Invisible Touch (18/9/86-4/7/87)

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As always, see anything you like, email me. All boots are listed in chronological order, and all are on Audio CD-R unless I say otherwise. All dates are written in the European style, as in day/month/year. Click on the text links below to scroll directly to the entry you're interested in.


Tour Summary and Menu

Detroit '86 (first night), 18/9/86 (Joe Louis Arena, Detroit MI)

Spectrum '86 (first night), 24/9/86 (Spectrum, Philadelphia)

Outvisible Side, 30/9/86 (Madison Square Garden, NY)

BURP 16: Invisible Garden , 30/9/86 (MSG, NY)

Touch to Supper's Ready, 14-15/10/86 (LA Forum)

BURP 22, 14-15/10/86 (La Forum)

Invisible Forum (CF), 15/10/86 (La Forum)

Weston Springs '86, 23/11/86 (Auckland New Zealand)

Melbourne '86 (second night), 10/12/86 (Australia)

Melbourne '86, 11/12/86 (National Tennis Centre, Australia)

Kansas City '87, 21/1/87 (Kemper Arena, MO)

The Sky We Fly, 13/3/87 (Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo)

Budokan '87 (second night), 14/3/87 (Budokan Hall, Tokyo)

That's Osaka, 19/3/87 (Castle Hall, Osaka Japan)

Madrid '87, 13/5/87 (Estadio Vicente Calderon, Madrid)

Rome '87, 17/5/87 (Stadio Flaminio, Rome Italy)

Milan '87, 19/5/87 (San Siro Stadium, Milan Italy)

Giants Stadium '87, 31/5/87 (East Rutherford NJ)

The Invisibles in Paris, 2/6/87 (Palais Omnisports de Bercy)

Triangle on Domino, 8/6/87 (Reichstagsgelaende, Berlin)

Live in Berlin (TM), 8/6/87 (Reichstagsgelaende, Berlin)

Rotterdam '87, 11/6/87 (Feyernoord Stadium, Holland)

The Invisible Cage, 20/6/87 (Maimarketgelande, Mannheim)

BURP 24, 20/6/87 (Maimarketgelande, Mannheim)

Glasgow '87, 26/6/87 (Hampden Park Stadium, Glasgow)

Invisible Touch Live, 1-4/7/87 (Wembley Stadium)

Wembley Stadium, 4/7/87 (Wembley, England)

MSG 1988

Atlantic 40th, 15/5/88 (Madison Square Garden, NY)


Knebworth '90, 30/6/90 (Knebworth Park, Stevenage UK)

Detroit '86 (first night)


1-1 Mama (8:19)
1-2 Abacab (10:47)
1-3 Land of Confusion (5:04)
1-4 That's All (6:49)
1-5 Domino (12:25)
1-6 In Too Deep (5:27)
1-7 The Brazilian (5:18)
1-8 Follow You Follow Me (6:41)
1-9 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (8:39)

2-1 Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea (15:16)
Throwing It All Away (6:57)
In the Cage/' that quiet earth.'/Supper's Ready (from Apocalypse in 9/8) (19:38)
2-4 Invisible Touch (5:18)
2-5 Drum Duet (4:01)
2-6 Los Endos (6:55)
2-7 Turn It on Again (medley)(incomplete)(6:36)

Type/Quality: Audience/Good

Comments: At the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit Michigan, this is the very first gig of the band's monstrous world tour for Invisible Touch, and also the first of three gigs at this venue (Alan Hewitt in his gig guide incorrectly places the initial gigs of the tour at 17-19 September, but the correct range, which everyone else agrees on, is 18-20). The authenticity of opening night gigs of tours is easy to confirm, because Phil almost always mentions to the audience that it's the first night of the tour--as he does here. "We've rehearsed a little bit," he promises, and the set does seem to come off quite well. My track times originally matched a copy of this show listed by Halley (not Simon's version) which, as Halley mentions, has some tracking problems. In fact, the track breaks in some places were quite ridiculous--"Invisible Touch" was split over three tracks, the first two of which were 15 seconds and 5 seconds long, respectively. I really don't understand how someone could have done this. Anyway, I have fixed the tracking on my version, so now it makes much more sense--although it still has on it a problem native to Halley's version (not to Simon's, apparently) where the last number is cut off--the show ends right in the middle of the oldies medley.

There are some other cuts in here (which are on all versions of the show)--some harmless ones between songs, and some, due to tape flips, in the middle of songs. There are a couple of hitches followed by a break in SHBTS, which results in a loss of some music. There is also a break with a small cut a few minutes into "Endos." Unfortunately there is also a burner error present on the last three tracks of the second disc, consisting of a steadily increasing repeated scratching noise which eventually makes listening to the disc almost a chore. Since this error is also mentioned on Halley's site, I suppose there's little chance of my getting a clean replacement--unless I can get Simon's version. It's remotely possible that the speed is a bit fast.

Other than that, however, this is not a bad gig. The early shows from this tour featured an interesting set list, eventually reworked rather extensively, which featured some rarities and some unique numbers. "In Too Deep" and "FYFM" are both rare numbers on this tour, as well as the always valuable "Cage" medley with the end of "Supper" on it. Phil's singing on "Domino," especially at the end, is interesting and open to improvisations, unlike his later interpretations of the song. He also cuts down on the "zee-dah-day"s at the beginning of "Throwing It All Away." Phil's intro for "Domino" is unique and seems to be based around what I assume was Phil's mistaken idea that Americans have no idea what dominoes are. He proceeds to explain, in brief, the rules of the typical game of dominoes, then moves on to describing the practice of lining up dominoes in a line and knocking them all down. Eventually this intro would give way to one giving the audiences credit for knowing something about dominoes, and would instead talk about the possibility of nuclear war; then it would become a humorous use of crowd participation.

Phil does a rather shameless plug for the movie Mona Lisa in his intro for "In Too Deep," because the song was featured on that movie's soundtrack. In his intro for "Cage," Phil speaks sadly of a time when "some of us had a bit more hair," presaging his eventual intro for 1992's "Old Medley." I have to say that, apart from the inherent tentativeness of these gigs, I really prefer the early IT shows, and the performances seem to be without the unwieldy bombast of later shows, when the band had finally crowned themselves pop superstars.

One final note: Simon and Halley both mention that in this show Tony begins "In the Cage" with the wrong setting on his keyboard. I must shamefully say that I cannot hear this at all--I suppose my ears just aren't good enough to pick up the difference.

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Spectrum '86 (first night)


1-1 Mama (10:17)
1-2 Abacab (10:53)
1-3 Land of Confusion (5:35)
1-4 That's All (5:18)
1-5 Domino (13:03)
1-6 In Too Deep (5:39)
1-7 The Brazilian (5:26)
1-8 Follow You Follow Me (6:46)
1-9 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:17)

2-1 Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea (16:34)
Throwing It All Away (6:53)
In the Cage/' that quiet earth.'/Supper's Ready (from Apocalypse in 9/8) (20:05)
2-4 Invisible Touch (5:10)
2-5 Drum Duet (4:24)
2-6 Los Endos (9:41)
2-7 Turn It on Again (medley)(12:12)

Type/Quality: Audience/Good

Comments: At the Spectrum in Philadelphia, this gig was the first of four at that venue. It came very early in the IT tour and so features some songs that were dropped later on. The order of the set would also change quite a bit. This is a pretty good boot, with no big problems and pretty good quality. It starts very early--you hear a lot of just crowd noise before "Mama" finally kicks in. Phil does his early intro for "Domino" in which he doesn't involve the crowd and only talks about the possibility of a nuclear holocaust.

There is a cut in the first verse of "In Too Deep," which is unfortunate as it's one of the rarer numbers on here. In the intro for "Home by the Sea," Phil says that when they did the "Other World" bit on the last tour, it just made everyone look silly. But, as they like making people look silly, they go ahead and do the same thing again (though this time Phil claims they are raising the entire Spectrum instead of lowering the lights--a variation on the old gag that he would use often on this tour). Phil then proceeds to mess up the lyrics of the song--I think Tony also hits some bum notes during "Second Home by the Sea." There is a short cut during the very beginning of "Throwing It All Away" which takes out some of Phil's "dee-dah-day"s. Phil also messes up the lyrics for this song (well, it was early in the tour, wasn't it?).

