This is a journal detailing the early life of Carolyn Elizabeth Genzano, and my experiences dealing with being a dad and having a child. I will be Steven Thomas Genzano, the father. The wife/mother is Evelyn Smuga Genzano. Childcare and much support will be provided by George Smuga, Evelyn's father. This will be the main cast (to those I didn't list in the cast: that doesn't mean you're not important!). My plan is to break the pages up by weeks, starting at the baby's birth, and hopefully do an entry for each day--seven entries per page. The links to the separate weeks will appear below, as they go by. I hope to take plenty of pictures, the better versions of which will probably end up going into the pages. I don't know how far I will go with this or how complete it will be; I hope to get at least a good few months in.

The purpose of this journal is so that I can look back and remember every excruciating detail of raising my child once I'm done doing it, so if someone asks me how long it took her to walk, or when she ate her first meal of baby food, I will be able to look it up instead of making a wild guess; and also ideally so that some day, if Carolyn wants to, she can look back and read about what I was like when I was a young silly kid who had no idea what the real world was like, before I became the very smart and responsible and unerring Father that she will eventually have (insert derisive laughter here). Also of course she will be able to read about her infancy and early childhood, because she probably won't remember this part of it. For now, it will be a good way for anyone who wants to (hopefully just our close relatives and friends) to figure out what's going on with Evelyn, Carolyn and me, since we may not be able to find the time to communicate with people as much as we used to once we have to change diapers and stuff. And now, since this is a journal, I'd better date when I wrote this introduction.

-- STG, 3/29/05

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