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7/31/10: Cara in her face paint from the Red Bank sidewalk sale.

8/3/10: Owen took a bath in the real bath tub for the first time--as with all things, it made him surprised.

8/4/10: Cara with both Princess Leia dolls.

8/7/10: A bean in a hat!

Same day, Cara poses happily while playing with the old Star Wars toys.

While at my parents' house, Cara drew this picture on my Dad's iPad:

8/10/10: Baby in a bin.

He likes to stand.

8/2/10: This picture was taken by the staff at YBR. Owen looks very uncertain about his situation.

8/11/10: Owen in his bucket seat at Yellow Brick Road.

8/13/10: A very tired Bean conks out on Daddy Friday afternoon.

8/15/10: While his own hands will probably always be his favorite thing to suck on,
other people's hands will also do.

Morning of 8/16/10: animated proof of Owen's circular scooting skills.

8/16/10: Some pictures from daycare. Owen is having some very satisfied private thoughts here while riding in a big puffy car.

Here's his "Oh my gosh, I'm going to hit a deer!" face.

8/25/10: looking serious in the bucket seat.

8/24/10: Looking good in overalls.

8/29/10: The cupcakes Ev made for Cara's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road party: there are yellow bricks, rainbows, Dorothys, witch hats, lollipops, and one Toto.

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