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Outvisible Side


1-1 Mama (8:30)
1-2 Abacab (10:51)
1-3 Land of Confusion (5:11)
1-4 That's All (6:30)
1-5 Domino (12:47)
1-6 In Too Deep (5:42)
1-7 The Brazilian (5:38)
1-8 Follow You Follow Me (6:20)
1-9 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:20)

2-1 Home by the Sea (10:09)
Second Home by the Sea (7:04)
Throwing It All Away (8:22)
2-4 In the Cage/' that quiet earth.'/Supper's Ready (from Apocalypse in 9/8) (20:21)
2-5 Invisible Touch (5:02)
2-6 Drum Duet/Los Endos (11:40)

Type/Quality: Soundboard/Very Good-Good

Comments: (Note that I now have a far superior version of this show directly below.) At Madison Square Garden in NYC, this one comes from early on in the IT tour (the second in a long series of consecutive nights played at MSG) and has some interesting numbers which were not heard later on in the tour. We have "In Too Deep," "Follow You Follow Me," and (most valuable) the interesting "Cage" medley with the ending of "Supper" on it. This also happens to be a soundboard show of rather good quality, making this a very nice show. There are no cuts and no errors to speak of. The intros are all here, including an earlier one for "Domino" which does not include the audience participation in "The Domino Principle" and instead deals mainly with the possibility of nuclear armageddon. This show features a particularly good version of "Domino." Phil had not yet settled on how he was going to sing this one live, so he does some interesting things which you won't hear later in the tour but which add a bit of life and spontaneity to the song.

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Invisible Garden (BURP 16)


1-01 Mama (8:28)
1-02 Abacab (10:57)
1-03 Land of Confusion (5:17)
1-04 That's All (6:24)
1-05 Domino (part one)(4:33)
1-06 Domino (part two)(6:37)
1-07 In Too Deep (7:22)
1-08 The Brazilian (5:30)
1-09 Follow You Follow Me (6:24)
1-10 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:15)

2-01 Intro: Home (4:24)
Home by the Sea (5:18)
Second Home by the Sea (6:50)
Throwing It All Away (8:42)
2-05 In the Cage (medley)(8:03)
2-06 ' that quiet earth.' (medley)(3:59)
2-07 Supper's Ready (from Apocalypse in 9/8) (medley)(8:29)
2-08 Invisible Touch (5:07)
2-09 Drum Duet (4:57)
2-10 Los Endos (6:33)
2-11 Turn It on Again (medley)(11:19)

Type/Quality: Soundboard/Very Good-Excellent

Comments: At the MSG in NYC, this is an astounding upgrade to the previous release of this recording (listed above), which was nice but had some sound deficiencies that this one more than makes up for. Not much else to say about this one; it's just a fantastic show from this tour. One thing I noticed listening to it this time around: Phil plugs the movie Mona Lisa before "In Too Deep," as that movie's soundtrack featured "In Too Deep."

There are a very few things keeping this show from being perfect. One, at least for me, is the typical BURP habit of over-tracking. This is a pet peeve I have which many may not share with me, but I hate it when people break up the song "Domino" into two tracks, and I hate it when the "Cage" medley is divided into multiple tracks. This is a very small complaint however (I could even fix it myself if I cared enough). There are also some rather randomly placed split second gaps--one after "Domino," one after SHBTS, and one after "Endos"--which break up the flow a bit. As my track times match Simon's and I have two copies of this show from different sources with similar gaps, I would imagine these are indigenous to the show. I'm not sure why they weren't removed from the remaster (especially considering the fact that there are no pauses on my other version).

On my first copy of this show the encore of "Turn It on Again" was missing, but I was later able to attain this copy, which includes that song. One of the things the BURP remaster has going for it aside from the obvious increase in sound quality is that it includes this song, which previous versions lacked.

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Touch to Supper's Ready


1-1 Mama (7:12)
1-2 Abacab (8:59)
1-3 Land of Confusion (5:22)
1-4 In Too Deep (5:40)
1-5 Domino (11:05)
1-6 Follow You Follow Me (4:47)
1-7 That's All (5:20)

2-1 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:16)
2-2 Throwing It All Away (7:14)
2-3 In the Cage/' that quiet earth.'/Supper's Ready (from Apocalypse in 9/8) (20:07)
2-4 Invisible Touch (4:49)
2-5 Turn It on Again (5:30)

Type/Quality: Radio/Very Good-Good

Comments: At the LA Forum (see next entry, a remaster of this show). Everyone slaps a different date on this one, because the band played the Forum for several nights in a row. For a long time I had 17 October as the date, as it was the accepted one. However a fan with audience recordings of almost every one of the Forum shows was able to compare and claims that the date range above is the correct one for this. For now, I guess that's how it stands. This one's from fairly early in the tour, near the end of the first US leg and before they went to Australia. The set is a bit different at this point than it would end up. For one thing, they're playing "In Too Deep," which was only played during the early part of this tour (Scott McMahan claims that the "In Too Deep" on The Way We Walk is from the Forum on the IT tour, but I have compared and it is not from this show; however, as they played the Forum from 13-17 October, it's possible that Scott is still right and that that "In Too Deep" is merely from a different Forum show). "Follow You Follow Me" was also eventually given up. Also the "In the Cage" medley is different than it would end up, with this rare playing of "Supper's Ready" in place of "Afterglow" (I have a slightly better quality version of this very song in my compilations section). "Turn It on Again," additionally, has no medley, which is definitely rare for this tour. In fact, it is the only time the song appears this way for the whole of the IT tour, which leads me to believe that the medley may have been very cleverly edited out by the people at King Biscuit Flower Hour, the radio program which broadcast this show. I could be wrong, but it seems strange that only this show would not have the medley. There are other songs edited completely out of this show by the KBFH: "The Brazilian," "Home by the Sea," and "Drum Duet/Los Endos." (Note that all of these songs are either entirely instrumentals or feature large instrumentals in them, and were probably taken out because King Biscuit figured nobody wants to listen to long instrumentals on the radio.) It's also possible that the set is just a little jumbled up in the middle. Before "Land of Confusion," Phil says: "So, I get the picture. You like the old songs eh? Hah! Hah! OK, well we're going to play an old song now from the new album." Unfortunately, almost all of the other in between talking that Phil may have done has been edited out of this recording (KBFH strikes again). The sound quality would be pretty close to excellent if it weren't for an overall distortion that I can only describe as "furriness." It's not really awful, but it's enough to degrade the quality a bit. It seems to vary in strength. There are also quite a few low pops that are difficult to hear unless one is close to the speakers, and a low hum/buzz that runs underneath some of the tracks, mainly on disc one I think.

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1-1 Radio Intro (0:49)
Mama (7:02)
1-3 Abacab (9:05)
1-4 Land of Confusion (6:12)
1-5 Domino (11:09)
1-6 In Too Deep (5:34)
1-7 Follow You Follow Me (4:47)
1-8 That's All (5:16)

2-1 Radio Intro (0:50)
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:26)
2-3 Throwing It All Away (6:59)
2-4 In the Cage medley (8:29)
2-5 ' that quiet earth.' (3:50)
2-6 Supper's Ready (from Apocalypse in 9/8) (8:06)
2-7 Invisible Touch (5:02)
2-8 Turn It on Again (w/o medley)(5:51)
2-9 KBFH Callouts (0:29)

Type/Quality: Radio/Very Good-Excellent

Comments: At the LA Forum. I was always a bit embarrassed with my first copy of this show (above entry), which did not sound as good as it could and was probably pretty high-gen. This BURP remaster, from a pre-FM source, sounds much better and has more radio intros and much more of Phil talking. The DJ also talks between songs, but not excessively and not so that it covers up any stories.

It appears that the KBFH broadcast this as two separate shows, a perfect way to divide the two discs, so that each disc begins with the DJ's introduction of that show. In one or two places throughout the show, pre-recorded station IDs from the band members can be heard. There are also a few bonus "callouts" included at the end of the second disc. As I mention in the previous set of comments, this is not the complete show (in addition to the missing numbers, the oldies medley has indeed been edited out of "Turn It on Again"--no big loss), but it is the complete broadcast, and it sounds great.

