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Journal Key:

Green = Steve | George = navy | Janet = Purple | Evelyn = Black

8/21/14 (Thursday)

I got home!! I picked Owen up from YBR around five. I do think he was a little happier than usual to see me, though he had assured me repeatedly before I left that, no, he would not miss me at all. Mainly, though, he was happy to get to tell me about his day. He also told me that he and Steve had gone to Dunkin Donuts this morning and that I had not gotten to go because I was not here yet.

When we'd been home for a little bit, Owen called to me, "I forgot to laugh while you were gone!"

I was touched. He had been in a world without laughter . . . then I remembered that he had told me that rather than missing me, he would laugh and laugh while I was gone. So, essentially, he had a great time, but he forgot to scorn me.

He had Steve bathe him and read to him tonight. I may have to forcibly take over tomorrow. "Get out, get out!" he cried when I went to visit in his room.

.... The end? ....

Those of you who keep up with the journal will have noticed that we have been experiencing many long blackout periods due to neither Evelyn nor I having the energy to write up entries. We've been discussing the possibility off and on for weeks now that maybe it is time to end the journal--since we seem to have ended it already anyway, without consciously meaning to.

See the epilogue for a slapped-together summing-up of this nearly ten-year-long process of writing web pages!

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