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7/26/12 (Thursday)

Over the past week or so, Owen has developed a new interest in art. He got a small coloring book at Leila's party, and he's been coloring in it daily. I've put his crayons into a cup, and the cup and book sit in the living room. He likes Steve or me to color with him. I have no difficulty in doing this; I let him give me a crayon and I randomly swipe at the picture, sort of occasionally coloring something. At the same time Owen also has a crayon and randomly scribbles things. He finds this very satisfying.

I can easily tell which pages Steve has worked on, because there are parts of them that are actually colored appropriately. Tonight Owen got Steve to color. They sat on the floor together, each with a crayon. Steve was coloring away. "Daddy, can you color with me?" Owen asked. Repeatedly. We're not sure what exactly was lacking.

He has also been getting artistic at school. Yesterday one of his hands seemed quite grey. Today, both of his hands were a mish-mosh of colors, going up his arms. When Cara and I got there to get him, it took a moment for me to locate him. The kids were outside at the palyground, and he was sitting at a table coloring with a teacher.

This evening Owen learned through experimentation that asking to go sit on the potty is a great way to delay bedtime. He also learned, to his dismay, that going to sit on the potty does not return you to the beginning of the bedtime routine and let you get read to again.

7/27/12 (Friday)

I picked Owen up early to take him to the pediatrician for his well visit. He was delighted to be going to the doctor. He liked the parking lot. He liked the building. He liked going there. He liked pushing the elevator buttons. I liked that the nurses all remember us and are happy to see him. I also like it that we get a co-pay-free well visit!

The nurse did a really nice job of making the whole examination fun--it went much better than last time! First, he got to wear a bandana: she measured his head with a measuring tape. Next, I confused him by taking off his shoes but not his socks. We walked down the hall to measure Owen's height the standing-up way; I'm not sure that he was really standing straight, and the nurse said that there's typically a drop in percentile growth when the switch to standing measurements happens. According to this measurement, he's in the 25th percentile. We continued down the hall to the scale, where Owen got to stand up to get weighed. I think he liked that; it was jiggly. I think he weighed 28 pounds.

I got to fill out the regular sheet about his developmental milestones. It was fun. I made him do some of the activities on it, even though I knew already that he could. I had to ask him to put this paper on the floor. Put it on the table. Give it to Mommy. Could he throw a ball overhand at least five feet? I was pretty sure he could. I checked, and he threw his little Batman across the room overhand. As far as I can tell, in many respects he's a little ahead of schedule. In use of plurals, he's the equivalent of a three-year-old.

The doctor was a woman we may never have met before. We liked her. Perhaps she reminded Owen of his teachers. Perhaps all of the times, when we've been playing, I've had his guys declare that they needed doctors to help them has given him a positive attitude. He was willing to talk to her. We lay him down and she listened to his chest, she looked in his ears. He did not object; generally that makes him scream. He said "ahhh." He didn't even object to a tongue depressor. When she left, he said "thank you" and "bye-bye!" He told me afterwards that the doctor took care of him.

He got one shot. We got this nurse we've had before; I swear she's magic. It went into his arm, and I didn't even have to hold him. He cried afterwards, but only a little. Then, he got to get a sticker! We'd been discussing the sticker. He got an Incredible Hulk one, and we got to get one for Cara, too. (The nurses always remember.)

Tonight was the Opening Ceremony for the London Olympics. Accordingly, we hurried home from Casey's birthday cupcakes, gave Owen a very quick bath, and made some popcorn. He was really dedicated to the popcorn. Cara brought out a little bowl for herself and one for Owen, and we sat and snacked. Occasionally, Owen would say, "Can we eat some popcorn, Mommy?" Then we would eat some popcorn. Then we ran out of popcorn. We got out cantaloupe and goldfish. Then Owen came over and asked, "Can I have bunnies?" He was holding his hands up next to his head to be bunny ears.

I am in the ironic position of complaining that the commercials were disobligingly short. Owen stayed up until the parade of nations began.

7/28/12 (Saturday)

Early in the day, we hung out outside while Daddy mowed the lawn. Owen fell on the sidewalk and scraped his elbow a little. I took him inside to clean him up, and I asked him what kind of band-aid he wanted. A kitty one. We don't have kitty ones. Well, I washed his elbow and went to look and see what band-aids we did have. I found Phineas and Ferb and Hello Kitty. I offered both. Owen was delighted with his pink Hello Kitty band-aid. "Hello kitty!" he would say, occasionally, appropos of nothing.

We went to Casey's birthday party today! Owen was sleeping when it started, so Steve brought him over a little late. For most of the time, he was very invested in the idea that both Steve and I should be sitting with him.

Steve left to see a movie after the party, and the kids and I actually stuck around and went in the pool. The big kids got into the pool, that is, and Owen asked whether he could go in the water. It wasn't a blisteringly hot day; it was overcast and muggy. It was not quite hot enough for me to actually willingly go into the pool. However, I left Owen at the table, eating watermelon, and ran home to get into my suit and bring his back with me.

The water, fortunately, was fairly warm. I got myself in and Owen was immediately ready to join me. I swung him around and around, I held him with just his head out and swum him around. I bounced him in and out of the water. The big kids were jumping off the diving board. Owen wanted to jump, too. I was not up for the diving board, but I was willing to jump in with him. He also liked for me to put him on the side of the pool so that he could "jump" to me. He'd sort of hold my arms, squat down, and butt at my chest. Eventually I'd let him hold my thumbs and I'd help with the jumping part and then dunk him up to his neck. He loved it. The kids got boogie boards as party favors. We got Owen's out, and I'd sit him on it; with me holding him, he'd balance for a good three seconds. He also wanted to stand on it. That went less well; it would go out from under him, but he'd keep his feet on it and sort of end up horizontal to the water.