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Invisible Forum (Coaster Factory)


1-01 Mama (8:58)
1-02 Abacab (11:11)
1-03 Land of Confusion (5:19)
1-04 That's All (5:27)
1-05 Intro: Domino Principle (1:39)
1-06 Domino (11:48)
1-07 Intro: Is She Knocking-It-Off? (1:38)
1-08 In Too Deep (5:34)
1-09 The Brazilian (5:19)
1-10 Follow You Follow Me (6:00)
1-11 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:30)

2-1 Intro: Audience Participation Time (4:50)
2-2 Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea (12:12)
2-3 Throwing It All Away (9:01)
2-4 In the Cage/In That Quiet Earth/Supper's Ready (20:29)
2-5 Invisible Touch (5:06)
2-6 Drum Duet (5:56)
2-7 Los Endos (9:45)
2-8 Turn It on Again (medley) (12:04)

Type/Quality: Soundboard/Excellent-Very Good

Comments: At the LA Forum. This particular recording came from a streaming mp3 source on Wolfgang's Vault, a web site devoted to concert memorabilia and recordings. The vault consists of tour promoter Bill Graham's impressive collection. This Genesis show comes from the same range of shows as the KBFH radio show (above entries), but is not quite the same as it is just one complete night, in excellent quality. It is likely that the Vault or someone associated with them will soon release an official version of this material. But here is this version, from the Coaster Factory.

A couple of things to mention before I stop: there is a very small hitch in the beginning of "Mama," which I noticed the first time I listened to this and couldn't even find the second time around. Also in the middle of "Domino" Tony experiences keyboard failure. He cannot make the horror-film-type noises that come in the bridge, and Phil, after a long pause, begins singing his "blood on the windows" part without the chords to back him up. Eventually the problem is fixed and Tony comes back in.

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Weston Springs '86


1-1 That's All (7:12)
1-2 Domino (11:59)
1-3 In Too Deep (5:15)
1-4 The Brazilian (4:58)
1-5 Follow You Follow Me (4:27)
1-6 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (8:34)
1-7 In the Cage/' that quiet earth.'/Supper's Ready (from Apocalypse in 9/8) (18:49)
1-8 Drum Duet (5:30)
1-9 Los Endos (6:05)

2-01 Turn It on Again (medley) (11:06)
Soundcheck: Dodgers Stadium, LA, 22/5/87
2-02 Throwing It All Away (4:16)
2-03 Guitar and drum machine (1:31)
2-04 Land of Confusion (4:07)
2-05 Drums, guitar and vocals (0:59)
2-06 Mama (4:59)
Cowdray Ruins, 18/9/93
2-07 Turn It on Again (5:25)
2-08 Hold on My Heart (5:35)
2-09 I Can't Dance (6:16)
2-10 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (3:51)
2-11 Invisible Touch (5:18)

Type/Quality: Audience/Fair-Poor

Comments: This is mainly from an incomplete recording of Genesis' only gig in New Zealand. After having spent the end of September and all of October touring the USA, Genesis took nearly a month off before playing this gig in Weston Springs, Auckland New Zealand. They probably should have rehearsed some more, because Phil screws up a lot of lyrics. He totally messes up the end of "That's All," and then later screws up the ending lines of "Apocalypse in 9/8." Maybe it was the jetlag. A lot of big songs are missing here: "Mama," "Abacab," "Land of Confusion," "Home by the Sea," "Invisible Touch"--I can only assume that these songs were actually played at this gig. The whole show sounds very edited--there seems to be a cut between each song. The sound is very tinny, and it sounds rather thin and wavery--really not that good. However, the recording does include some rarities from this tour: the "Cage" medley with "Supper" in it, "In Too Deep" and "Follow You Follow Me." The last two songs were dropped not too far into the tour. Phil also tells some interesting intros: his story for "Domino" is more of a downer than usual, as he talks about the possibility of "the Bomb" being dropped. There is also an intro for "In Too Deep," which, as usual for a Phil intro, seems to be an explanation of what the song is about but isn't really. The opening couple of lines of "In the Cage" are cut. The audience is treated to a particularly long drum duet (which, nevertheless, is still not as long as on some of my other boots from this tour). The "Turn It" medley is the same one used at the Wembley show, below. Bad quality and incompleteness aside, this is actually a pretty good gig with some interesting numbers, and of course it's interesting to have the only gig in New Zealand.

As the New Zealand gig is so incomplete, the rest of this boot has been filled out with some other tidbits. Tracks 2-6 on the second disc are from a soundcheck, recorded much later in the tour. The band does a lot of playing around and casual improv that is pretty interesting to hear--too bad the quality is so shabby. The volume level is very low for the whole recording. At least there's very little audience to interfere with the band!

The final chunk here is a landmark gig--Phil's last live show as a member of Genesis. This was played at the Cowdray Ruins in Oxford in 1993, as part of a big charity concert which featured the remaining members of Queen and Pink Floyd, among others. In fact, the band is introduced by Roger Taylor, Queen's drummer--and he then sits in on the drums! Actually his drumming is not quite right, since he was not familiar with the material, and he eats up "Hold on My Heart" with his loud hits. Still a unique line-up and a fascinating last set for the Phil-era band to play--of course, very representative of the last tour's set and the more recent albums. The problem is that the quality here is really quite awful. It's hard to describe, but trust me--it's bad. I've heard worse, but the list is pretty short. I also have just the Cowdray Ruins songs available as a one-disc boot, below. On this version there is a hiccup in "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight," which I have repaired in the other version.

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Melbourne '86 (second night)


1-1 Mama (7:05)
1-2 Abacab (11:51)
1-3 Domino (13:07)
1-4 Your Own Special Way (8:13)
1-5 In Too Deep (5:30)
1-6 The Brazilian (5:35)
1-7 That's All (9:20)
1-8 Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea (12:16)

2-1 Throwing It All Away (9:07)
In the Cage/' that quiet earth.' (11:34)
2-3 Afterglow (4:38)
2-4 Invisible Touch (5:11)
2-5 Drum Duet (6:29)
2-6 Los Endos (7:08)
2-7 Turn It on Again (medley) (13:02)

Type/Quality: Audience/Good

Comments: Played at the National Tennis Centre in Melbourne, Australia. This is the second of three nights at this venue for Genesis, and the first that seems to be available in recorded form. The Australian shows were very interesting, not only because they featured a string section on the very rare "Your Own Special Way" and "In Too Deep," but also because they have odd set lists which do not match those of the gigs on other continents in this tour--or each other's. Even a look at this gig's list and that of the very next night's (below) shows some differences, mainly that "That's All" from this night's show seems to have been replaced by "Follow You Follow Me" on the next night. Earlier (and later) shows in the tour featured more songs from the new album, like "Land of Confusion" and "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight." It was also during this leg of the tour that Phil gave up singing the ending sections of "Supper" during the "Cage" medley (having mangled it in the band's first--and only?--gig in New Zealand in late November--see previous entry).

I think it's quite possible that while in Australia the band was made to play a shorter set, due to some kind of weird time restrictions enforced by the country--after all, as Alan Hewitt informs us, it was local musicians' union rules which caused the string section to be included on these shows.

Anyway, let's get away from these considerations and talk about this recording in particular. Phil's intro for the "Domino Principle" discusses the inevitability of the world ending in an atomic explosion, but also includes the nice crowd participation involving different areas of the arena cheering when Phil refers to them (this may be one of the very first times he uses the crowd participation bit in this intro). Phil mentions that fun was had last night, but that more fun will be had tonight (thus confirming that this is not the first gig at Melbourne). Before playing "Your Own Special Way," Phil makes a big deal about the fact that the band have not played the song "since 1978" (apart from having played it at all their previous gigs in Australia during this tour)--however, as usual, he is chronologically incorrect, as the song hadn't been played since the Wind and Wuthering tour of 1977.

Phil has lots of fun with the already well-loved "Other World" intro before "Home by the Sea," making the crowd mimic his cries of "Ha!" in addition to the usual "Ooooooo"s to make the lights come down (or, in this case, to cause the entire arena to hover several feet above the carpark). There is a small cut in "In That Quiet Earth," but other than that this is what I believe to be a nice, complete show from an interesting, unique part of the band's touring history. I was perhaps just a tad generous with my quality rating of "Good," but given my rating for the other show from this string of gigs, which was probably recorded by the same person, I figured it made sense.

