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4/5/09: Nothing at all to do with Cara's birthday party, but I was late getting to these photos, so they go on the latest page. Here are the Loeffler kids and Cara trying out a "new" tire swing.

Our only photo of Cara on her actual fourth birthday (and this one was taken by Em), here she is at the restaurant having her ice cream.

4/10/09: Cutting pineapple with one hand--and holding a balloon in the other!

Cara paints with PJ.

4/11/09, Cara's fourth birthday party! Here the little birthday girl is sitting with her Grandpapa.

On the steps very happily holding up some tattoos/stickers. We had recently been worried about Puma's popularity, but here she is!

A tower of beautiful cupcakes.

Blowing out the candles! She got all four.

One of the few party pictures taken by our camera: the child beginning to open up gifts while the other kids watch excitedly--and Nick plays with Batman.

With many thanks to Em, there are plenty more pictures from Cara's party. First, here are what are surely among the most adorable pictures in the world, of Casey and Cara in their matching party dresses:

The kids hunting for party eggs in Cara's room.

A quick break for some puma-swinging:

Downstairs to check out the swag (there were stickers in the eggs).

Singing "Happy Birthday."

Cara moves purposefully to open a gift, while others look on anxiously. As Cara filled one part of the room with debris, she moved on to a clean spot to open the next gift.

The kids play a party game.

Believe it or not, even after that exciting party, our day was still not over. We capped it all by dyeing Easter eggs that night.

And the next day, 4/12/09, we went hunting for them!

Then all the kids lined up for an egg-and-spoon race!

Oops! Egg down!

4/18/09: At Holmdell park with her Daddy and a cow.

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