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4/8/07: The coldest Easter since before we were born! Great weather for egg-huntin'.

A split second after this photo was taken, PJ changed his mind and put the egg in his own bag.

After the hunt, there was still time to "play sand" in the freezing cold.

4/13/07: Cara explores the contents of her grandparents' kitchen shelves.

4/14/07: Cara in the midst of turning round and round.

We play sand.

Cara and PJ help make dinner!

Watching George:

4/22/07: Cara with her much-beloved bubbles.

The morning of 4/28, Cara and her Grandpapa pose with their special hats.

Waving. The blue tin contained her Fireball Island Guys, who were soon to be retired.

Later on 4/28/07, the Loefflers and Genzanos went to nearby Rutgers campus to celebrate AG Field Day! We met a gigantic cow.

There were horsies:

Cara gleefully plays with farm equipment.

Mommy touches a piggy nose; Cara elected not.

Cara with her doggy balloon (the clown who tied it for her is in the background):

More from 4/28/07--these were taken on Ron and Em's camera. Here we all are doing a big swing:

These pictures give you an idea of just how fun a game Elefun can be.

Afterwards, a nice glass of wine to relax:

4/29/07, Cara reads with her Grandpapa.

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