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Melbourne '86


1-1 Mama (7:05)
1-2 Abacab (8:20)
1-3 Domino (13:29)
1-4 Your Own Special Way (7:22)
1-5 In Too Deep (6:32)
1-6 The Brazilian (5:12)

2-1 Follow You Follow Me (4:28)
Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea (15:49)
Throwing It All Away (6:16)
In the Cage/' that quiet earth.' (9:37)
2-5 Afterglow (4:19)
2-6 Turn It on Again (medley) (12:33)

Type/Quality: Audience/Good

Comments: Played at the National Tennis Centre in Melbourne, Australia, this is one of the only existing boots from the Australia leg of the IT tour--and the last of three consecutive gigs played at this venue. The Australia leg was rather strange, as it featured a particularly strange set--this one seems to be missing "That's All," "Land of Confusion," "TonightX3," "Invisible Touch," and "Endos." This is probably due to an incomplete recording, but you never know (actually, interesting to note that another version of this recording exists which does have IT and "Endos" on it--if you have that one, contact me for a trade!). A very rare treat on this show is the inclusion of a local string orchestra dubbed "The Invisible Strings" who back up the band on "Your Own Special Way" and "In Too Deep." "Your Own Special Way" is very rare, as it was only played on this leg of the tour, and the last time it was played was for the first part of the '77 tour (Phil says the last time they played the song was 1978, but I'm quite sure that he's wrong). This particular gig happens to have taken place on Chester Thompson's birthday.

The sound is a tad wavery at times, and a bit dull and muffled, but the audience doesn't intrude much, which is nice. The intro for "Domino" discusses the idea of a button being pushed which will start something nobody can start--it also has the audience participating in the demonstration of the "Domino Principle." "Cage" comes in at the second verse--the whole first verse is gone. I'm not sure if this is a common cut in this show or not. This show has one or two big pauses in it as well, which are actually breaks, not the kind of pauses that get added by burners. A unique and interesting show, with only one big cut (actually, as mentioned above, it probably has two big cuts, since IT and "Endos" are also missing).

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Kansas City '87


1-1 Mama (8:30)
1-2 Abacab (10:04)
1-3 Land of Confusion (7:46)
1-4 Domino (12:22)
1-5 In Too Deep (5:24)
1-6 The Brazilian (5:31)
1-7 That's All (9:45)
1-8 Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea (11:48)

2-1 Throwing It All Away (7:47)
2-2 In the Cage/' that quiet earth.' (12:32)
2-3 Afterglow (4:22)
2-4 Invisible Touch (5:14)
2-5 Drum Duet (6:23)
2-6 Los Endos (6:18)
2-7 Turn It on Again (medley)(incomplete)(11:23)

Type/Quality: Audience/Good

Comments: At the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri. This is a good-sounding recording that is pretty much complete. It comes at a point in the tour when the set was still in flux, and it's odd that "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" does not seem to have been played. Unfortunately Phil's voice gets tired and he seems to get himself out of whack during the performance. According to comments on Simon's site the scheduled second night at Kansas City was cancelled after this show because of Phil's voice. The comments say that Phil's real problems begin at "In the Cage," but I thought he already sounded quite tired near the end of HBTS. (There is a small cut in the intro to this song.) He also clearly is having trouble at the end of "Invisible Touch." The encore number fades out near the end.

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The Sky We Fly


1-1 Mama (7:16)
1-2 Abacab (11:13)
1-3 Domino (11:58)
1-4 That's All (4:48)
1-5 The Brazilian (7:16)
1-6 In the Cage/' that quiet earth.' (12:03)
1-7 Afterglow (4:17)
1-8 Land of Confusion (5:31)
1-9 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (8:56)

2-1 Throwing It All Away (9:02)
2-2 Home by the Sea (5:12)
2-3 Second Home by the Sea (6:36)
2-4 Invisible Touch (5:01)
2-5 Drum Duet (6:24)
2-6 Los Endos (6:47)
2-7 Turn It on Again (medley) (12:35)

Type/Quality: Audience/Good-Very Good

Comments: At the Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo. For the gigantic IT tour Genesis visited Japan again. The last time they visited was in 1978, and several nice bootlegs came of it. This is another impressive audience recording. I for one was impressed with the high volume of Japanese that Phil spouts. He does all the intros in Japanese: the Domino Principle, the "Other World" thing, and even the band introductions of Chester and Daryl. The audience is in the front center of the stadium (you can tell because when Phil asks the people up in the front if they need somebody to love, the group around the taper are the ones who cheer) and gets some good sound. The only time it gets kind of bad is during the "Turn It" medley, when the taper or someone near them starts singing along--very badly!--to the songs. But even that is pretty funny and enjoyable.

This particular version of this show originally had some strange pauses on it. I say strange because normally when someone inadvertantly puts pauses on a show, they end up on every track (usually because the discs were burned using "track at once" rather than "disc at once"). However in this case only a few tracks had pauses between them. This left me shaking my head in confusion and frustration at how anyone could be so silly (the fault was not that of the trader who gave this to me--it was further up the tree). However, I've fixed them, so you need not shake your heads (this is why the track times of my discs may not match those of other copies of the show).

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Budokan '87 (second night)


1-01 Mama (7:33)
1-02 Abacab (8:43)
1-03 Intro: Domino (1:32)
1-04 Domino (11:21)
1-05 Intro: That's All (0:48)
1-06 That's All (4:58)
1-07 The Brazilian (5:05)
1-08 Intro: Cage (2:02)
1-09 In the Cage/' that quiet earth.' (12:45)
1-10 Afterglow (4:34)
1-11 Land of Confusion (5:25)
1-12 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:13)

2-1 Throwing It All Away (6:45)
2-2 Intro: Home (2:00)
2-3 Home by the Sea (5:25)
2-4 Second Home by the Sea (6:42)
2-5 Invisible Touch (5:03)
2-6 Drum Duet (6:49)
2-7 Los Endos (7:12)
2-8 Turn It on Again (medley) (15:04)

Type/Quality: Audience/Good

Comments: At the Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo. This is the second of an impressive four consecutive gigs at this venue (I have the first gig above). Like the first gig, Phil does all of his intros almost entirely in Japanese. Ironically, the guy recording the show is very British (at the end of the show he yells "Give us some more, Philly!" and there are other such pleasantries before that, some including profanity). There is an inexplicable pause after "Brazilian," but nowhere else. There is a nice long drum duet which the crowd actually pays attention to. Nothing else to say here; just a good audience recording.

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That's Osaka


1-1 Mama (7:48)
1-2 Abacab (9:41)
1-3 Domino (11:55)
1-4 That's All (5:48)
1-5 The Brazilian (5:30)
1-6 In the Cage/' that quiet earth.'/Afterglow (16:55)
1-7 Land of Confusion (5:00)

2-1 Throwing It All Away (6:47)
2-2 Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea (13:59)
2-3 Invisible Touch/Drum Duet (11:42)
2-4 Los Endos (6:32)
2-5 Turn It on Again (medley) (13:50)

Type/Quality: Audience/Very Good-Good

Comments: At the Castle Hall in Osaka (the second of two nights at that venue), this is a really nice-sounding, complete audience show from Japan--the home of nice-sounding, complete audience shows. My version unfortunately has some noise problems. A weird, buzzy, scratchy type of noise, intermittent, comes in during "Mama," but goes away near the beginning of "Abacab." This noise may be the result of the original recording in some way, and isn't too annoying. However, starting just after a small cut in the bridge of "Cage," low scratches can be heard which build up slowly until, by the end of the first disc, it is a persistent "ktsch, ktsch, ktsch" noise which is a bit hard to ignore. The scratches, though they do become louder overall as time goes on, are more noticeable when the music is loud. This is the only real problem with the show.

You can hear Phil do a lot of Japanese intros, including a Japanese version of the audience participation story before HBTS. Some stuff in between songs has been edited out, but none of the stories seem to be missing, and no music is missing except for the small cut in "Cage"--though notice, however, that "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" is not here. Usually when a whole song is missing without a trace, I assume it was not played, but it's possible that it has been cut. Regardless, this makes for a nice show.

