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Journal Key:

Green = Steve | George = navy | Janet = Purple | Evelyn = Black

11/15/12 (Thursday)

People in Highland Park need to watch the way they park their cars, because sometimes they park too close to the little concrete blocks at the fronts of their spaces. Then Owen can't walk on them. Then we can start to melt down in the parking lot!

I had an interesting time talking with Owen about his clothes. He came home wearing a different outfit from what I'd sent him in.

Me: Owen, why did you change clothes?

Owen: Because I got new clothes!

Me: What happened to the old clothes?

Owen: I got new clothes!

Me: Did you spill something on yourself?

Owen: No.

Me: Did you poop?

Owen: No.

Me: What happened to your old clothes?

Owen: They got dirty.

He claimed that they'd gotten dirty outside, and I was supposing it was mulch and mud. He agreed. Then the word "poop" got in there with the mulch. Scary topic.

11/16/12 (Friday)

In the car, Cara, who got Taco Bell, is playing with Owen's kids' meal toy.

Rattle, rattle, rattle.

Cara: This is silly. It's just a cat! I don't even see what it does. It just makes this noise.

Owen: Can I have it???

Cara: It doesn't even do anything!

Me: Cara, could you give it to him?

Rattle, rattle, rattle.

Cara looks at the directions.

Cara: Oh, now I see! The cat just goes on there, and then you put it in one hand and the other and it just goes back and forth. That's silly. It's not a very good toy.

Rattle, rattle, rattle.

Cara: Owen, can I have the kitty?

Owen: No!

Cara: Come on, let Cara have it.

Me: Cara, you just said it wasn't a very good toy.

Cara: But I just want it.

Me: I promise you'll get a turn later.

11/17/12-11/21/12 (Saturday to Wednesday)

At this point we had a long journal break, about which I could have done a better job of notifying people, due to the fact that my computer which has my web-editing software on it was having its hard drive replaced.

Grandmama and Grandpapa took the kids on the weekend; here is a highlight:

This morning while Cara and George were busy elsewhere, Owen and I explored the playground at Marine Park in Red Bank. For some reason he seemed uncommonly plucky and adventury, so he managed to climb quite high with only words of encouragement from me:
Owen: It's dangerous.
Me: You're doing fine, Buddy.
Owen: (dramatic heavy breathing)

Once he had ascended, the payoff was a speedy trip down a tall, spiraling slide, in my lap. It was good enough to warrant several round trips.

After that, it was a short week for all of us before Thanksgiving. Honestly, given that I am now writing on the Saturday (11/24) after Thanksgiving, it's all a bit of a blur. Let's move on!

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