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Now that I'm on Facebook and post pictures there, I sometimes completely forget that I never put up pictures on this site. Oops! Here are the Christmas pictures at last.

12/24/12: Grandmama reading to the buddy.

Daddy, Cara, and Shawn (Shaun?). Her birthday is on Christmas, because she was a Christmas present...

Yogurt was about the only thing he ate that night.

The kids flop around on the couch while Evelyn organizes the gifts.

Opening presents!

While present-opening continues all around her, Cara stops to read on her new Nook.

Owen shows us his new Scoobies!

Sprinkling the reindeer feed so Santa can find us at Grandmama's house.

Christmas morning, Owen gets back to playing with his fabulous new castle toy.

Now at Andrea's house, Grandmom helps Owen open his latest super hero toy.

The toy came with a little light-up green lantern, which in this picture Owen is trying to shine through his shirt.

Swooping in for a hug.

Joy unadulterated!

With Mommy at the piano.

Uncle Jim playtesting.

Lily had a wonderful little roller derby car playset, which we quickly discovered was also good for throwing little guys into.

General mayhem. It seemed like there were more kids running around and screaming this year than last year!

Cleaning up after.

12/27/12: the little guys go in the crib with Owen, and also enjoy playing in the bath. On this evening they got to enjoy Cara's old mermaid water park toy.

12/29/12: an almost-comprehensive look at Owen's super hero toy collection. (Not pictured is Nick Fury, who as of this writing is still MIA. He has an eye patch and so was mistaken by Owen for a pirate.)

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