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Madrid '87


1 Soundcheck, Dodgers Stadium, LA, 22/5/87 (16:35)
Mama (6:21)
3 Abacab (11:10)
4 Domino (12:00)
5 That's All (4:55)

Type/Quality: Audience and Radio/Fair and Very Good-Good

Comments: Tracks 2-5 of this disc are from an Italian radio broadcast of a Madrid, Spain gig played at the Estadio Vicente Calderon. This is one of the more forgettable radio shows of the history of Genesis, because not only is it glaringly partial but it is also fairly ruined by the announcers, who relentlessly talk over the songs. The radio show sound is a little hissy and has some pops. Generally the sound is very good, the main problem is the talking. The announcers break in about every three minutes--generally one guy, but there seem to be three in total. They discuss what's going on on stage, who the members of the band are, and even seem to give a real time critique of Phil's intros--which is unfortunate because they are somewhat unique, being told in Spanish. The Domino Principle in Spanish is just as effective as in any other language. Phil's intro for "That's All" is also in Spanish. It translates basically to this: "This song is not happy, but a little sad. It's about living with a contradictory person." According to the invaluable information of David Dunnington, this broadcast was a sort of warm-up show for the people of Italy, who were about to get two Genesis shows in their home country (both of which were also broadcast on the radio). The main person doing the commentary is probably Italian promoter David Zard. The whole end of "That's All" is covered with the credits for the radio station.

The shortness of this broadcast, which has only the first four numbers of the concert, makes it too small a chunk for bootleggers to place by itself on a disc. Thus it is often accompanied by bonus material, such as the first track on my version. This is a soundcheck which I actually already have on the New Zealand '86 show above. It starts a bit into a rough and dirty version of "Throwing It All Away." Then the band messes around before going into "Land of Confusion." Right after Phil sings "superman" in the song, there is a long break, as though the recording were turned off. When it comes back on, it's exactly where it left off. There's some more instrumental playing around after that song, eventually followed by "Mama," on which I approved of Phil's casual vocal style. Unfortunately the sound for this bit is tinny, thin, hissy, and low. An interesting and unique disc, but more for collectors than for those hoping to enjoy the music.

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Rome '87


1-1 Mama (5:39)
1-2 Abacab (8:27)
1-3 Domino (13:49)
1-4 That's All (6:11)
1-5 The Brazilian (5:12)
1-6 In the Cage/' that quiet earth.' (13:33)
1-7 Afterglow (4:08)
1-8 Land of Confusion (5:11)

2-1 Band Introduction (1:46)
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:05)
Throwing It All Away (cut)(3:41)
2-4 Interview 1 (with band) (5:31)
2-5 Interview 2 (with Mike Rutherford) (8:22)

Type/Quality: Radio/Very Good

Comments: At the Stadio Flaminio in Rome, Italy, this is one of the lengthier and less chatty radio broadcasts from the Italian leg of the IT tour. True, this is not nearly a complete show: four or so numbers from the end are missing. But it's still more complete than the other very partial radio shows from this period. Also, interestingly enough, my version seems more complete than Simon's, since his does not list "Throwing It All Away," and his does not have the bonus radio interviews (which may very well have been recorded the same day as the performance).

"Mama" starts a bit into the song, but before Phil's singing has begun. The DJ (there are actually at least two announcers, one at the beginning and the ending and a female announcer who covers the main body of the show) talks after "Mama" has ended, and talks a little over the opening notes of "Abacab." The announcers always talk between songs, sometimes long enough that the talking covers over Phil's intro or a bit of the beginning of the next song. Also, during longer numbers, an announcer will sometimes interject a quick station ID, reminding listeners that this is Genesis live. But having heard other examples of Italian radio, this level of talking over the music seemed totally reasonable and didn't bother me.

After "Abacab," the announcer gives the band lineup. Sometimes the announcer reacts or comments on Phil's intro, as during his Italian description of the "Domino Principle." The bridge of "Cage" is edited, possibly intentionally by the radio station. After "Land of Confusion," the audience sounds like they are calling for "Supper's Ready." Instead, Phil introduces Chester Thompson (earlier you can hear him introduce Daryl).

"Throwing It All Away" has an unfortunately large cut somewhat into the song, jumping to the end and coming back in rather tinny. This song, as mentioned before, seems to be one of the rarer broadcast numbers. After the main broadcast we get to hear some Italian interviews with the band members--David Dunnington mentions that interviews with the band were aired during the morning of 17/5/87, so these may be it. Unfortunately, for the first interview track, Italian translations are dubbed over the band's English answers, but you can always hear the beginnings of their answers and sometimes the end and bits of the middle. Every band member gets to answer at least one question: they talk about how they record music, and also about Peter Gabriel's success with the then-new album So.

The last track is another Italian interview, this time just with Mike Rutherford. It was much easier to make out Mike's answers here, as he was not dubbed at all, and the interviewer asks questions in English (albeit with an Italian accent). In the background, "Mama" is playing. Mike mentions how the band all down a whiskey before they go on stage (I've never heard that one before), talks about why the band don't play any solo material (no time!), and explains that he doesn't pay much attention to clothing when on stage (the announcer rather inanely asks him what he's going to wear). Anyways, this is a nice radio show with some nice bonus stuff.

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Milan '87


1 Mama (5:30)
Throwing It All Away (9:20)
3 Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea (12:04)

Type/Quality: Radio/Very Good-Good

Comments: Here's a very short radio show from Italy--namely, this gig was recorded at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy. Hewitt sets this gig at 15 May, but my other sources (including the official site's timeline) all agree on 19 May. Like the earlier entry from Madrid, this radio show has the problem of announcers talking over the music. As the recording begins the announcer has just gotten done saying something that ended in "Genesis." There appears to be some kind of interception problem as "Mama" starts. There is some talking over the middle of "Mama," and strangely, that song is cut off before its end. Since my track times add up to everyone else's total on this, I think this cut may be typical of this recording, though I can't imagine the radio station playing an incomplete song like this. The announcer comes back in as "Throwing It All Away" begins to make a quick intro for the song; he comes back in after the song is over and resumes talking as Phil does some further "zee-dah-days" with the audience. Then Phil does an Italian intro for HBTS, accompanied by a bit more announcer talking, which continues into the beginning of the song. As SHBTS begins there is some more talking.

This one is short, has some noise problems, and one of its only three songs is cut. So nothing really special, but for what it's worth, it's a radio show.

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Giants Stadium '87


1-01 Mama (7:37)
1-02 Abacab (8:23)
1-03 Intro: Domino (4:00)
1-04 Domino (11:01)
1-05 Intro: That's All (1:06)
1-06 That's All (4:58)
1-07 The Brazilian (5:02)
1-08 Intro: Cage (1:00)
1-09 In the Cage (7:55)
1-10 ' that quiet earth.' (4:19)
1-11 Afterglow (4:29)

2-01 Land of Confusion (5:12)
2-02 Band Introduction (1:48)
2-03 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:30)
2-04 Throwing It All Away (6:34)
2-05 Intro: Home (6:25)
2-06 Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea (11:38)
2-07 Invisible Touch (5:02)
2-08 Drum Duet (5:49)
2-09 Los Endos (6:03)
2-10 Turn It on Again (medley) (16:55)

Type/Quality: Audience/Good-Fair

Comments: At Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Genesis did not often play New Jersey--possibly never while Peter was lead singer--and as New Jersey is my home town (really, it is my home town), I feel something kind of special about this boot. Most bands avoid New Jersey, because really, why bother when you can play New York and Philly? But during the IT tour Genesis played just about everywhere in the world, even New Jersey. Incidentally, this was their very last stop in America!

Anyway, enough of that crap. This show is totally complete, with no discernible cuts in music or intros. However it still suffers from the fact that it is an audience recording, and audience recordings can be judged by the audience in which they were recorded. This audience was not particularly stellar. Don't get me wrong, they're excited to be there--but one wonders whether they really came to hear the music. There's talking all the way through this, people carrying on long and involved conversations in the middle of songs, and the taper may even be one of them--he or she certainly doesn't try to keep anyone quiet. There's lots of cheering and lots of clapping along to the songs--clapping along is ok if the people doing it can keep in time to the music, but these people really can't. All the talking and cheering has the effect of not only being distracting but, in many instances, almost totally drowning out the music.

