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4/11/08, the Loefflers and Genzanos had a wild Friday night out at the Mr. Ray concert. Here are Cara and Casey up in the front enjoying the show:

As some of her adoring fans look on, Cara sings her A-B-Cs.

4/18/08: Evie snapped a quick photo of Cara wearing her project from Susan's, before she was whisked away to Grandmama's house.

4/26/08: Our second annual visit to Rutgers AG Field Day!
In this photo Cara attempts to climb up a giant inflatable fire truck slide.

This is a photo of the very nice young man who helped Cara climb the gigantic inflatable fire truck slide. He helped her up twice--the other six or so times, she climbed up herself.

Here is Cara entering one of the more successful inflatable things. There was some inside climbing which eventually led to a slide (somewhat smaller than the fire truck one). Every time the climbing was difficult, but every time she went down the slide at the end with a gleeful "Wheeeee!"

Aunt Claire took many pictures of Cara going down the slide, and Cara looked great in every one. I had to narrow it down to these few:

There was also face-painting at AG Field Day!

And Cara got to do her first tie-dye!

5/6/08: PJ on his big-boy bike!!

Later, Diane pushes on the swings.

5/11/08: the Happy Mother's Day (HMD) Castle Cake!

5/18/08: What a look!

Glamour Girl:

Cooking with Aunt Claire!

Later in the day, Cara got some good use out of her kitty galoshes, splashing in puddles:

5/25/08: At the top of the stairs, Cara has "little springs" on her feet. You may notice that the fingers on one of her hands are tinged blue. This is from a firecracker popsicle she had just finished eating.

Husking corn!

5/26/08: A big ensemble cast got together and dressed silly for this photo shoot. "Cheese, we all say!"

To (hopefully) close out this already much-too-long photos page, here are some shots of Cara on 5/28/08, playing with her Backyardigans sprinkler toy for the first time:

The action shot!

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