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We took our usual trip to Florida! It was a long, busy trip, and Cara took many of the photos. There were a lot of photos. I shaved it down to a small fraction of the whole, but chose to put them all on one page, which got rather lengthy. Enjoy...

On 7/29/14, Uncle Arnie treated us all to a visit at the Palm Beach Zoo. One of the first things we saw were flamingos, which the kids may have fed. At least, they threw some food out in that pond.

The biggest attraction at the zoo for Owen was definitely the carousel. He rode it many times, and then before we left we had to go back and ride it again.

There was also a sort of water park!

Cara goofing off at the Mayan section of the zoo.

A jaguar! We got to watch this one being fed.

We also saw a nice animal show, and afterwards a friendly parrot took our contributions and stuck them through the slot.

The kids holding their zoo-venirs.

The morning of 7/30/14 started off with a trip to a nature preserve whose name I can't spell. It sounds like "wahk-it-a-HATCH-ee." I didn't go (I had to work remotely during this trip a little), but some really nice pictures were taken.

This lizard was one of many, many that we saw while in Florida. I believe this fella was hanging out by the community pool.

7/31/14: no trip to Florida would be complete without a little fight with the zebra pillows.

7/31 was our last day in Florida, and we decided to spend the morning at the Morikami gardens.

I don't recall actually feeling as sour as I look in this picture.

We'll see these turtles again later. Cara took many photos of them, plus we fed them for a while, along with a lot of incredibly huge fish that lived in the same part of the water.

In the little museum, which celebrates Japanese culture, I try out the sample pay phone. It was teaching me Japanese numbers.

Owen got to wear his entry wristband on his shirt.

Feeding the turtles and fish.

Back in the museum! Here is a shot of the all-important bullet train seats. The bullet train was not quite as exciting to Owen this time as it had been the last time we were there.

Learning to use chopsticks.

Another lizard! This one was posing.


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