Still, not too bad a show--perhaps it would have sounded like that if you were there. Phil claims they will levitate Giants Stadium during the intro for HBTS. For some reason Tony does not supply any creepy music during the actual levitation as he usually did--perhaps he was busy having a beer. The drum duets on this tour were long, but this one seems particularly meaty. The recorder and several others in the crowd seem to be big fans of Chester Thompson, judging from their repeated cries of "CHESTER!!"

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The Invisibles in Paris


1-01 Mama (7:44)
1-02 Abacab (11:41)
1-03 Domino (12:23)
1-04 That's All (5:16)
1-05 The Brazilian (5:17)
1-06 Intro: Cage (1:21)
1-07 In the Cage (8:14)
1-08 ' that quiet earth.' (4:32)
1-09 Afterglow (4:54)
1-10 Land of Confusion (5:13)

2-1 Band Introduction (1:49)
2-2 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:33)
2-3 Throwing It All Away (10:23)
2-4 Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea (12:30)
2-5 Invisible Touch (5:06)
2-6 Drum Duet (6:15)
2-7 Los Endos (6:58)
2-8 Turn It on Again (medley) (13:01)

Type/Quality: Audience/Good-Very Good

Comments: At Palais Omnisports de Bercy in Paris, this show marks the first of several gigs in France and the first gig of the band's final IT tour leg, in Europe. Unfortunately, though this show does sound great, my version is marred by unfortunate scratches and hitches which occasionally interfere with listening enjoyment. Better versions of this show do exist.

Phil starts his first intro to the crowd by saying "no pushing" in French and English. Really, it seems IT tour audiences were among the more rowdy and harder to control of Genesis' fans (those of you familiar with the official video for this tour will recall that Phil has to make a similar request of the Wembley Stadium crowd). Phil has clearly learned a lot of French for this show; he tells the "Domino Principle" story in French, the "That's All" story in French, and is also able to say "Old, old, old song" in French before the "Cage" medley. He even introduces the band in French, and does the audience participation in French. However, this is still not enough for the largely non-English speaking crowd, as they seem utterly mystified by Phil's "everyone needs somebody to love" rigamarole in the "Turn It" medley. There's a kind of shocked silence in response to Phil's attempts to get the crowd to cheer. Phil says "Don't worry, I'll learn the French for that for tomorrow night."

There is a long break in the recording after "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight." The beginning of the second disc fades in in the middle of Phil saying something in French. The scratches are pretty much scattered throughout the disc, though there are some songs which happen to be almost untouched by the errors. There are a couple scratches on the first song, lots of scratches in the ending minutes of "Domino," a few in "That's All," a few in the beginning of "Cage," some at the end of "Afterglow," some in LOC, SHBTS, "Endos," and "Turn It." It's a real shame they're here, because otherwise this would be an exceptional show from this tour. Depending on your stereo, they may sound more or less noticeable.

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Triangle on Domino


1-1 Mama (7:18)
1-2 Abacab (11:17)
1-3 Domino (12:18)
1-4 That's All (4:52)
1-5 The Brazilian (5:25)
1-6 In the Cage/' that quiet earth.' (12:16)
1-7 Afterglow (4:43)

2-1 Land of Confusion (6:59)
2-2 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:00)
2-3 Throwing It All Away (9:39)
2-4 Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea (11:51)
2-5 Invisible Touch (5:01)
2-6 Drum Duet/Los Endos (9:21)
2-7 Turn It on Again (medley) (14:22)

Type/Quality: Radio/Very Good

Comments: At the Reichstagsgelaende, Berlin (see my remaster of this, next entry). This is apparently an area right next to the Berlin Wall, which was of course still up at the time of this performance. There were a bunch of people sitting on the wall I think, and a sort of near-riot that got into the papers. All for Genesis. Most versions of this show have a different tracking on the first disc--"Domino" and the "Cage" medley are split over two tracks each. I had to re-burn my first disc because of an ordering error (for some reason tracks 1 and 2 were reversed), so while I was at it I fixed the splits. Phil speaks a lot of German here, and the listener is treated to the "Domino Principle" and the whole HBTS intro with the lights coming down on the band--in German. The "Turn It" medley features the same bits of songs played in the 4 July Wembley Stadium medley.

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Live in Berlin (TM)


1-01 Anything She Does Intro (0:31)
Mama (7:22)
1-03 Abacab (11:22)
1-04 Domino (12:27)
1-05 That's All (5:01)
1-06 The Brazilian (6:13)
1-07 In the Cage medley (7:58)
1-08 ' that quiet earth.' (4:25)
1-09 Afterglow (4:39)
1-10 Land of Confusion (5:17)

2-1 Band Introductions (1:40)
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:10)
2-3 Throwing It All Away (11:03)
2-4 Home by the Sea (5:19)
2-5 Second Home by the Sea (6:47)
2-6 Invisible Touch (5:06)
2-7 Drum Duet (5:47)
2-8 Los Endos (9:17)
2-9 Turn It on Again (medley) (13:32)

Type/Quality: Radio/Very Good-Excellent

Comments: At the Reichstagsgelaende, Berlin. I am told this is the TM remaster, but it's a little hard to tell, because apparently the TM version was used as the basis for BURP 12, and their track times are somewhat similar, and my track times don't quite match either exactly. It probably doesn't really matter all that much, as I'm sure they both sound great. The TM version is mostly from pre-FM sources, with most of the song intros, TIAA, and the drum duet coming from a different, second-gen source.

I don't have much else to say about this one--it's just a great-sounding, complete radio show.

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Rotterdam '87


1-1 Mama (7:09)
1-2 Abacab (12:09)
1-3 Domino (12:08)
1-4 That's All (5:05)
1-5 The Brazilian (6:24)
1-6 In the Cage/' that quiet earth.' (12:38)
1-7 Afterglow (4:45)
1-8 Land of Confusion (8:01)

2-1 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:20)
2-2 Throwing It All Away (13:04)
2-3 Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea (12:18)
2-4 Invisible Touch (5:00)
2-5 Drum Duet (6:13)
2-6 Los Endos (8:35)
2-7 Turn It on Again (medley)(stopped before end)(10:25)

Type/Quality: Audience/Good

Comments: At the Feyernoord Stadium in Rotterdam, Holland (though Simon cites a totally different venue, the official site and Hewitt and Halley (barring some disagreements on spelling) all agree on this one), this is one of those audience recordings that almost becomes more about the audience than the band's performance. It's actually recorded very well; the sound is really quite good, there don't appear to be any cuts and no errors that I could hear. In fact most of the audience seems to be very very into the performance and Phil is able to really get them involved and seems fairly happy with them--indeed, at the end of the gig he says they were one of the best audiences in Europe that year. Unfortunately almost the entire show is spoiled by a small group of guys near the taper (in fact they may even be the ones recording the show, ridiculous as it seems) who are clearly drunk and very, very annoying.

They sing along in slurred voices to many of the songs. They are loud and they don't really even know the words very well. They yell "Cinema Show" during the song intros and even all through the drum duet. They boo when Phil talks about the newer material. Their singing is particularly terrible over "Afterglow." When Phil introduces the medley section of the encore number, he says he wants to thank everybody "except that guy right there." Then, just before the band are about to go into "I'll be There," the music abruptly dies off and Phil says "I'm sorry, but there are some assholes in the front, and we're off." He comes back on to say how most of the audience was really great, besides the assholes: "you can kick the shit out of them for all I care." One of the main troublemakers intelligently retorts, "'Cinema Show,' asshole!" If you go to a concert, why would you be such a jerk to the group you went there to see? In the right state of mind, I can see how someone listening to this might find the show funny, and it is certainly unique. Mainly I find myself annoyed by these jerks who felt it necessary to ruin what might otherwise have been a fantastic performance and a great bootleg.

