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5/4/10: In this photo session, Evie tried to prove that Owen can, in fact, smile. She succeeded!
In this first one, he's just his regular cute self.

Here's the smile!

5/8/10: Cara at a royal tea party--in Newark!

Cara gets some cool gem stickers on her hand from Princess Tiana.

Lipstick from Belle.

Cara practices her "princess wave." Behind her you can see the Fairy Godmother and Prince Naveen.

Cara attends the official ceremony that made her a certified princess. In fact she is about to get her own pink tiara.

A ladies' man? Yes, we think he is.

The girls like a man who likes dinosaurs.

We just figured out how to take photos off of Ev's phone, so some of these are chronologically out of order. Here is Cara at the Teddy Bear Tea party, 4/18/10:

Owen happy to be at the hospital for his surgery! 5/5/10

Also 5/5/10, this shows the old-fashioned crib (with crank handle!) that Owen had at the hospital.

5/6/10, this photo is a bit blurry but it shows that Owen is wearing the Littlest Hospital Gown in the world.

5/14/10, Owen happy to be in the bath:

5/18/10: Owen's expression is somewhat at odds with his outfit.

Again 5/18: Holding a girl for the first time.
...Sorry, I didn't know how else to put that.

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