes get older. Nowadays they can't even hear a car when they're standing next to it.
-Claus Oexle (the only contestant to be among the winners in both contests! I promise there is no favoritism here...)

Phil: "Owww, my aching neck! Tony, that's the last FU#*ING time we let you book the tour bus! 'Luxurious Touring Vehicle' my ass!"
-Brad Reimer

Struggling to define a new sound for the band, Phil has finally gotten Genesis to add more horns to the mix.
-Dan Brunner

"This car sounds better than our last album."
-Tom Edwards
(Please, no angry emails from CAS fans...)

If you still remember the '70s Genesis, with Peter Gabriel getting his inspiration from an old shoe, see where the '90s Genesis get their inspiration from! No wonder their sound has changed. For each one the muse their money can afford!
-José Carlos Maltez
(I liked the reference to Pete's shoe.)

"Listen! It's Peter Gabriel in the trunk."
-Todd Young
(There were several submitted captions along these lines, putting Pete or Steve or (in one case) both Pete and Steve in the trunk of the car--I chose this one, as I thought it was the funniest and most concise of the bunch.)

The New Audi 5000 - so distinct - two out of three rock stars can hear it from a mile away.
-Dave Negrin (who adds: "Ok, maybe it's not cool to make light of Phil's hearing loss, but it's just a joke!")

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20-22 May 2002 Contest Picture:

Winning Entry:

As Genesis gets ready for the night's show, Tony Banks plots the firing of tour drummer Bill Bruford in retaliation for Bill's power-hungry quest to get better positioning in the group photo.
-Jason Mischel


Nature Program Host: "Much like competing male felines and other creatures of the wild, the Phildebeast gestures dramatically in an attempt to appear much larger than the rest of the herd..."
-Greg Gilmore

Phil: "See here! Look at the lunatics I have to work with!!" Tony: "Why am I always in the back?" Steve: "They have no idea how much I loathe them..." Mike: "This is one hell of a cup of coffee!" Bill: "I called the chair first!"
-Scott Connelly (who gets extra points for providing a quote for every band member!)

"Anybody got some change?"
(Short and to the point.)

In the summer of 1976 Genesis were booked as models for the new Giorgio Armani outfits. Sadly it failed to impress the critics and Giorgio quickly fell back to his old "good-looking" models. Genesis were very disappointed and swore never to wear fashionable clothes again.
-Claus Oexle

Phil (to Mike): "Look, will you just let Tony sit there in front for once, he's sick of always being known as 'The Man Behind Genesis.'"
-Steve McCue

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