It's worth it to mention the rest of the audience and the very strong sense of participation and mainly good vibes the band are able to elicit. The audience sings in chorus after "Land of Confusion," so much so that Phil gets them into "You'll Never Walk Alone" and the "Here we go!" chant (heard on another boot from this tour, this is a common audience chant used mainly at sporting events). Before the "Cage" medley Phil uses the trip to the past intro including mentions of bell bottom trousers and the fact that "some of us had more hair" when the song was originally played. This is the same intro he would use for the "Old Medley" in 1992. To work out some of the crowd's enthusiasm, Phil greatly extends the "dee-dah-day" bits in "Throwing It All Away." After "Throwing It All Away," the audience is so hyped up that they start mimicking every word Phil says. He then works hard to get them to participate in the stadium levitation before HBtS. There were originally some big hiccups in this intro which I have repaired.

A memorable gig, certainly, but I find it hard not to be disappointed at the spoiling of what might have been one of the best audience recordings from this tour by a few drunken jerks.

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The Invisible Cage


1-1 Mama (7:24)
1-2 Abacab (9:29)
1-3 Domino (part one)(4:22)
1-4 Domino (part two)(6:45)
1-5 That's All (5:02)
1-6 The Brazilian (6:10)
1-7 In the Cage/' that quiet earth.' (12:34)
1-8 Afterglow (4:25)

2-1 Land of Confusion (5:35)
2-2 Throwing It All Away (8:42)
2-3 Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea (12:10)
2-4 Invisible Touch (5:10)
2-5 Drum Duet/Los Endos (13:03)
2-6 Turn It on Again (medley) (13:03)

Type/Quality: Radio/Very Good

Comments: At the Maimarketgelande, Mannheim Germany, this is another of the many radio shows from this tour (see the BURP version, below). This is one of the better ones, though not the best (the best probably being that from the last gig at Wembley, below). Still the sound is great, with perhaps just a bit of static at the edges. This was one of the gigs from this tour when the band brought along Paul Young of Mike and the Mechanics fame (you can hear Phil mention him near the end). There are also one or two other interesting things about this gig. Apparently there was some major rainfall happening (of course, a Genesis open air gig!), so much that the band had to stop play and move back a bit to keep from getting flooded (though you won't hear any of that on here--I read about it from David Dunnington's radio show guide). The stage relocation resulted in the loss of "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" from this set. There was also a rowdy American contingent in the audience whom Phil had to chastise. David suggests that these circumstances are what made Mike mess up on guitar at the end of "That's All." As a sort of compensation, I found the guitar at the end of "Abacab" very satisfying. Again, neither the flooding danger or the rowdy audience are mentioned at all in this recording, except for one brief mention by Phil of rainfall--possibly other versions of the show have a fuller broadcast (yes, they do: see my next entry!).

You can hear German intros for these songs, including the Domino Principle--although all of the intros seem to have had their first halves cut off. This is a good quality show; I think the audience is mixed at a good level. A remastered version was supposed to be released in July '03 as FAde 005, but that remastering group fizzled out before it happened; instead, we have the BURP version--see the next entry.

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1-01 Radio Intro (0:13)
Mama (7:21)
1-03 Abacab (11:23)
1-04 Domino (13:00)
1-05 That's All (4:59)
1-06 The Brazilian (6:18)
1-07 In the Cage medley (8:02)
1-08 ' that quiet earth.' (4:26)
1-09 Afterglow (4:28)
1-10 Moving the Stage! (2:48)

2-1 Land of Confusion (5:29)
2-2 Throwing It All Away (8:02)
2-3 Intro: Home (2:22)
2-4 Home by the Sea (5:18)
2-5 Second Home by the Sea (6:39)
2-6 Invisible Touch (5:04)
2-7 Drum Duet (5:54)
2-8 Los Endos (9:18)
2-9 Turn It on Again (medley)(13:41)

Type/Quality: Radio/Very Good

Comments: At the Maimarketgelande, Mannheim Germany, this remaster comes from a set of master tapes, but it is not pre-FM. I was a bit disappointed to find that it was, overall, quite rough around the edges, with the loud bits and sometimes the not-so-loud bits sounding rather static-y. However it still has a great advantage over my previous version since there is much more of Phil talking on here.

The added intros are certainly interesting--what shines through most clearly is that the band were not having a good night. On the first version one can already hear Mike messing up at the end of "That's All," but on this version you can hear more about the bad weather, the electrical problems which force the band to take a break so the stage can be moved (forcing them to cut a number from the set), and audience difficulties that have Phil quite exasperated. (These are all things about the gig that I'd heard about before, but which are not present on my previous version.)

The show begins with a German radio announcer, but either this has been removed from the remainder of the program or the DJ simply didn't interrupt after that, because you never hear from them again and from then on it's just the whole show without interruptions. As early as the first intro, Phil is chiding the audience, asking people not to push (and apologizing for the terrible weather at an outdoor venue). Before "That's All," an American contingent in the audience starts chanting "U-S-A!" so much that Phil has to tell them to "cool it." After the big "Cage" medley Phil announces that they have to take a break to move the stage. There is a long stretch with no sound except audience noise, then an auditorium staff member reinforces what Phil has said and the first disc fades out. The second disc starts with the stage safely moved and the band back in business.

Really Phil just seems to be in a bad mood this night--usually he is much more forgiving of raucous fans, but here he seems to have something against them from the first. Perhaps his recent experiences in Holland (see my earlier Rotterdam gig) had made him less lenient. I always find, though, that these kind of difficulties are what make for really interesting recordings.

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Glasgow '87


1-01 Introduction (Anything She Does video)(5:11)
Mama (6:53)
1-03 Abacab (8:13)
1-04 Intro: Domino (2:43)
1-05 Domino (10:58)
1-06 That's All (5:44)
1-07 The Brazilian (4:46)
1-08 In the Cage/' that quiet earth.'/Afterglow (17:49)
1-09 Land of Confusion (5:02)
1-10 Band Introductions (1:22)
1-11 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:53)

2-1 Throwing It All Away (6:35)
2-2 Intro: Home (4:41)
2-3 Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea (11:52)
2-4 Invisible Touch (5:03)
2-5 Drum Duet (5:08)
2-6 Los Endos (6:25)
2-7 Turn It on Again (medley) (12:25)

Type/Quality: Audience/Good-Very Good

Comments: At the Hampden Park Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland. This one came near the end of the IT tour, but was the first gig of this huge tour to be played in the UK. The last show Genesis played in the UK was at the end of the Mama tour, on 29 February 1984--over three years earlier! I am also told that this was a benefit concert for the "Save the Children" charity, and that it was attended by Princess Anne (Phil makes a reference to this during the intro for HBTS I believe). This particular recording of this show was probably recorded by the person I got it from, and is thus something like a second generation version. It has some hiss, but overall the sound is quite good. It can get a bit rough during louder sections, and during particular songs the taper seems to have waved or moved the microphone around a lot, causing the sound to become more and less muffled in periodic waves. Actually the sound fluctuation is too regular to be caused by the taper; it may be due to a tape problem of some kind. This is especially noticeable during "Throwing It All Away" and the "Drum Duet/Los Endos" medley.

The recording is a very complete one and is one of the few (actually, the only!) I have from this tour which also includes the introductory playing of the "Anything She Does" promo video before the start of the concert (it was played on the jumbo screens set up on the stage). If you actually had the pleasure of being at an IT show, or have watched the very beginning of the tour video, you'll know that this was a regular thing; and there are two good reasons for it. One is that the video ends with Tony, Mike and Phil going on stage for a concert, which makes it a nice introduction that leads smoothly into the live show. The other is that this song was never actually played live, due to the difficulty of performing it (it was in fact the only song from the IT album not to be played live), so it made sense to play the studio version for the audience. The only cut in this recording seems to be after "That's All." The recording comes back in a little into "Brazilian," and it starts out sounding very low and rather distorted, but it improves quickly.