We had one disagreement in the water, when Owen wanted me to let go of him. Finally I was trying to figure out how to, for a second, let him find out what would happen. It turns out that what would happen was that Cara would grab him and then we'd both be holding him.

7/29/12 (Sunday)

We had a playdate with Griffin and Uncle Jim! Here are some highlights.

All three kids were very happy when they got here. Griffin was excited about just running around in the house; he explored the place from top to bottom (except the basement) first off. Cara was great at playing with him. She took him all over and basically was just a lot of fun. Owen liked to show things to Uncle Jim, but he was mostly playing with Steve during the tour.

Cara showed Jim and Griffin a little toy she has: it's a tiny tray with an assortment of desserts and a hot dog, all made of eraser. Griffin liked it very much and carried it all over the house. We've only just now managed to find them all.

Griff did gradually gravitate to the playroom. He likes the little guys, and he likes the Weeble houses, which he'd played with last time he was up. Owen did not like it when Griffin had Batman. It was moderately stressful. The two boys and I were alone in the playroom for a few minutes. Owen got me to get The Animals of Farmer Jones down from the bookcase. Griffin went off, possibly to find his dad.

Owen: Where'd that alligator guy go?

Me: What alligator guy?

Owen: Where'd Griffin go?

Griffin was wearing, ironically, the same shirt that Owen has, his dragon shirt. Owen hasn't had it on lately, and apparently he's forgotten it! We should put it on him tomorrow and see what happens.

What Owen wanted was for Griffin to sit down with us to hear the book. He came back, but he had other things to do.

We ranged all over the house, mainly because occasionally Griff would head upstairs. I got down the trucks in Owen's room, which sit on one of his bookshelves.

Owen: What's that?

Me: It's your dump truck.

Apparently he'd never noticed. He immediately got behind it, grabbed it with both hands, and went running off down the hall. Griffin showed up and got to run around with the garbage truck. His favorite toys, though, I think, were Cara's pink fairy tale-style castle, those little erasers, and the shiny bead necklaces.

Those necklaces are great: you can wear them, and when you put them down on the table or the floor and shake them, they make a great noise. He and I spent some time with the Castle of Greyskull. He'd figured out how to open and close the drawbridge. I made an assortment of toys stand outside and declare their intention to enter, and he'd open the door. Some of them were crushed brutally when he closed it on them (oh, how they screamed), and others got in and then got piled on by all of the toys within Griff's reach, including some nice loud bead necklaces (oh, the screaming).

Griff and I also did Owen's Spider-Man puzzle. It was tough, but he stuck with it. Owen showed up when we were more than halfway done, but no one was hurt or killed. We finished together. Then it was time for Griff to get changed and go home, and Owen needed a diaper, too. Neither one was moving, so I announced that I could get upstairs before they could. It worked. Griff practically climbed over Owen and got there first, but Owen had been delayed by having to turn around and push on me.

We certainly hope we can have more days like that!

Twice today, by the way, Owen told us he needed a new diaper. We do think he's starting to be more aware of things like that. I've become more aware of the fact that, if I keep sitting him on the potty, he'll eventually pee. Not sure how well that'll go!

7/30/12 (Monday)

Owen has been playing with a little blue dragon toy who has magnets in his hands and feet. They're nice, strong magnets, and Owen has a tough time getting them apart. This morning, he and the dragon were tussling. Owen was emitting a running monologue that included threats of a time-out for the dragon.

We ran late this morning and dropped Cara off first. We had to stand around outside her classroom while we waited for her to get checked in. Owen was ready to leave.

Me: Wait a minute, buddy.

Cara: (bending over, in her sweetly-talking-to-babies voice) You just have to wait until Cara's gone!

Soon she got her name written down and was off.

Me: Come on, Owen!

Owen: Where's Cara?

Me: Cara's in camp.

Owen: (looks concerned)

Me: Yes, it's very sad.

Owen: (starts to cry)

Me: But, look, we can run up this ramp!

That helped.

Owen, in the car: Can we pick Cara up?

Me: Yes, in the afternoon.

Owen, in the car, almost to YBR: Mommy! Cara's not here.

Me: No, she's not.

This evening Juliana called while I was making dinner and Owen was being underfoot. I invited her over to be entertaining and eat grilled cheese. She did both. As soon as I told them she was coming, both kids headed downstairs and Cara got Owen into the bay window to watch. When she got there, they both had things to show her and tell her. She and Cara read to Owen until it was time to eat.

I got out some Girl Scout cookies after dinner, those ones with caramel and coconut on them. Owen ate two and a half. "Juliana, will you eat a cookie?

"Mommy, will you eat a cookie?

"Daddy, will you eat a cookie?"

I'm starting to think he takes after GiGi.

After dinner we watched the dvd of Cara's dance recital and Owen showed Juliana his favorite puzzle and made her color with him. Because it was a special occasion, we gave him a new piece of paper.

7/31/12 (Tuesday)

As we left YBR today, Owen stopped and looked down. "Mommy, look! I got new shoes!" No, he didn't.

As we pulled onto Nancy Circle, he called to me from the back seat. "Mommy, Daddy's not home!" This is something we have often discussed; generally I'm telling him that Steve won't be there when we get home. Today, though, he was! Today's journal theme: Owen is wrong.

8/1/12 (Wednesday)

"Mommy! It's raining out here."

"Mommy! This is a big step."

"Mommy! Look out the window! I saw a big house."

"Mommy! I'm in here."

"Splash! Mommy, I said splash!"

"Mommy! Cara is going into Casey's house."

"Mommy! This is a car!"

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

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