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2/9/08: My Dad got these pictures of Cara playing in her fairy costume.

On March 5, 2008, we actually took pictures of Cara! She decided to wear her blue princess dress.

This dress is very versatile. It is always stylish, while at work or at play.

And it goes with everything!

3/15/08, Cara got into the dress again! This time she's in her coloring castle and is holding a few girl princesses (Jasmine, Snow White and the recent acquisition: Cinderella). My dad also took a picture of me this same day wearing Cara's fairy wings and holding her magic wand. That won't be going up on this site any time soon...

3/16/08, Cara stands at attention, proudly wearing the Barbie sticker that came with her Easter card.

3/18/08: Easter Egg coloring! For which Cara wore her Christmas hat.

Yes, she wanted pink eggs.

Everyone got involved.

The finished product:

3/20/08: Cara hanging out at her South Jersey grandparents' house for a special sleepover.

3/23/08: Easter! We began our morning with the second annual Nancy Circle Easter Egg Hunt. There was time to play sand before the hunting began.

And they're off!

"I did it!!"

Egg hunting is not just for toddlers, you know!

In the afternoon we went to Grandmama and Grandpapa's house and Cara got into her Easter dress. Clearly she studied some clothing catalogues before posing for this gorgeous photo.

Cara unpacks her Easter basket. Her newly-acquired lion looks on.

The second egg hunt of the day!

4/4/08: for Evie's birthday, the twins came over and brought a cake! Everyone had fun putting candles on it.

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