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4/3/10: Owen studiously reads the warning information on his playpen.

4/4/10: Easter morning egg hunt!

Cara's lovely Easter dress came from our neighbor, Juliana.

Cara sees the camera and assumes a pose she probably learned in her dance class.

Time for the closeup!

At Cheryl's house, Lily meets Owen for the first time. "Baby! Gimme!"

Those darned paparazzi.

Andrea obliged me by taking a picture of Owen and myself.

4/5/10, Cara poses with Puma, who is wearing the orange wig Cara got at little Emily's birthday party.

4/8/10, the day after Cara's fifth birthday. Our big girl and our little guy.

Now with the flash!

Look at that precious face! Owen is hanging out with the "angry duck" toy his GiGi got him for Easter.


Owen's usual expression of surprise.

4/10/10: I meet Griffin Genzano for the first time. One of us, at least, was surprised.

I was impressed by the size of his fingers and feet.

As I held him, Griffin kept getting more clothing and accessories added onto him. Here he is in full regalia:

Aunt Sarah meets Owen.

Girls and babies! My wife blames me for not asking the child to remove her lollipop.

Our little guy! So handsome!

One of the several dozen birthday cakes Cara received this year (doing the party with each half of the family separately, also at preschool, at home on the actual day and at a separate kiddie party on the weekend really works out well for little girls!). This particularly lovely example was made by my mother, and photographed by my wife.

A pretty little girl and her cake.

Make a wish!

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