It being near the end of the tour, Phil is quite well versed in his song intros and does a nice job. Before "That's All" he neglects to mention the fact that it is a "country and western" tune, possibly under the impression that UK audiences will be even less interested in hearing this than most other audiences were--though he does mention this at Wembley. In his intro before "Cage," Phil mentions the band's history of playing in Glasgow and all the other venues they played (including the Apollo and even the old Green's Playhouse) besides Hampden Park. His intro for this song sounds very much like a prototype version of the intro he used before the "Old Medley" in the next tour--he talks about bell bottom trousers and people who used to have more hair. He also talks about the "Cage" medley being a "trip down memory lane," which is the same phrase he used when introducing the "Earl of Mar" medley of the Mama tour. Before "Home by the Sea" he tells the audience they will be levitating the stadium, and the story sounds very similar to the one he tells on the tour video--right down to the "I'm too fuckin' cool for this, man!" Before "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight," the audience sings a song in chorus, the entire content of which is "Here we go, here we go, here we go..." I'm told this was a common football chant of the time (and when I say "football," I mean real football, not American football), used by fans when they were particularly excited.

This is a good quality show and a full one, and also as it comes so late in the tour it is well performed. Nice to have.

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Invisible Touch Live


1-1 Mama (7:27)
1-2 Abacab (8:24)
1-3 Domino (11:19)
1-4 That's All (5:09)
1-5 The Brazilian (5:12)
1-6 Land Of Confusion (4:57)
1-7 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (10:55)
1-8 Throwing It All Away (6:30)

2-1 Home By The Sea (5:36)
2-2 Second Home By The Sea (6:30)
2-3 Invisible Touch (4:53)
2-4 Drum Duet (6:07)
2-5 Los Endos (6:17)
2-6 Turn It On Again Medley (13:04)
2-7 Do the Neurotic (studio) (2:16)

Type/Quality: Laserdisc transfer (probably; see below)/Excellent

Comments: From the Wembley Stadium. The last four shows of the IT tour, from 1-4 July 1987, were played at Wembley. This was transferred from the IT tour video (originally released in 1988; this video has now been re-released on DVD), which is a compilation of songs from all four nights. This version of "The Brazilian" may be identical to the version on Archive 2, which is from the 4 July Wembley show. This boot is different from most other boot versions of the Wembley show, as most use the 4 July radio show for their Wembley source, not the tour video (possibly this is the Japanese laserdisc version)--which is where I got its name from. As a result of this, it is missing one track that most boots have: the "In the Cage" medley. However, in losing that it gains "Do the Neurotic," or to be more specific, a two minute clip of the studio b-side that was played over the credits of the video. This is not a live version of the song, as they never played this song live.

On to the sound quality; it's excellent! There is a small, short hitch at the beginning of each track, and depending on how carefully you listen to it you may hear the odd, barely perceptible digital click, but other than that this could be an officially released recording (which, in a way, it is!). At the beginning of the first disc you hear what sounds like a helicopter flying by--this is how the video begins, with a helicopter circling Wembley Stadium and getting a good shot of the enormous crowd inside of it. On this beginning track and perhaps a few others it sounds as if the crowd has been mixed a tad too high. All of Phil's intros have been edited out of the recording, except the band intros before "Tonight" and his whole spiel in the midst of "Turn It on Again," which includes a Blues Brothers-inspired rock medley of even more breadth and variety than the medley featured on the previous tour. It also includes some pseudo-band intros, and when Phil introduces Mike he sings some embarrassing snatches from "All I Need is a Miracle" and "Silent Running" (as he does on the WWW DVD). The medley includes bits from all of the following songs: "Somebody to Love," "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," "Twist and Shout," "Reach Out and I'll be There," "You've Lost That Loving Feeling," "Pinball Wizard," "In the Midnight Hour." The actual video has more intros and in between talking than this bootleg (for instance, you get the whole intro to HBTS with the "other world" and the levitating stadium), so it is not a direct copy of the video's audio track--some editing has taken place.

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Wembley Stadium


1-01 Mama (7:08)
1-02 Abacab (8:26)
1-03 Intro: Domino Principle (3:40)
1-04 Domino (11:05)
1-05 Intro: That's All (0:49)
1-06 That's All (4:58)
1-07 The Brazilian (5:03)
1-08 Intro: Cage (1:09)
1-09 In the Cage/' that quiet earth.'/Afterglow (16:57)
1-10 Land of Confusion (5:15)
1-11 Introductions (1:35)
1-12 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (9:02)

2-1 Throwing It All Away (6:45)
2-2 Intro: Home (5:00)
2-3 Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea (11:55)
2-4 Invisible Touch (5:09)
2-5 Drum Duet (5:48)
2-6 Los Endos (6:50)
2-7 Intro: Finale (1:23)
2-8 Turn It On Again Medley (13:43)

Type/Quality: Radio/Excellent

Comments: From the very last night of the IT tour (at Wembley Stadium, of course), this is a really excellent boot. Fantastic quality, with all the in between chats and all of the songs. Whether you want to or not, you can hear the entire "Other World" intro for "Home by the Sea," complete with the levitation of the stadium and lots of creepy sound effects. Also a full, "damn" medley for "Turn It on" (see the previous show for details on which songs were put in the medley; the medley is the same for both of these shows, though it's not from the same performance). This bootleg does have one small problem though, which is irritating in that I think it could have been very easily avoided. That problem is: for the whole of the first disc, the very beginning 10 seconds of each song are stuck on the end of the previous track (all except the first track, of course, which may actually be missing some of its beginning--fortunately with "Mama" it doesn't matter much, because all you'd miss would be the first couple of cycles of the drum machine beat). I don't know how it happened, but that's how it is. The second disc does not have this problem. If it bugs me enough I may re-burn the disc some day, but if you're just listening to the disc straight through you'll never notice it. And other than that this is basically a perfect show. This version of "Mama" is I believe the very same one used on The Way We Walk, Volume One.

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MSG '88


1 Turn It on Again medley: Land of Confusion/Misunderstanding/Throwing It All Away/You Can't Hurry Love/Shortcut to Somewhere/All I Need is a Miracle/That's All/Tonight, Tonight, Tonight/Invisible Touch (19:11)

Type/Quality: Radio/Very Good

Comments: This was a one-off type of performance which included a lot of different bands, because it was in celebration of Atlantic Records' 40th anniversary. Played at the Madison Square Garden in New York City (among the other Atlantic Records bands playing there was--Phil Collins, who also hosted the show). This is a landmark recording for Genesis as it marks the only time they really played solo members' work (Phil, with untraditional humility, chose to perform not one of his own compositions, but one he had covered--probably because he had already played some of his own stuff earlier that night). This recording is also a landmark in that it prompted Simon Funnell to ask, "Could this be the worst performance ever??" Indeed, Genesis do sound a little rusty for this, and Phil is not as well-versed in Tony Banks' lyrics as he could be. I do think that some more rehearsing should have been done on this medley before they did the actual performance. Even as a medley it is very unwieldy, as the individual songs do not really segue into one another; they just stop, and then the next one starts. Also Tony's keyboards are so low in the mix that it's almost like he's not there. Still, an interesting artifact and a unique medley construction. I also have this performance, including Phil's performance of "In the Air Tonight" earlier that evening (during which he made a memorable lyric screw-up), on DVD.

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Knebworth '90


1 Mama (7:28)
2 That's All (4:51)
3 Throwing It All Away (6:06)
4 Turn It on Again (medley)(11:26)

Type/Quality: Radio/Very Good

Comments: Played at Knebworth Park in Stevenage, England, this severely shortened Genesis set was part of a star-studded charity concert which just happened to feature Phil Collins solo as well. For "Turn It on Again" the band was even backed by Phil's "Serious Band" (I don't think the band was there for the other numbers). This adds another dimension to the song, which includes a full horn section and a rank of back-up singers. The medley for this song, by the way, is the same basic one used during the IT tour. This is generally a very good recording, taken from the "Superstars in Concert" radio show and announced by a Jim Ellis. There are some pops and some little static, but the noise is basically negligible. You'd think Genesis might be a little rusty, seeing as how their last big tour (for IT) had ended nearly three years before, in early July 1987; but actually I found this to be a very energetic and excellent performance in every way. It's interesting to have this show which was played in the strange no man's land between IT and WCD. Video was shot of this performance, and you can see little bits of it mainly at the beginning of the (now out of print, I think) video Genesis: A History. I also happen to have the whole performance on DVD, though interestingly enough the order of the last two songs is swapped on the MTV broadcast on that disc--I would guess that "Turn It" was actually the last number, and that MTV switched them for some reason, but you never know.

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