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The morning of Cara's party, the kitties had to help me decorate. I wonder if anyone noticed all the claw holes in that one picture?

I caught Cara in the middle of jumping with glee.

The kids get down to business.

The Birthday Girl:

About to open the first present! Notice, there are a few more behind her.

Reactions to the present-opening were mixed.

The twins were very willing to help open the gifts.

"Why yes, I DID have some chocolate dip. How did you guess?"

Quality time with Grandpapa.

Playing with one of the new toys--one of my favorites.

Thanks to Em and Ron, we have pictures of the princess-in-the-window game that I refereed! Cara of course got to put the first princess in the window. We didn't close our eyes, but we did have to spin around and around before placing the sticker.

The twins choose their stickers.

Casey looks amazed after placing her princess in the window (on top of another princess).

It was decorate-your-own cupcakes!

Through the magic of multiple photographers, I have almost every step of Cara's birthday cupcake ceremony. Here she is about to blow out the last candle:

Here she is very pleased with herself after blowing out the candles.

My father took this picture almost simultaneously:

About to bite into the cupcake!

Biting the cupcake!

Cupcake aftermath:

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